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The first Santos de Cartier watch was introduced in 1911. As a company devoted to serving all of their consumers’ desires, the timepiece was created with inspiration from the feedback of one of their loyal consumers. To the world of men, the Cartier Santos wristwatch is regarded as a man’s true precision jewel, following its unique design of the exposed screws and the rounded angles of the dial.

During the 2018 SIHH Show, a new model of the Cartier Santos watch was introduced. Helping revive its iconic glory which has shrunken since 2016. With the new releases, the Cartier Santos was updated with a slimmer and ultra-demure case, which was greatly enhanced by the added round edges, as well as the sloping bezel.


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History of Cartier Santos De Cartier Watches

Although the timepiece was truly a quantum leap in the aviation industry, Alberto Santos-Dumont- a Brazilian aviator and inventor, was not fully contented with the design of the Santos de Cartier Pocket watch. For accuracy, yes, it was incredibly remarkable. But, the suspending chain which required one to have it in the pockets was essentially unreliable and impractical during flights. Although the aviator was a friend to Louis Cartier - the grandson of the firm’s founder. Louis considered Santo as one of their staunch consumers, and used his feedback to develop the first Cartier mens watch in 1911. A version for the Santos de Cartier Collection which was not only appreciated by aviator Santos, but by many other consumers of the collection as well.

After the death of Pierre (Louis’ 2nd brother who managed Cartier’s subsidiary in New York) in 1964. The close relatives who were left to continue running Cartier Jeweler as a family business decided to have it sold. After noticing the fondness of the men to the Santos de Cartier watch Collection, the new owners of the Cartier company decided to give it an extra elegance. In 1978, the first refined luxury Cartier Santos, featuring gold and steel bracelet, was created. Since then, the timepiece kept on undergoing improvement until 2016 when the 2009 Cartier Santos 100 ADLC was relaunched.

During the SIHH 2018, a new model of the Cartier Santos watch was, yet again, introduced, beguiling the Collection’s esteemed fans who will now enjoy the Cartier watch in steel. In the introduced model, different versions of the Cartier Santos were featured, both medium and the large size. In the medium-sized versions, the new watches were automatic but with no date function. Whereas the Large size came bearing both the date and automatic movement. To improve its beauty further, Carter introduced the model of the large Santos de Cartier watches with a skeleton dial as well. Allowing the wearer to enjoy the seamless harmony of the Automatic caliber.

The Design of the Cartier Santos de Cartier Watches
For the lovers of tradition and innovation, the fresh Santos de Cartier watch has been artfully molded as the blend of the two. Despite its new look, Cartier’s artisans applied their magnificent dexterity diligently. Ensuring the Cartier square watch still possess its creator’s creativity, whilst providing a comfy perfect fit as one of the best men watches.

In the modern watch, the overall case has still retained its squared shape, though with an additional gleam from the highly-polished bezel and its 8 attached screws. For the dial, on the other hand, the new Cartier Santos has still retained its white dial plus its Roman numerals. However, the previous glowing hands have been replaced with a new design which resembles a steel sword and they are all blue in color.

For additional sophistication on its demure design, the updated Cartier Santos watch has a slimmer case which features round edges and a sloping bezel. In ensuring a more continuous appearance, the new bezel is linked to the lugs of the watch. Harmonizing the steeled-bracelet with the bezel and present it as one mechanism.

Dissimilar to the old strap, the modern Santos de Cartier watch comes prepared for every man. And for every personality. Respective to your own persona, the updated Cartier Santo is available in both the steel and leather strap. Allowing you to glow your lifestyle with a distinctive fascination using the equipped smart quick-change-system that allows to comfortably change the straps of your Cartier watch.

In ensuring maximum accuracy and precision, the available 13 models of the Cartier Santos have been fitted with different movements. There are those producing an automatic tick using the 1847 MC caliber, and others the 9619 MC movement.

Cartier Santos de Cartier Watch Collection:
Whether you prefer the alligator skin strap or the entire Yellow gold design. The WGSA0010 Medium Leathered Santos de Cartier Watch allows you to change its alligator skin strap easily and quickly. Using the quick-switch system which has been equipped on both straps. Irrespective of the bracelet design, this Cartier square watch has been fitted with an automatic 1847 MC caliber which offers you with timely Accuracy, and a 42-hour power reserve.

Smaller. Stylish. But very Timely. The W2SA0007 Medium Yellow Gold Automatic Cartier Santos provides you with an automatic tick that is both accurate and elegant. This is enhanced by the 1847 MC caliber it has installed and the yellow gold sloping bezel. Using its added Smart-Adjustment-Switch, this Cartier watch allows you to change your straps respective to your taste of the day, easily and very fast. Modish. Sporty. And optimally Accurate. The WHSA0007 Large Santos De Cartier Skeletonized Dial Watch has been artfully designed to share with you the secret behind the 9611 MC mechanics. To ensure the Cartier tick on your wrist is extraordinary, this Cartier Santo watch has a skeletonized dial which allows you to relish the harmonized interaction of its manual mechanical movement. For you tell the time, the WHSA0007 Cartier Santos Watch has its Roman numerals for the Hours and minutes formed from the bridges of the skeletonized dial. For extra efficiency, the 9611 MC movement of the watch provides up to 72 hours power backup, thus up to 3 days before the next manual wind.

Similar to its medium-sized 1847 MC caliber counterparts, the WGSA0011 Large Automatic Santos de Cartier ensures you always have an automatic Cartier-inspired tick on your wrist. Unlike the medium watch models, however, this large watch model ensures you always walk, drive, or fly with precise accuracy of both Time and Date.

As the true auto for every man’s elegance, the WGSA0011 Large Automatic Cartier Santos Wristwatch, as well as the rest of the models of the modern Santos ensures optimum comfort and proportions are with you anytime. And everywhere! To ensure even the swimmers and divers are able to enjoy the watch’s grandeur in their hobbies. Cartier Santos de Cartier watches have their cases tightly screwed and their sapphire crystal display waterproofed. There being, natheless, the Cartier watches only have impermeability support of only 100-meter depth.

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