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Known for its pure luxury across the globe, the Cartier does not just contain fine jewelry and exquisite accessories but the Cartier watches are accompanied by the philosophy of the traditional watch manufacturer. It is known for producing its own movements with remarkable models including the Cartier Tank, Ballon Bleu De Cartier and many other.

Cartier has a long story of manufacturing watches. There is an exceptional way to add technology in watches is found only in Cartier’s history. Their Roman Numeral carries the history of aviation wearing the first luxury watch of the world.

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Cartier Tank WSTA0028
No. 1
Cartier Tank
For the ladies who cherish simple classic elegance, Cartier Tank WSTA0028 offers it with its silvered steel case which has a crown with a cabochon spinel. On its inner casing, the rectangular Cartier watch has a silvered opaline dial with Roman numerals and blued sword-shaped hands. At its heart, Cartier WSTA0028 houses a high-quality quartz movement which provides hour and minutes functions which are timely and highly accurate.
Cartier Tank W5200025
No. 2
Cartier Tank
Designed for a golden splendor on your flair, Cartier Tank W5200025 has a rose gold case with a cabochon-shaped spinel fixture on its crown. On the front display, the 34.8mm Cartier watch has a silvered opaline dial with blued sword-shaped hands and black Roman numerals. To guarantee your wrist a fine luxury fit, Cartier Tank W5200025 has a round-scale alligator skin strap with additional rose gold on the ardillon buckle.
Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier WSBB0021
No. 3
Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier
As a true beauty of simple-but-classic elegance, Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier WSBB0021 has a steel convex case with a blue cabochon-set winding crown. On its inner casing, the 37mm Cartier watch has a silvered guilloche dial with Roman numerals and blued-steel sword-shaped hands. With the help of the automatic mechanical movement it houses, Cartier WSBB0021 presents every of its wearer with high precision of time and on time. The Cartier Ballon Bleu watch supports moon phases at 9 o’clock as well.
Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier W69017Z4
No. 4
Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier
Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier W69017Z4 is a simple classic watch designed with a highly-polished case holding a fluted crown set with a spinel cabochon. Behind the sapphire crystal, the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch has a silvered opaline dial with guilloche ornamentation for extra elegance. The dial holds black Roman numerals and sword-shaped steel hands that match the blue spinel on the crown.

Cartier Top Picks

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Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6701007
Top Picks
Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6701007
Small and precious, Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6701007 has a 29.55mm case made of a combination of steel and rose gold. For extra splendor, the beaded rose gold winding crown of the Cartier watch has a cabochon spinel set on it. Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6701007 has a silvered opaline dial with a classic display set with a combination of Roman and Arabic numerals in 24-hour. Alongside with the blued-steel hands, the Ronde de Cartier watch offers exquisite precision using its quartz movement. Additionally, its brown round-scale alligator skin strap comes with a rose gold ardillon buckle for extra elegance and exclusivity. With the help of its sapphire crystal, Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6701007 is able to keep out water to up to 100 feet. Thus, excellent for beach swimming and snorkeling as well.
Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6700255
Top Picks
Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6700255
Designed for ultimate precision, Cartier Ronde de Cartier W6700255 has a superior quartz movement which offers high accuracy of time and date at three o’clock. The movement is sheathed by a 36mm steel case which has a steel crown with a cabochon spinel for especial beauty. On the inner casing, the Cartier watch has a silvered opaline dial with blue sword-shaped hands, alongside Roman numerals and a rail-track minute circle. The Cartier W6700255 has a black alligator-skin strap with adjustable folding steel buckle for a finer comfy fit. With the support of its 6.6mm case thickness, the Ronde de Cartier watch can survive up to 100 feet underwater depth without malfunctioning.

Top Cartier Watch Models

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Cartier Tank MC

Tank MC, where MC stands for Manufacture Cartier is one of those pioneer watches carrying the memory of new movements. Tank MC is the first of his kind with Cartier’s newly added movement mechanism. The precision of time and the self-winding machine came to reality through the Cartier Tank MC watch. The perfectly polished and silver-plated watch has a rectangular shape. Very simple design with an engraving of “1904” behind the back reminds of the contribution of Louis Cartier.

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Cartier Tank Solo

There is something that is so refined with the clean design of the Cartier Tank Solo Large. The Cartier Tank design just turned 100 years old. It may be hard to tell which of the two it may be but there is clearly a lot of history here. The Cartier Tank Solo makes a statement without saying much. It is one of those rectangle watches that already has a commanding presence based on its simplicity alone. The blue steel, sword shaped hands match seamlessly with its synthetic spinel cabochon adorned crown.

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Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver is the first diver’s watch manufactured by Cartier. You can dive 300 meters underwater wearing this watch. The watch fulfills the criteria of ISO 6425 to be acknowledged as a diving watch. Cartier has manufactured the watch concentrating the requirement of sailors.

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Santos de Cartier

Louis Cartier created this masterpiece so that his friend Santos could fly the airplane without bringing out the pocket watch. This discovery showed a convenient way of timekeeping and recording speed during flying planes. You will find three versions of Cartier Santos watches. The size has been modernized. Only medium and large sizes are available. Our discussion is focused on the Cartier Santos 100. The internal mechanical parts are modernized using traditionally assembled movements.

History of Cartier Watches

The birth of Cartier can be traced back to the year 1847 when Louis-Francois Cartier took charge of his master Adolphe Picard's jewelry workshop that accounted for the establishment of Cartier. During that period, because this talent and craftsmanship were rare, Louis-Francois Cartier's unique ability caused quite a stir. Thus out of all the people who contributed to the upliftment of this brand, one of them was princess Mathilde - a cousin of Napoleon III, who to a great extent admired the works of Cartier. And one of the influential clients of the Cartier was the French Empress Eugénie, who had ordered many pieces from this gifted jeweler.

The Cartier’s notable success was seen when the studio became too congested due to the increased demands of his fine jewelry. Thus he was left with no other option but to expand the Cartier company, and he did so by moving his workshop to the Parisian "Boulevard des Italiens". Along with this he also increased his product range and included the high-quality self-manufactured luxury watches.

There was a prominent change in his business when his son Alfred Cartier took charge over the business, and this happened in 1874. Since then this French jeweler gained more fame, having an extraordinary passion for beauty in addition with a keen insight into luxury.

It was not too long ago and the Cartier had already captured the hearts of royal European dynasties along with the worldwide influentials. The Cartier’s popularity list included the family of the Russian Tsar, the radiant Maharaja, and Maharani of India, and of course the prominent figures from Broadway and Hollywood.

The Cartier’s initial timepieces primarily consisted of pocket watches. It was only from 1888 that they began to produce wristwatches and their first wristwatch was assorted with jewelry and was a watch for women. This was quickly discovered by everyone all across the globe for its appeal and comfort and thus attracted the women towards this Cartier womens watch.

Now Alfred Cartier fixed his focus towards designing the pocket watches, pendulum clocks, as well as the Cartier watches for women and this led to the growth of the brand in the field of luxury watches.

By 1889, the primary allure of the watches evolved into great success with the joining of Louis Cartier - who was the eldest son of Alfred Cartier. In the later years his other brothers - Pierre, and Jacques also joined the company which strongly established the Cartier name all across the globe.

Cartier first branch was opened in London in the year 1902 by Pierre and Jacque which was issued with a royal warrant, as King Edward VII referred to the company as "the jeweler of kings". He also ordered twenty-seven tiaras from this prestigious company, thereby adding to its success.

By 1907 the Cartier also expanded to Russia which was followed by Fifth Avenue New York in 1909. Although after Louis Cartier and Pierre Cartier passed away, the company was divided into three parts among the three Cartier brothers, and later in the year 1974, a group of investors bought the enterprise and changed its name to "Cartier Monde". Thus since 1997, Cartier has been affiliated with the Suisse luxury watch group Richemont.

Cartier Santos

It is one of the exceptionally eminent collections of Cartier watches that was introduced in 1904. The Santos from Cartier has been classified as the very first pilot watch and was also among the first Cartier watches for men that were designed by them. This Cartier pilot watch was actually the outcome from the collaboration between two close friends, that is, Louis Cartier and Alberto Santos Dumont - who was the pioneer of aviation.

Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank was introduced in 1917 during the First World War and still remains one of the most recognized and appreciated model of Cartier. It is the first water-resistant watch in the Cartier collection. The inspiration for designing this Cartier watch was acquired from the tough new war-machine that was introduced to the fighting in Europe, and thus from this, the outcome was a rugged yet beautiful watch that became an immediate classic. This Cartier Tank watch was built in stainless steel and was made available in three sizes - Cartier lady watches that has a 25mm x 20mm case, and the mid-size one comes with a 31mm x 25mm case. The third ref. is Cartier mens watches which comes with a 35mm x 29mm case. The case of these Cartier watches is rectangular in shape and dial of these rectangular watches is very easy to read with bold Roman numerals.

Ballon Bleu De Cartier

Cartier Ballon Bleu is one of the notable Cartier watches, build by the Parisian jewelers which simply delights us with its unconventional design. It has a unique name " Cartier Ballon Bleu" due to its blue sapphire cabochon crown that has been cushioned on the right side of the watch. Introduced in 2006, the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch has appealed to both sexes of Cartier clientele. Some of its notable references are Cartier W69010Z4, with a case size of 28mm; Cartier W6920084 with a 33mm case size; Cartier W6920046 with a 36mm case size; Cartier W6920042 with a 42mm case size and Cartier W6920054 with a 46mm case size.

Thus add these luxurious Cartier watches to your collection as they are not only reliable but are the perfect classic dress watches with unique characters that never fails to add a touch of sophistication to any wrist.

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