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Incorporating the hues of enchanting colours in its watches, the Gaga Milano is one of the highly reputed Italian watch brands. Incepted through the efforts of avid personality, the Ruben Tomella, the Gaga Milano in a very less span of time has attained the thresholds of success. Undoubtedly, ever since its commencement, the brand has launched a number of innovative watch models.

Even Gaga Milano Slim 46mm watch collection was highly admired by the watch aficionados. As suggestive from its name the Gaga Milano Slim 46mm assortment houses the timepieces featuring 46 mm case size with 10 mm thickness. Moreover, these Gaga Milano watches bear a very simple and subtle design elements.

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History of Gaga Milano Slim 46mm Watches

The luxury watch brand, the Gaga Milano was established in the year 2004. Although, it's quite surprising to learn that how come so young brand made it to the highly competitive watch segment. The segment where long-established brands firmly occupied the market how come this freshly launched brand could have managed to sustain. Well, it was the founder Ruben Comella's passion and the never-ending quest for doing extraordinary that drove the brand till here. It was his persistent efforts towards innovation that sailed the brand up to the point where it is today.

The Gaga Milano has been unparalleled and distinguished due to the unique designs of its timepieces. The extra large Arabic numerals, crown at 12, and big face watches are all the trademarks of Gaga Milano timepieces. Every timepiece from the Gaga Milano posses a very different level of uniqueness. Holding all together a very different perspective the Gaga Milano watches hold a consistency in their design while providing a modish touch to their aesthetics. Now what made the brand acquire so unique name and what does it really signifies? The word "Gaga" is a Milanese dialect. It is used for referring to a man who is refined in his manners and style. Thus driving the inspiration from same this Italian watch company acquired the name "Gaga Milano". And to no doubt, since years it has been standing high to its values and aesthetics. Whilst dating back to its history, the journey of Gaga Milano started from a small jewellery shop. This shop was earlier used by Ruben for selling the luxury watches of a different brand.

However, Ruben was not contented with this as he was passionate about doing something on his own. The founder's passion for the watches grew at a very tender age of 14. At the same age, he started working in his father's manufactory located in Crema, in Northern Italy. But this was not the end for the founder, Ruben, he expected something more and extraordinary. Thus in a bid to do so in the year 2004, he debuted his first Gaga Milano watch. From the very beginning brand grabbed the attention and made a great hit. Watch connoisseurs develop a fascination for these watches due to their unmistakable style and contemporary elements. The Gaga Milano watches drive the inspiration form the vintage pocket watches. Uniquely, all of the Gaga Milano Slim 46mm watches are equipped with the crown at 12 o' clock position and are available in accentuated with the different enchanting colours.

The Gaga Milano catalogue houses the number of exquisite watch models under its hood available for both men and women. One of the collection from this watch company that is simply very beautiful in its aesthetics is, the Slim 46mm watch. Hailing from the menage of an exuberant watch brand that is highly renowned for its innovative timepieces, the Gaga Milano Slim 46mm watches faithfully live up to their brand name. They have contributed to catalysing the brand's growth. These simple and subtle Gaga Milano timepieces are well equipped and are capable of enticing the onlookers. As predictable from their name the watches under the following collection comes encapsulated in a Slim 46mm case size which bears a thickness of 10mm. Furthermore, these Italian watches are equipped with a Swiss quartz movement. And on the dial, they are adorned with a sunray finishing. Whereas to provide you with a precise and accurate time measurements the dial of these big watches are embedded with a subdial for a seconds' measurements. For crafting these watches keen attention has been paid for incorporating every minute detail in its design. And this is evidently visible from its design aesthetics. Furthermore to add to the beauty of watching the Gaga Milano Slim 46mm timepieces are fitted with the Maglia Milano straps which are even available in different colour options. Apart from looks these Gaga Milano watches also stand high for their functionalities such as being water resistive up to 30 meters of depth and being equipped with the durable handmade crocodile straps.

In fact, to meet the desires of young crowd these big watches are available in different colour variants which are further distinguished on the basis of materials used in crafting their dials and bezels. The different variants available under the hood of Slim 46mm catalogue includes Steel, Hawaii, PVD Black, and the Rose Gold Plated. Within these mentioned variants there are options for choosing different dial colours and straps. Few of the models under this collection are also equipped with the stainless steel Milanese mesh straps. These straps are finely woven wire meshes and posses the greater resistivity to corrosion. Thus these straps are provisionally very durable and quality assured.

Apart from this, there is even a number of cool mens watches which are embedded with the weird skull inscriptions. These Gaga Milano Slim 46mm watches are really very amazing and when donned they are sure to grab the attention of the crowd.

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