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When it comes to donning exceptional pieces of jewellery then Cartier is probably the first name that strikes the minds of luxury admirers. Pioneering in the field of manufacturing timepieces and jewellery, the Cartier is a luxury brand conglomerate headquartered in Paris, France. The Cartier offers a wide assortment of exquisite timepieces. And one such highlight from its watch collection is - the Cartier Drive de Cartier.

The Drive de Cartier collection is a range of Cartier watches for men. Premiered in the year, 2005, the Cartier Drive de Cartier series is a range of watches that have been inspired by the vintage automotive industry.

New Cartier Drive de Cartier Watches

History of Cartier Drive de Cartier Watches

A brand name synonymous to pure luxury and exquisite elegance in its products, the Cartier was incepted in the year 1847. The man behind the debut of this luxury product conglomerate was the Louis-François Cartier. Holding a long and rich history, Cartier products have been the most admired pieces of jewellery for the royal families. It has been regarded as " the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers." Owing to its popularity and uniqueness in its products the Cartier was ranked as the world's 59th most valuable brand by Forbes in the year 2018. Sticking hard to its persistent commitment the brand emerged from being a mere jewellery maker to a luxury brand group. Today it offers a number of sumptuous products including jewellery and watches under its hood. However, when it comes to watches, the Cartier, is unparalleled and incredible. It is the brand of connoisseurs. It was in the year 1888 when Cartier began to manufacture the wristwatches. The earlier assortments of Cartier only consisted of the pocket timepieces. Ever since their launch, the Cartier watches have garnered the attention of watch enthusiasts due to their appeal and comfort. Very soon Cartier watches witnessed huge success. Their popularity grew by leaps and bounds. Looking at this brand worked on expanding its collection. It struck the watch market with back to back inventions. Due to its deep-rooted dedication and quest for innovation, the brand still stands high as the pioneer in the watch manufacturing. Thus to no doubt, the Cartier has strongly established the name worldwide.

While adding achievements to its watch manufacturing, the Cartier Drive de Cartier collection is by no means behind. Debuted in the year 2005, this collection houses a number of exotic timepieces exclusively designed to meet the demands of modern day men. The beauty and fineness exuded by these Cartier men watches are sure to entice any contemporary watch freak. Moreover, the prices at which they are available, being seemingly less, is sure to hit the luxury watch segment. The Cartier Drive de Cartier watches are inspired from the older versions of automotive theme based wristwatches. These watches are a completely new addition in the Cartier's menage. The case of Cartier Drive watches has a cushion shaped rounded built, with a wide and thin body. Paired with dome-shaped sapphire crystal, the case gives the Cartier Drive a real wrist presence that is sure to get noticed. Designed keeping in view the robustness of automotive parts, the guilloché on the dial of the watch is evocative of old radiator grills in cars. Furthermore, the crown is inspired by the car bolts. And the entire thing is reconciled by sword hands and a sub-seconds dial.

Overall, featuring the masculine design elements, the watch is really wonderful. Apart from this, the Cartier Drive is equipped with Cartier’s 1904MC-PS, in house calibre. Here PS in refers to "Petite Secondes" or small seconds. The fineness of the embedded movement can be seen from watch's back which is quite enticing to encounter. Whereas when bejewelled on the wrist the Cartier watch looks really good. It comfortably fits the wrist of the wearer. Featuring a 40 mm case size which is quite wide and thin thrives you for a sporty yet elegant look. If still desiring for more then the Cartier Drive watches offer you a choice of selecting from steel and gold cases, with different hued dials including white, black, and grey.

However, this is not an end. The Cartier Drive watches hold a lot under their hood. They are bold, elegant and robust. Additionally, they are insanely low price, which starts from $6,250. Which is extremely low as compared to other watch brands in the luxury segment.

The Drive de Cartier Variants
The Drive de Cartier watches are available in the number of variants, thus offering you a choice of selecting from a wide assortment. Apart from featuring different bracelets and dial colours, the Cartier watch is also available in different calibres. They are also powered by 1904-FU MC calibre, combining a large date and retrograde display of second-time-zone, subsidiary seconds and a day/night indicator. The inclusion of these complications is skillfully displayed on the dial. Thus providing it with a more in -detail depth as compared to the time only watch dials. Also, practically these complications make the watch a more utilitarian timepiece. Another highlight from this collection is the Cartier Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon. This Cartier watch has a beautiful symmetry in its design aesthetics. Exuding the finesse in its manufacturing the watch features a flying tourbillon. And is mechanized by a Geneva movement certified manually wound Caliber 9452 MC.

So aren't you feeling excited about adding the Drive de Cartier to your collection? These Cartier watches are genuinely very handsome and magnificent. These are more than watches. They are ethereal pieces of jewellery that are sure to grab the attention of viewers.

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