The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Prices

Jun 12, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Prices

Rolex watches are one of the most wanted timepieces in the world. Outsiders maybe curious to know “Why are Rolex so expensive?”, but once you read through their stories of watch manufacturing, you will understand how much effort this world famous brand has invested to bring us the state-of-art technology, first-of-its-kind inventions and thus perfect timepieces in different series to fit various occasions.  While many of us are obsessed by their attractive outlook, the question of “How much does a Rolex cost” always come into my mind.  The precious timepieces are actually largely handcrafted, leading to a limited Rolex stock for each model, but there are so many collectors who want to buy Rolex, making a great impact on Rolex cost. Rolex watch prices are connected to its supply and demand and are fluctuating from time to time, this bringing the used Rolex watches market to the spotlight. If you have ever met your loved one in store, don’t miss it or else you may find it cost much higher when you have a chance to see it again. 


Rolex GMT MasterII  

Here we are going to explore Rolex prices by introducing 12 popular series of the brand, ranging from the cheapest Rolex to the most expensive Rolex. No matter you are looking for an affordable one for beginners or an advanced one for to complete your collection, there must be one that fits your needs.

Rolex Submariner Price

Rolex Submariner 116610LV


Rolex Submariner is the most popular series in Rolex watch from the 50’s until now. It hit the divers’ community when it was launched in 1953 as it was the first wristwatch to overcome the depth of water to 100 meters, proving the professional timepiece manufacturing technique of Rolex. The breakthrough of the water resistance technique makes Rolex Submariner a milestone in the industry, setting a new standard for divers watch. The design of Rolex Submariner is functional driven for diving in the deep sea. The unidirectional rotatable bezel was first seen in Rolex Submariner, which is actually an essential tool to count divers’ time underwater precisely. The large and clear luminescent hour markers, together with the luminescent Chromalight display in this bezel watch, enhance legibility and allow divers to have a clear reading of time under the dark condition in the ocean. These iconic bezel and dial design have now become not only a true diving watch, but also an identity and icon for watch collectors when it comes with the royal Rolex bracelet on your wrist.  

The price of Rolex Submariner Date with its useful date display window on the dial is usually higher than the Rolex submariner no date. The price of different models in this divers watch series varies according to the popularity and the exceptional designs. Rolex Hulk, also known as the Rolex Submariner Green, with rare green bezel matched with a green dial is definitely one of the valuable one. Officially priced at around USD$9060, the retail price of this green watch, model no. 116610LV, has been surged to a double of the original, that’s around USD $16000 nowadays due to its rareness.


Rolex 116610LV. Officially priced at around USD$9060, the retail price of this green watch, model no. 116610LV, has been surged to a double of the original, that’s around USD $16000 nowadays due to its rareness.



Another model with a sharp-coloured dial, Rolex 16613, a Rolex submariner blue mixed with a Rolex submariner gold on its bezel, is also selling at around USD $9000 by retailers. Even a style in a more common color like the black Rolex 116610LN, its prices can be raised from the official USD $8513 to the retail price at US$12180 as Rolex submariner black is always a popular choice among gentlemen. Basic style of Submariner having a black bezel and dial like Rolex 114060 (Official price at USD $7462; Retail price at USD $10256) no date and Rolex 116610 with date (Official price at USD $8513; Retail price at USD $12180) also have an increase of approximately 30% in retail price when compared to the official price. Vintage Rolex Submariners also have a price variation in different models. For example, the price can range from USD $7692 for Rolex 16610 to USD $17300 for Rolex 5513.  

Rolex 114060
Rolex 114060, Official price at USD $7462; Retail price at USD $10256.



Rolex 116610LN
Rolex 116610LN, Official price at USD $8513; Retail price at USD $12180.

Rolex Sea Dweller Price

Sea dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller has an extraordinary performance in water resistance. After Rolex’s years of collaboration and research with diving professionals, a comprehensive diving timepiece has been created – SeaDweller with water resistance to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters). When people talk about sea dweller vs submariner, SeaDweller always shine with its outstanding performances on diving. The Rolex Deep Sea can even tolerate 12,800 feet (3,900 meters) of water. This deep blue watch has an exceptional and Rolex patented Ringlock system for its strength and pressure resistance.

 The popularity of this series is reflected in the price of the used watches. The vintage Rolex sea dweller 4000 is still selling at USD$15,287 today. With the success of the commemorative model, Rolex crafted more modified classic SeaDweller along the road. The popular deep sea blue dial of the Deep Sea D-blue returned last year in the BaselWorld 2018 with an innovative and patented 3235 movement, delivering an even more precise and reliable timepiece for watch collectors. The Rolex deep sea prices are USD$12,523 officially and USD$15,484 for retail price. Other than the blue Rolex, black is another choice for cool guys. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SeaDweller collection, the SeaDweller 126600 was launched in 2017. Its design has been evolved to a 43mm dial with its first-ever magnifying date window. A collection name in red is marked at the middle of the dial as a commemorative feature to the original SeaDweller. It is officially priced at USD$11,275 while retail price is at USD$16,010.

Rolex 126660 officially priced at USD$11,275 while retail price is at USD$16,010.


Rolex 116660DB
The Rolex deep sea prices are USD$12,523 officially and USD$15,484 for retail price.



Rolex Daytona Price

Rolex Daytona 116500LN


Rolex Daytona is all about racing and speed. Defined as a sport Rolex chronograph for professional racing drivers, the series has been tightly tied with the high performance world of motor sports since its birth way back to more than 50 years ago. To meet the high demand of precise timing in car racing, Rolex Daytona has three counters on the dial, allowing users to measure elapsed time displayed in hours, minutes and seconds. The Cerachrom bezel topped on the dial has a tachymetric scale, which is a useful tool to read average speed over a distance based on the elapsed time. The timing function is controlled by just a simple one click to the pusher, demonstrating the sophisticated design of this series.


rolex cosmograph daytona


Rolex Daytona 2017 is hot in the market. This Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has a Cerachrom bezel and a first-of-its-kind Oysterflex rubber strap both in black, fitted in 18 carat gold or white gold or Everose case. This rose gold Rolex Daytona watch is selling at USD $33300, an increase of more than 20% when compared to its official price at USD $27513. Due to its limited amount in the market, the Rolex Daytona price keeps flying high.

The more common Rolex 116520 has a retail price of USD $22051 while a more sophisticated design one could have a price up to USD $30000. The Rolex Rainbow Daytona with a rainbow gem-set arrayed bezel is one of them. This gold Rolex watch worths USD $30770 nowadays while the same Rolex with diamonds dial costs even higher to USD $57690. Among all models in Rolex Daytona stainless steel, the Rolex Daytona ceramic 116500LN is in the wish list of many gentleman. Instead of a dial gold, this silver Rolex is fitted with a cool black dial. The cosmograph is now sold at around USD $25640, nearly double to its official price at USD$12400, making Daytona a real symbol of identity.


Rolex Daytona 116520
Rolex 116520 has a retail price of USD $32051 while a more sophisticated design one could have a price up to USD $30000.



Daytona Price trend

Rolex Daytona 116595 RBOW
The Rolex Rainbow Daytona with a rainbow gem-set arrayed bezel is one of them. This gold Rolex watch worths USD $30770 nowadays while the same Rolex with diamonds dial costs even higher to USD $57690.



Rolex 116500LN
116500LN is now sold at around USD $25640, nearly double to its official price at USD$12400



Rolex GMT Master & Rolex GMT Master II Price

Rolex GMT MasterII


The variation of colour and combination of the bidirectional rotatable bezel in the GMT Master series makes it the most attention drawing and unique part in the model. This also makes this Rolex watch a user-friendly for frequent travelers with the aid of the 24-hour graduated bezel which facilitates the display of time in two different time zones at the same time. GMT Master II has been evolved to an even better engineered timepiece. It can tell the time of a third time zone by the sophisticated collaboration of the independent hour-hand, 24-hour hands and the rotating bezel. The new material Cerachrom has also been introduced to the bezel to enhance its durability.

GMT Master II is also equipped with the new generation of Rolex movement 3285 caliber, a result of precision and reliability after years of committed research done by Rolex. The power reserve of this self-winding movement has been extended to 70 hours. GMT Master II is definitely a perfect partner for the urban-dwellers in the hustle and buzzle. It also comes with the iconic Jubilee bracelet, making it even charmer and comfortable on wrist.




When you look at the continuous increase in Rolex GMT Master II price, you will be more than willing to invest in GMT watches. Both the Rolex Batman with a duo-toned black and blue rotatable bezel and the Rolex GMT Pepsi with a duo-toned blue and red bezel are the most attention drawing models. Rolex GMT Mater II Batman, model no. 116710BLNR, has a retail price of around USD $16700, twice as much as its original price at USD S$9200. Still many watch collectors cannot resist the batman blue on the bezel, listing this Rolex BLNR as one of their targets in our shop. Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, model number Rolex 16710, is now sold at around USD $12820, a bit more affordable than the batman watch if you are looking for a GMT Master. But the original Rolex Pepsi Rolex 1675 which looks very similar to its GMT Master II can cost up to USD $25000 if it is in a good condition.



116710BLNR, has a retail price of around USD $16700, twice as much as its original price at USD S$9200.



Rolex 16710 pepsi
Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, model number Rolex 16710, is now sold at around USD $12820.


Rolex 16710 price trend

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Price

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300


The Oyster Perpetual Datejust may look down-to-earth when compared to other series. The tradition of the original Oyster launched in 20’s has been passed down to Oyster Perpetual. The timeless design of Oyster Perpetual makes it a simple, yet functional and clear timepiece for every watch lover. The series is named after the strong Oyster case made of Oystersteel which support the water resistance and other protection. Oystersteel is also extremely resistant to corrosion, ensuring the polished appearance of each Rolex Oyster Perpetual on the wearer’s wrist. The Rolex is also an icon for the series. Many new joiners to the watch world would ask “What does perpetual mean?” Equipped with a balance wheel and a half-moon-shaped oscillating weight rotating freely, the mechanism invented by Rolex watch provides the timepiece on one’s wrist with a constant energy by keeping the hairspring in non-stopping tension. The invention has been affecting the whole watch manufacturing industry on self-winding mechanism. The series is definitely the one that pushed Rolex brand to the top of the world. With its popularity continues, the series has developed different models with a variety of dial colours and sizes. 

The Rolex oyster perpetual price may surprise you. The basic and simple Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 is priced at USD $5680 which is a relatively affordable perpetual watch for beginners. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just price is slightly above the one without a date display window. A basic Rolex Oyster Perpetual date costs around USD $6000 nowadays.


Rolex 114300

Rolex 116000



Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 has its official price at USD $5700 and is now sold around USD $6700.

Rolex Datejust Price

Rolex Datejust


Rolex Datejust is the first mechanical timepiece having a date window at the 3 o’clock position on the dial when it was launched in 1945. The classic and chic design with a range of combination and size make it a popular series in Rolex watches. The Everose Rolesor and Yellow Rolesor are the signature designs among them. Featured by assortment of choices on hour markers and colour, the dial in the series make the rose gold Rolex a distinctive one in the Datejust series.  The Jubilee bracelet with a five-piece metal linked design was launched with the Oyster Perpetual Datejust in the 40’s. This iconic bracelet design today has become a synonym of comfort, fashionable and durable. Of course the Rolex Turn O Graph is one that we can’t miss when talking about Datejust as the Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph was launched as the first Rolex timepiece topped with a rotatable bezel. If gentlemen opt for a bigger dial compared to Roelx datejust 36 on his wrist, the Rolex Datejust II (also named Rolex Datejust 2) can help with its dial size up to 41mm, but Rolex Datejust II offers only Oyster style strap. Rolex Datejust II is equipped with an even more advanced movement, the caliber 3136 with a stronger performance on shock absorption.


Rolex Datejust 116234


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date with model number Rolex 116234 is one vintage Rolex Datejust rarely named as good cheap watches, especially for those who is bored with Rolex gold. Priced at around USD $7820, this is a very attractive stainless steel entry level Rolex for gentlemen with a shiny silver dial for men.


Rolex 116234 price trend




If you are looking for a 36mm watch with an unusual colour, Rolex 116200 is a good choice with affordable retail price at around USD $7000. Though in a rather low cost, the blue face Rolex still radiates a sense of nobility on your wrist.  Still, some of the rolex with diamonds in this series could cost around USD $10000 in retail price, depending on how precious the Rolex diamonds lie on the dial are. The Rolex 126334 is an example. With a gem-set dial, this Datejust 41 is sold at around  USD $11500.

Rolex Yachtmaster & Rolex Yachtmaster II Price


Rolex yacht master 2


As a timepiece designed for sailing, the Rolex Yacht master carries various marine features. Apart from those, the series is originated from the classic Rolex Oyster series, and has succeed its spirit and characteristics. Rolex has successfully introduced an innovative and first-of-its-kind technique to Yachtmaster II (also named Rolex Yachtmaster 2) – the programmable countdown with a mechanical memory.  Marine enthusiasts can time precisely with the programmed countdown from 1 to 10 minutes. To make this function happen, the distinctive Ring Command bezel operates in connection with the movement, serving as the key to the programme countdown function.  To fit its identity of a nautical watch, the water resistant and durable Oysterflex strap developed by Rolex is specially designed for this series. Instead of adopting the traditional rose gold Rolex design or a simply gold Rolex watch, Rolesium is created for Yacht Master. Bezel made of valuable and shiny 950 platinum is topped on the case and strap made of Osytersteel, elevating its luxury to the next level. With the sophisticated functions and charming designs, the series is a must-buy for the fans of Rolex.




Rolex engineers devoted lots of time and effort in developing this series, so you foresee the Rolex Yachtmaster price is not a very down-to-earth one. Rolex yacht master 40 with a Rolex rubber strap has an official price at USD $26270. A more affordable one would be Rolex 116622, priced at USD $11550. The combination of a deep blue dial, platinum and Oystersteel make this timepiece stands out from other boy watches.

The Rolex Yachtmaster two tone is another popular model in the series. The Rolex Yachtmaster rose gold matches with the Oystersteel in the case, bezel and bracelet perfectly, together with the royal blue dial, model 16623 again is a symbol of luxury. The model now has a retail price of around USD$9340. Rolex is keen on expanding the family. Though the Baselworld 2018 Rolex did not include the series in it, the new Rolex Yacht-Master 42 was introduced this year with a 42mm larger dial. Officially priced at USD$27800, this latest model is too new to be found in the retail market yet. Patience is always needed for a real perfect thing.

Rolex 116622
Rolex 116622, priced at USD $11550.


Rolex 16223
Rolex 1622 has a retail price of around USD$9340.


116622 price trend

Rolex Air King Price


Rolex Air King Black_Steel 40 mm 116900(Black)


Rolex Air-King has an iconic black dial. The enlarged Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9 and the clear minute scale allow wearer to read time easily. Salute to the aviation pioneer, the Rolex Air-King is also a successor of the Rolex Oyster. The 40mm Oystersteel case and the strong Oyster bracelet are features of both Rolex Oyster and airking. Powered by the Rolex Perpetual movement 3131 caliber with the antimagnetic function for aeronautical purpose, the timepiece is a highly precise and reliable one.

Rolex 14000/24 is frequently mentioned in Rolex Air King review when talking about the entry level Rolex. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King’s current retail price is around USD $3850 which is comparatively affordable. Its simple yet classic design and the rugged, iconic Oystersteel is really a good choice for new collectors. Rolex Air King 5500 is a well-known model in the air king Rolex vintage series. The model in gold has a relatively lower price than other Rolex gold watch price, selling at around USD$4488. The new Rolex Air-King with a more modern and sporty design is also an affordable one in the Rolex Oyster perpetual prices list. Oyster Rolex model 116900 has an official price at USD$6192 while a slightly higher price at USD $6667 in the retail market. Considering this aviator watch’s functions and costs, Rolex beginners should definitely grasp one the next time you see Rolex airking, the king master watches, for sale.    

14000 Airking
This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King’s current retail price is around USD $3850 which is comparatively affordable.


116900 Air king
Oyster Rolex model 116900 has an official price at USD$6192 while a slightly higher price at USD $6667 in the retail market.


Rolex Sky Dweller Price

Rolex skydweller


Rolex Sky Dweller is a true demonstration of “One watch, two times”. The centre disc with a 24-hour display on the dial in these world watches is the most distinctive feature which displays the time of the second time zone. The rotatable Ring Command bezel topped on this charming watch is the instrument to set its sophisticated functions. Classified as traveler watches, wearer can easily adjust the date, local time or reference time by turning the bezel and the winding crown. In addition, this master piece is made of lots of high-end technology invented by Rolex. Some of the models even owns up to 14 patents for the innovative designs and technology. The annual calendar and the deep red rectangle around the dial which indicates the current month are one of those.  The timepiece has one of the most complex caliber of Rolex in its heart, the self-winding mechanical caliber 9001.


SkyDweller 326935


Don’t look down on the plain jane Rolex in the Sky Dweller series. A rose gold Sky Dweller, fitted with a dark Rhodium dial, model 326935 has a flying-high retail price at around USD $43000. The Rolex 42mm dial is an optimal size for the display of second time zone, making it a real world time watch.   

Rolex Cellini Price

Rolex Cellini


If you understand where the name of Cellini came from, you will agree it is a symbol of aestheticism. The name of this famous moonphase watch was inspired by an artist in Italian Renaissance. The refined and noble designs and finishing adds a contemporary touch to the traditional Rolex watch, making an even more elegant model than before. The materials of Rolex moonphase also represent a sense of luxury. Cases are either made of 18 carat white gold or Everose gold. A special double bezel with one domed and the second fluted is topped on the iconic 39mm dial in round shape. The black or silver-plated “Rayon flame de la gloire” guilloche motif is also a signature in this series. All of the models has a black or brown genuine leather strap fitted with an 18 carat gold buckle. The lunar cycle and the meteoric iron disc which represents the full moon in the dial are exclusive to this series. This symbolizes Rolex’s new invention in the watch manufacturing industry and makes Cellini moonphase a timepiece that water lovers look for. The hand with a crescent moon on the dial indicates the date around the circumference of the dial.

Rolex Cellini 50525


Rolex Cellini price matters with the moonphase or dual time design. The Rolex Cellini moonphase usually has a higher price than the dual time models. A silver Rolex in the series like the popular classic model 50525 worths around USD $17000 today while a cool black Rolex with dual time has a slightly lower retail price at around USD $15380.

The moon phase watch has an elegant and classic outlook while a practical function for the display of date and lunar cycle. It is definitely a Rolex for men who look for something different on their wrist.


Rolex Day Date Price

Rolex_Day Date_228238-0004G


Back to the 50’s, Rolex Day Date is the first water resistant and self-winding chronometer watch that displays the day in addition to the date, as spoken in its name day date. A calendar window for spelling out the day in full is placed at the 12 o’clock position on the dial, right above the Rolex crown. To make the series even more exceptional, the President bracelet is fitted with it. All models in this series is either made of 18 carat gold or 950 platinum. As a well know mens Rolex, this model has been worn by many of the famous leaders, including presidents in the world. The Rolex presidential gold with the semi-circular three-piece links is the symbol of comfort and preciousness and is a must for mens gold watches. The new Day Date is equipped with a self-winding mechanical 3255 caliber, pushing the timepiece’s performance on precision and reliability to the greatest extent. The winding crown is also equipped with a patented Twinlock double waterproofness system, protecting the precious timepiece in all circumstances.

228238 Rolex Day Date
Rolex Day Date 228238


228239 Rolex Day Date
Rolex Day Date 228239


Rolex Day Date 118135

Rolex presidential price is a surprise to many watch collectors. Rolex 228238 in the eye-catching Rolex president gold is one of the most popular models in the series. If you think that the Rolex gold is a little bit too much, try another model with a more subtle design yet different from the usual black Rolex – the 228239in the Rolex Day Date 40 series. The blue face Rolex is topped with an 18 carat white gold fluted bezel, selling at only USD $4100. Of course there are still some rare models in the Day Date series that cost much higher than expected. Model 118135L is a good example. This rose gold Rolex is fitted with a Rolex leather strap which is less-seen in the Day Date series. Its limited stock makes its retail price reaches USD$17800. Some other Rolex with diamonds adorned on the dial or arrayed on the bezel in this series even have higher retail price, ranges from USD $44870 to USD$57700, thanks to the precious gem-set designs.

Rolex Milgauss Price

Rolex - Milgauss Reference_ 116400 GV


The magnetic watch Rolex Milgauss is known for its resistance to magnetic fields. The series is designed for scientific professionals and can withstand magnetic field of up to 1000 gauss, the first-of-its-kind technology in the watch manufacturing industry. The eye-catching lighting-shape seconds hand in orange is unique to Rolex Milgauss, correlating the theme of science. Instead of the ordinary sapphire crystal, this special timepiece is fitted with Rolex’s first green sapphire crystal for light reflection and legibility. The most distinctive feature of this watch goes to its magnetic resistance which is a very first-of-its-kind of the industry. An anti-magnetic alloy-made shield, together with the self-winding mechanical caliber 3131, is installed in the Oyster case, ensuring the precision and smooth operation of Milgauss Rolex under certain magnetic field. Newer models in the series have several more paramagnetic parts in its heart, strengthening the protection of this precious watch.   


Rolex Milgauss 116400 GV

Rolex 116400 White


Rolex Milgauss 116400 white










Rolex Milgauss price is quite affordable considering its unique outlook and superlative functions. The model with white dial fitted with a Rolex Milgauss green sapphire crystal is the most common design in the series while the Rolex Milgauss blue has a rather spectacular colour for the dial. This blue face Rolex 116400 GV has a great contrast to the seconds hand in orange, making it a trendy and fashionable item on wrist. Its official price is USD$8192, a rather competitive cost in this world famous brand. If you opt for something other than the Rolex blue, you will have to go for Rolex vintage for this series. Rolex Milgauss black is available in the used market, with a retail price comparable to a new one.

Never miss the one that caught your heart


Rolex gold watches


Gaining fame for decades, Rolex watch has gone far behind just a timepiece. Everyone knows the royalty, identity, preciousness, durability and the state-of-art functions of Rolex, so they always have a value in the market if wearers keep them in good condition. Considering the limited amount produced for each largely handcrafted models and their popularity among watch collectors, you should never miss it if you meet a Rolex that caught your heart.  

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