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Calibre de Cartier is a marvellous watch by Cartier International SNC (Cartier) which is a French luxury conglomerate that designs, manufactures and sells jewellery pieces and luxury watches. The company has headquarters in Paris and was found in the year 1847.

Calibre de Cartier is a glamorous luxury watch by Cartier, a renowned brand in watches. Since nineteenth century, Cartier has been serving watches will excellence in the market. The unmatched quality and feature driven Cartier watches have single handedly made them gain a tremendous stature across the globe. Clibre de Cartier is an added gem to its collection.

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History of Cartier Calibre de Cartier Watches

Cartier is a very legitimate name when it comes to watches. Since the year 1847, Cartier has been bringing beauteous watches in the market. However, besides luxury watches, Cartier has also been known for its tremendous collection of diver watches. These have been renowned for the exquisite features that are embedded with and the style that they carried in a unique and alluring manner. Cartier watches are made in Switzerland and the headquarters are situated in Paris, France.

Calibre de Cartier diver collection has always gained a lot of momentum and preference by the customers. It is said that diver watches are all about their cases; Calibre de Cartier has a slim diver with the polished bevel of lugs. Coming to the lugs of this timepiece, they are steeply curved and blended with rubber strap thereby making the piece extremely comfortable to wear. The case of this Cartier diver watch is 42mm in diameter and the bezel is larger than this (43.8mm). With the crown, the diameter is almost 45mm, fulfiling essential criteria for the oversized diver watches. The Cartier Calibre diver is a perfect blend of high luxury sensed and sporty features and looks- this is what makes it outstand all other diver's watches.

Also, this 42mm watch is water resistant to 300 meters thereby serving its purpose in an appropriate manner. The case has an alluring and eye-catching bezel which is yet another attraction that this Cartier timepiece brings along. Cartier diver watch is a serving deal to crack. The features and looks of its diver watches are appropriately done to make the Caliber de Cartier watches earn the name of diver's watches.

The Cartier Calibre diver watches have to be extremely exact and appropriate in nature, this feature is wholly served by Cartier diver collection watches. Thereby these diver watches have proved to be immensely appealing to the divers and other sports driven people.

Cartier has been a renowned and legitimate name that has been in to watch business since long. Since beginning Cartier has brought into the market marvellous collection of men watches and women watches. However, the Cartier mens watches collection has been more renowned and appealed by the customers all across the world. The company has brought into existence alluring watch pieces which served their intended purpose extremely well. The watches named Santos De Cartier, Cartier Tank, Drive De Cartier, Rotonde De Cartier and Caliber de Cartier have proved to be the most appealing and loved, overshining all others.

Caliber de Cartier has always been the most loved out of all these top five Cartier mens watches. It has a Cartier Calibre 8101MC movement, 33 jewels embedded and is scratch resistant. This mens watch is water resistant up to 100 with a transparent case back. This Cartier watch has a whopping 42-hour power reserve and serves the purpose efficiently.

Cartier chronograph is flawlessly crafted in stainless steel with polished surfaces that compliment the design in a beauteous manner. The bezel of this chronograph is engraved with a 0-60 second scale and has a satin type finish that contrasts nicely with the brushed finish. The Calibre de Cartier chronograph has the brand new 1904-CH MC calibre which has a column wheel and a central vertical clutch. The Caliber de Cartier chronograph is designed by paying keen attention to the specifications and features thereby making it perfect and one of its kind chronograph.

The Cartier chronograph has a diameter of 47mm including the crown. The crown has a synthetic spinal blue cabochon over the steel model and is push in type which makes it easier to adjust yet appropriately sized to not dig into your wrist- one of the many tremendous features of this chronograph. It has a 48-hour power reserve and has finely finished movements. The dial of this Caliber de Cartier watch has a silver opaline finish which appears to be white in colour and has a snailed part. The hour's markings are done in Roman numerals which is Cartier's signature across all its watches. These markings are done in an emphasising manner and are highlighted beautifully over the dial.

The legitimacy and name that comes with Cartier watches coupled with the tremendous features and designs of its watches are the major attractions and points of appeal for the watch buyers. Also, the high- luxury patterns and appearance of the Caliber de Cartier watches have made it have a stronger appeal amidst the luxury driven masses. Therefore Cartier watches serve an appropriate function that they are intended to with applaudable features, design and quality assured.

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