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Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm Watches

Fancy is written all over the Gaga Milano watches especially when you have a look into the Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch. With that size, the watches do qualify to be considered as humongous but that is the beauty of these Gaga Milano Manuale watches.

Unlike other watches, these ones signify a different sense of robustness for the men in the room. They are discernible from a distance and have a tendency of immediately catching the eye of the onlooker – furthering the brand image of the watch. The high quality and the original idea of these Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watches is unbeatable and you are least likely to stumble upon something of the sort, ever.

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History of Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm Watches

Pocket watches have become a thing of the past but Gaga Milano did not want something of the sort to happen. Thus, to reminisce these watches this company decided to adapt its main elements and transform them to your wrist. Ruben Tomella has a clear vision and he built the entire existence of this watch on the same. He took extraordinary efforts for this Gaga Milano watch to become a success and brought about an uncanny design throughout the numerous collection of watches that the brand has introduced. Speaking of the brand name – the word "Gaga" stands for a man who is refined in terms of style and manners in the Milanese dialect. The use of this term helped the community realize that the Gaga Milano 48mm watch is going to target a particular niche and it would be producing cool men's watches besides the traditional men and women's watches.

The owner of the brand – Ruben Tomella – realized his passion for watches back when he was fourteen years old and made sure that he gave a hand to his father's watchmaking factory. Nonetheless, he decided to set up a jewellery shop of his own wherein he became the distributor of several brands. However, he wasn't satisfied with the life he was leading and he wanted to make it big. Little did he know that success was around the corner. In 2004, he happened to make his dream come true when his skill led to the advent of GaGa Milano.

As compared to the other watch companies, this particular one began to occupy an important place in the market in no time. The company went having a few stores in Italy to making a global outreach from Europe to Asia and from Africa to America – it was everywhere. Tomella's vivacious personality brought about a change in the watch industry because his originality introduced various extraordinary colours.

The Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch collection can be considered to fall in the section of big watches. This assemblage is humorous, innovative, luxurious and lives up to the company's tradition. The distinctive look of this watch makes sure that the quality of the watch is not compromised in any manner. The collection comes in various customization to suit the personality of the gentlemen who are going to don this Gaga Milano 48mm watch. It includes steel, rose gold plated, PVD black, art collection, camouflage, fancy edition, las vegas, mirror, mosaic, stars, tourbillon and diamonds customizations.

The dial of the Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch is capable of conferring an aesthetic that cannot be forgotten because of its shape and the numbers that are embossed on the dial. The daring shape of the watch along with the vivid colour combination is something mysteriously catchy about this watch. The mechanism of these Gaga Milano watches can be easily seen because of the skeleton back case of the watch.

The dial is rather simplistic for a big face watch because of the reason; however, the hour markers would immediately garner your attention because they are so huge and can be read from a mile away – just kidding. Well, you have to have to have favourites in a particular watch collection and we assure that the rose gold plated watches would happen to be users – especially the one with the brown sunray dial and the brown leather belt.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that all the other watches are any lesser when we speak of their aesthetics. They fall under various price categories and are fit for you. No matter where you want to go – you can choose from this wide range of watches so that you end up with the best fit for all the occasions that you are looking for. The art collection of this range is particularly interesting because it appears to be extremely fancy and hip. It is in this collection that you would see that the "11" and "12" o clock hour markers are missing and have been replaced by a skull symbol – which happens to be Gaga Milano's logo. Despite that, the Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch looks extremely exuberant. This watch may not qualify to be donned in places which require you to be exceptionally formal but if it is a casual outing or you see yourself spending a night partying then there would be no better alternative than this particular Gaga Milano Manuale watch.

The Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch is fit for the generation that is filled with the contemporary zeal and has a forward-looking approach. Like the Gaga Milano watch happens to be relatively new – this watch does not aim to target the elderly – unless they are extremely chic and up to date with the fashion trends. Not forgetting that this Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm watch collection has a special edition to it as well which is just as beautiful as the original collection and is worth everybody's while.

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