August Steiner Watches: A Buying Guide

Nov 22, 2021
August Steiner Watches: A Buying Guide

Fashion watches are some of the most of watches in the world of horology. Many casual wearers and stylish professionals would prefer a suave fashion watch over heavy-duty watches like divers and aviation pieces.

In particular, China-made brand August Steiner is an underrated fashion watch brand, which offers high-quality, reliable fashion watches at very affordable prices. In this article, we will take a closer look at August Steiner, including its most notable watch collections, its 5 best watches, and some great alternatives to the brand. 

5 Notable August Steiner Collections

August Steiner Casual Collection

Image courtesy of August Steiner

The August Steiner Casual collection boasts watches that are minimalistic and very stylish. These watches are perfect for casual wearers looking for a companion to their daily routines. 

The August Steiner Ref. AS8245BUBK is a prime example of the Casual collection, with its simple and straightforward design. Incorporating both quality Swiss and Japanese parts, this watch is handsome enough to qualify as a dress watch, since it pairs perfectly with a suit and tie. 

This watch comes in a 42mm silver-tone alloy case, paired with a comfortable black leather strap. The glossy blue dial gives off an extravagant shine that highlights the silver sword-style hands and rectangular indices. A frameless date aperture can also be found at 6 o’clock. If the design of this watch seems familiar to you, that is because it is partially inspired by the Panerai Radiomir collection.

You can get this watch for just $365 USD.

August Steiner Mercury Collection

Image courtesy of August Steiner

If you are looking for a versatile timekeeper that can double as an everyday piece and a tool watch, then you should definitely check out the August Steiner Mercury collection. This line of August Steiner watches consists of chronograph pieces equipped with complications designed to make your life more convenient. 

In particular, we recommend the August Steiner Ref. AS8162. This watch leans towards being an aviation watch, with features that encapsulate all the needs of the average pilot. In addition, the materials used in this watch ensure optimal durability while still bolstering its fashionable look. 

The August Steiner Ref. AS8162 comes with a 46mm black stainless steel case, with a choice of either a bracelet or a black leather strap. The sleek, all-black exterior of this watch exudes class from every angle, making this a great choice for formal occasions. The matching black dial shows off three chronograph sub-dials that indicate the month, day of the week, and a 24-hour counter. The date aperture is located at 3 o’clock. To top things off, this watch also has a GMT feature, as indicated by the markings on the rim of the dial. 

This watch retails at around $495 USD.

August Steiner Classic Collection

Image courtesy of August Steiner

The August Steiner Classic collection provides the best choices of watches for those who prefer simple and reliable watches to wear on a daily basis. These watches may not be as sophisticated as other collections from the brand, but their quintessential designs are classy and great for the office. 

One of the best watches from the Classic collection is the August Steiner Classic Ref. AS8134SSB. It has a 45mm stainless steel case and bracelet, both with polished, gleaming finishes. The black dial is characterised by its use of sizeable Arabic numerals and skeletal hands. Not only that, the hands and markers are generously coated with luminous material to ensure their readability in the dark. 

The price for this impressive watch starts at $325 USD.

August Steiner Diamond Collection

Image courtesy of August Steiner

The August Steiner Diamond collection is for the ladies who prefer lavish-looking watches at easily affordable prices.  This range comprises watches with faux diamonds embedded in their bezel or dial. These may not be real diamonds, but August Steiner does a magnificent job with its designs, using these luxurious stones to elevate the extravagance of each watch in this collection. 

The August Steiner Diamond Ref. AS8281TTG is the epitome of this collection. It uses a slim 36mm alloy case with yellow gold accents on both the bezel and the mesh bracelet. Faux diamonds can be found littered all around the bezel. The dial, on the other hand, boasts a pitch-black shade, with 4 gemstones that act as the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock markers. The hands also come with a yellow gold tone, keeping the watch’s design scheme constant. 

You can purchase this watch for just $365 USD.

August Steiner Wooden Dial Collection

Image courtesy of August Steiner

Last, but certainly not least, we have the August Steiner Wooden Dial collection, which offers much more environmental-friendly watches with its use of high-quality, solid wood. This August Steiner range boasts wooden dial watches that come in a variety of colours, with the light-coloured wooden dials being especially popular. 

One exemplary watch from this collection is the August Steiner Wooden Ref. AS8238WT. This watch has an oversized 50mm black steel case that is paired with a black canvas strap. Of course, the star of this watch is its black wooden dial. It might not have the same glossy finish as the traditional watches mentioned above, but its rustic, earthy aesthetic makes for a fresher look that younger folks will definitely enjoy. Another standout of this watch is its unusually large, stylised 7 o’clock marker. It is a quirky design choice that adds to the sophistication of this watch. 

You can get this elegant and eco-friendly piece for just $320 USD.

3 Alternatives to August Steiner Watches

1. Emporio Armani Arianna Rose Gold Ref. AR11197

A great alternative to the August Steiner Diamond collection is the Emporio Armani Arianna Rose Gold Ref. AR11197. Like the August Steiner Diamond collection, this Emporio Armani piece is a quintessential vanity accessory, with the focus being on style rather than overly complex functions. 

The Emporio Armani Arianna Rose Gold Ref. AR11197 comes in a slender 32mm rose gold-tone stainless steel case with a matching rose gold-tone bracelet. Doing away with the traditional hour markers, its dial is peppered with playful star shapes and exquisite faux diamonds. This is a classy yet fun piece, perfect for younger generations. In addition, it comes with a 50m water resistance rating so you can even bring it for a swim. 

The price for this beautiful fashion watch starts at $150 USD, making it even more affordable than the August Steiner offerings. 

2. Fossil Nate Chronograph Ref. JR1354

The August Steiner Mercury collection offers extremely versatile watches that can double as both a utility piece and dress watch. That said, due to the rarity of August Steiner watches, it might be hard to get your hands on one. An equally versatile fashion watch that is much more accessible is the Fossil Nate Chronograph Ref. JR1354

This Fossil pieces a large 50mm black stainless steel case paired with a sleek black leather strap. The dial comes in a matching black hue and is fitted with oversized grey hands and indices for improved legibility. On the lower half of the dial, you can find three chronograph sub-dials, as well as a date aperture under the 24-hour sub-counter. 

3. Citizen Promaster Sky Ref. CB5007-51H

If you are looking for something a little more functional and heavy-duty, the Citizen Promaster Sky Ref. CB5007-51H is a perfect choice. Compared to the August Steiner Mercury watches, this timepiece is a true tool watch, providing you with a more complete array of aviation features. At the same time, it is also classy and handsome enough to be your partner at your next dressy event.

The Citizen Promaster Sky Ref. CB5007-51H has a robust exterior, with its 46mm grey-plated stainless steel case and bracelet. This blends perfectly with its black dial, which boasts contrasting white indices for better legibility. On the dial, you can find three chronograph sub-dials, a date display at the 4 o’clock position, and various time zone indicators around the dial, so you can track multiple time zones. This watch is equipped with a radio-controlled feature to ensure maximal accuracy. It is also powered by the brand’s patented Eco-Drive movement, which allows you to charge the watch using solar power.  

One thing to note is that, as a true utility watch, the Citizen Promaster Sky Ref. CB5007-51H is a bit more expensive than August Steiner watches, although it is still rather affordable. This is largely due to Citizen’s use of top-notch watch movements and innovative technology. This Citizen Promaster is priced at around $460 USD, and you can rest assured that it is worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

You may not have heard of August Steiner before because it is a severely under-marketed brand. That being said, it is still a great fashion watch brand, offering stylish and dressy pieces with reliable quality and budget-friendly prices. If you are looking for a new companion to your dinner functions, you would not go wrong with August Steiner.


All images courtesy of The Watch Company, unless stated otherwise.

Featured image courtesy of August Steiner

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