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A mere 14-year-old brand, the Gaga Milano is a renowned name in the luxury watch manufacturing. The Gaga Milano is a brand of coveted watch admirers. But what's more fascinating about this watch brand is, that it's not a Swiss-based instead it is an Italian watch brand.

Undoubtedly, Gaga Milano has a number of watch models under its hood. But its Gaga Milano Silver collection is very unique and stylish in its very essence. The watch models under this collection are crafted using the lustrous metal "silver". Every watch element may it be the case, back plate, crown and buckle have been carved out using this splendid material.

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History of Gaga Milano Silver Watches

A brand synonymous to extravagance and uniqueness, the Gaga Milano was founded in the year 2004 by Ruben Tomella. Although the time period of being in the luxury watch segment seems to be very less. But the watch brand Gaga Milano was never constricted to the time. Creating a mark and revolutionising the luxury watch segment this brand in a very short span acclaimed for a renowned position in the watch manufacturing. Right from his childhood the founder, Ruben Tomella aspired to do something on his own. He was keen on accomplishing something extraordinary. Remarkably, he developed a passion for watches at a very tender age of 14. At the same age, he started working in his father's watch manufactory located in Crema in Northern Italy. And finally, in the year 2000, he opened his own jewellery shop. Initially, he used this shop for the purpose of sales and distribution of different brand watches. However, in the year 2004, he was successful in fulfilling his dream. He entered into the business of watch manufacturing. And from here the Gaga Milano rose as a watch brand. From the very beginning, Ruben worked on achieving milestones by debuting exquisite timepieces inspired by the contemporary world fashion trends. These Italian watches were very unique in their essence. They were incredible and very quickly caught the attention of watch admirers. In a very short span brand gained momentum and witnessed a sharp growth. There was a quick expansion in its offshore markets as well.

Every Gaga Milano watch is very classic and bears unique design elements. The Gaga Milano watches drive the inspiration from ancient pocket watches. The big watches featuring the crown located at 12 o' clock position, oversized numerals are all the features being taken from vintage watch models.

Whereas it's Silver collection is highly favoured among the Milano's followers. Being fascinated by the noble material silver, the brand opted for employing it in its timepieces. Thus analysing the material's stylish accent this was adopted in crafting the watch. The Gaga Milano Silver watches are made using the precious and lustrous material, silver. Every part of the watch including case, bezel, crown, buckle, hour markers and the back plate has been composed using this material. For the seconds' measurements, the watch face has been embedded with a subdial, thus adding to the beauty of the Gaga Milano Silver watch. Moreover, the watches from this collection have a rounded convex dial embellished by silver and sunray finishes, thus making the dial very sober and subtle. Whereas to offer the wearer an unplugged performance the Gaga Milano Silver watches are powered by Swiss manufactured manual calibres and are water resistive up to up to 30 meters of depth.

Owing to extraordinary craftsmanship involved in their manufacturing these Gaga Milano Silver watches are available in limited editions i.e. it the model has only 250 pieces for sale. Furthermore, because of being of composed of peculiar material like silver these Gaga Milano watches come enclosed in a lacquered wood box. Additionally, to exude the beauty from a box as well, it has been decorated with a silver plate. Apart from this, the box surface has also been engraved with GaGà Milano symbol and the numeral 10. The significance behind embossing the number 10 was to mark the tenth-anniversary celebrations of the brand.

The Gaga Milano Silver assortment offers a number of choices for the buyers. All of the variants from this collection are available in the 47mm case size. Further, the Gaga Milano Silver collection watches have two different versions being differentiated on the basis of the case and bezel materials used. They are - Rose Gold and the Silver variants. The silver variants are available in three different options for the dial for straps including black, blue and brown. Whereas for the rose gold variant there is only one option that features an 18kt gold case.

Thus the Gaga Milano watch menage has got a lot to offer you. It has the number of cool men's watches. Well, not to get disheartened by it also has a number of watches exclusively designed for women such as Napoleone Lady, Manuale 35mm and the special edition of Wonder Women watch.

So add these extraordinary and elegant Gaga Milano Silver watches to your collection. Exuding the beauty at its best these timepieces are sure to grab the attention of onlookers while making you stand apart from the crowd. The style and grace that these Gaga Milano Silver watches of a luxury offer are very incredible that is worth being applauded. Then what’s the point to wait more. Hurry up and enhance your collection by adding these exquisite and modish Gaga Milano Silver watches to your bucketlist. Surely, they will lend you a distinguished persona and will continue to rule the present as well the furture trends.

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