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For the fans of modest elegance. Ronde Solo de Cartier is a category of classic watches that provides its wearer with an especial taste of both tradition and innovation. Introduced in 2009, this category of Cartier watches is composed of a design that is borrowed from the preceding Ronde Louis Cartier timepieces, which features a circular dial, blued sword-shaped hands, and a rail-track minute circle.

In enhancing flexibility and uniqueness of its design, Ronde Solo de Cartier watch collection have been created with an added sophisticated feature, the interchangeable colorful straps, that is exclusively for its timepieces and the other Solo models in the Cartier tank collection.


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History of Cartier Ronde De Cartier Watches

Since its rebranding in the late 19th century, Cartier Company has been a celebrated watchmaker following its fashionable wristwatches which have been crafted with unmatched ingenuity. As the runner of the Cartier’s Paris subsidiary, Louis (Cartier founder’s grandson) became the father of some of the Brand’s sophisticated designs. Both the classics and the ornate models. Though the exact day of manufacture has never been disclosed, the first Ronde de Cartier watch is believed to be introduced in the 1930s. Despite its discreet look, the Ronde Louis Cartier has been an icon timepiece. Following its sophisticated elegance of the inwardly-bending lugs and the shorter more roundish design.

In 2009, Cartier introduced the first Ronde Solo de Cartier watch, following the inspiration from the Louis model. Just like its predecessor, the Cartier watch established a stunning connection with the lovers of modernized tradition pretty fast. Following its classical aestheticism.

Respective to the ideal version, Ronde Solo de Cartier watches enhance precise accuracy using either the refined self-winding automatic movement or the electronic oscillator of the Quartz caliber.

The Design of the Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier Watches.
Unlike most of the watches from the Cartier irresistible collection, Cartier Ronde Solo has been creatively designed to suit in any of your unique lifestyles. Whether it’s the workplace, adventuring, and or catching the rhythm on the dance floor. The interchangeable watch band across the various models helps you match the Cartier watch with as many accessories as possible. Thereby ensuring you look classically different, renewed, and always fresh. This feature, natheless, is only available in Ronde Solo de Cartier leather strap watches.

Quick. Easy. And highly efficient. The smartly-crafted pushbutton in the interchangeable watch band of the Ronde Solo allows you to change the strap of your watch in seconds. Whether you like it flashy or in the humble design, Cartier allows you to choose a colored strap of your choice and then customize your Cartier watch, respective to your taste of the day.

Still, in customization of the straps. Cartier Company allows the wearers of the Ronde Solo de Cartier leather strap watches to personalize them with an engraving of their choice. Hence, presenting you with a unique Cartier watch that is both for time accuracy and to mark a memorable persona.

In offering you the finest Accuracy, most of the available Cartier Ronde Solo de Cartier wristwatches have been installed with an automatic caliber. Even though models which have the quartz movement are also available. As with the WSRN0019 Steel Leather Ronde de Cartier Watch.

Furthermore, although Cartier’s artisans are deeply focused on presenting you with the modest classical Ronde de Cartier. Their Brand’s celebrated luxury-design, natheless, must be retained. For the Cartier Ronde models, their luxurious attributes are showcased by their case which can come in pink gold. And the winding stem crown which has been embellished with a cabochon-shaped spinel.

In instilling you with requisite accuracy of both date and time. Some Ronde de Cartier models, including the automatic WSRN0022 Steel and the W6701009 Pink Gold Ronde Solo de Cartier- both leather strap watches, have a date function window at 3 o’clock numeral.

The Cartier Ronde de Cartier Collection:
Unique. Classy. And Reliable. The steel-cased WSRN0023 Blue Dial Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch presents you with ultra-elegance that makes other men envy you. With a blue dial and a diameter of 42mm, this automatic watch is created with a steel case and a steel bracelet. For extra accuracy, this watch has a date function, hence very dependable particularly during your stressful workdays when demented with unending Reports.

Similar to the Blued Dial WSRN0023, the WSRN0022 steel leather Cartier Ronde solo wristwatch arouses a distinctive valiant personality when at your men gathering. As one of the Cartier’s Ronde leather strap watches, this timepiece allows you to change its calf-leather strap fast and with ease. Thus, guaranteeing your day’s theme color is wholly uniform. To make sure you are precisely punctual on time and the date of the Date, this watch has a date window display at the 3 o’clock numeral.

Classic. Stylish. And ultimately accurate. The WSRN0019 Steel Leather Ronde de Cartier Watch transforms your Femininity a mile shiner. Particularly when interchanging its dazzling pink straps with the orange to bring out a peerless flashy outlook with your blue dress. Designed to give you the ultimate stylish accuracy. The steel-cased 22mm runs under a quartz movement which ensures your wrist have a precise punctual tick.

For those who treasure classic watches, but still have a luxurious inclination, the W6701009 Pink Gold Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch is the kind that fits you best. Designed with an 18K pink gold case and round-scales alligator strap, the Cartier 42mm watch provides you with a blend of both. Then tops it with an auto tick from its installed automatic caliber. For the maximum precision, the W6701009 Pink Gold Ronde Solo de Cartier Watch, likewise, supports a date function.

Despite their elegance and luxurious attributes, Cartier Ronde de Cartier watches are flexibly adjustable for any lifestyle. And in any environment. Be it land, air… or even water! Across all the models, the steel/pink gold case has been tightly screwed and equipped with a sapphire crystal display glass which is waterproof certified. Thus suitable for tracking your diving or swimming time. There being, natheless, the supported impermeability across the models is only approximately 100 feet.

Also, although you will find some models categorized as for the men or women, most of the Ronde Solo de Cartier watches are unisex. Anyhow, while the women might tone perfectly with any model and any color. The men, natheless, are somehow disadvantaged, since some features like the shiny pink straps will trivialize their personality.

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