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The much-celebrated watch brand the Cartier was established in the year 1847. Ever since its debut, the brand has launched many iconic timepieces. Owing to its unique design elements and sophisticated functionality the timepieces by Cartier are the highly sought-after ones. While another masterpiece from the Cartier's menage is the - Panthere de Cartier.

Panthere de Cartier watch collection was initially launched in the year 1983 and was only in the production till 2000, after this it was discontinued. However, even after its discontinuation, the Panthere collection was much in demand and still today it is one of the coveted watches for the female watch connoisseurs. Panthere de Cartier is one of the most iconic watches in the ladies watch segment.

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History of Cartier Panthère de Cartier Watches

The Cartier- a luxury watch brand was incepted in the year 1847 by the Louis-Francois Cartier. Headquartered in Paris, France the Cartier has been highly renowned for its ornate jewellery and diverse collection of watches. The journey of Cartier as a luxury watch brand started from a small jewellery shop. Since the Cartier started its venture in the luxury watch segment it never looked back. It kept on boosting its growth and success through its unique creations and inventions. It has gained mastery in watch designing and manufacturing. Throughout its history, the Cartier has produced a number of remarkable timepieces.

And one such name from its line of production- is the Panthere de Cartier watch collection. These are a series of iconic women watches. The launch of Cartier Panthère was achieved with the efforts of association between Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier. As a result of their unison company adpoted a symbol of the mysterious wildcat for representing their brand. And soon this started shaping the future of Cartier. The participation of Toussaint led the company to witness huge success. She quickly led the company to reach thresholds of success in the global arena.

And in the year 1914, for the first time ever, the wildcat was featured on a Cartier wristwatch. However, the Cartier was the first brand who adopted t a panther motif as a trademark symbol and used platinum in their creations. Flaunting the effeminate peculiarities and a state-of-the-art charisma, the Panther has been since bejewelled on the pieces of jewellery and the classic Cartier watches.

Similar to the ferocious speed of a real panther, the Panther collection brought a great pace to growth of brand when debuted in the year 1980s. When there were the times of crises during the leadership of Alain-Dominique Perrin, brand proposed to head on into the new direction. And as a consequence of this a unique and innovative timepiece – the Cartier Panthere, was born. The outer designs characteristics of this watch were implicative to the brand's Panthère Santos collection, but the interior featured a bit different mechanism, thus bearing a modern quartz movement. While moving onto its design complications. The watch features a square case and a bezel hooked up with the help of eight small screws. One of the interesting aspects about the case design is the presence of curved lugs and crown guards. Both are fluid in appearance and really add to the overall beauty of timepiece. The Roman numerals imprinted on the dial have been elongated and the Cartier trademark has been engraved at 10 o'clock position. The design of this watch is bold and very utilitarian. Additionally, the octagonal crown bejewelled with a blue sapphire – is another characteristic feature of the Panthère watches. Also to provide you with a great underwater safety the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters and amuses you with a concealed folding clasp. Another feature that grabs attention is the ability to the watch to incorporate an unnoticeable Cartier signature located around the 7 or 10 o'clock mark.

Basically, the Cartier Panthere watches are available in two sizes, and nine metals finish. This square watch is available in small (22mm) and medium (27mm) sizes which are made using the yellow gold, rose gold, steel, and two-tone. Furthermore, few variants have a black lacquered links thus providing the watch with a feel and touch of jewellery. All of the Cartier Panthere watches are powered by a quartz movement. The Panthère Cartier watches for women are available in following variants including yellow gold, rose gold. And the bezels variations include rose gold with diamond bezel, white gold with diamond bezel, white gold diamond studded, white gold diamond studded with black enamel animal spots, two-tone steel and yellow gold, plain steel, and a limited edition model featuring rose gold with black lacquered links. Although, the Cartier watch collection is no longer in production, but can still be found among many vintage watch admirers.

The collection offers you a wide assortment ranging from low priced steel models to extravagant gem-studded jewellery timepieces. Being inspired by the speed and strength of Panther, these Cartier watches for women exude distinguished excellence in their design aesthetics and functionalities. They have a charismatic and elegant design that sure entices any watch lover. Encapsulating the finesse in the timepieces, when worn on wrist Panther Cartier watches are surely going to grab the attention of onlookers.

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