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Mastering the technology of the time, the Seiko is a well-reputed name in the world of horology. Due to its rich and innovative history of watchmaking stretching back to the late 19th century, the Seiko is a favoured brand of many coveted watch admirers. Moreover, the brand is highly acclaimed for debuting the world's first quartz wristwatch named Seiko Astron. Seiko's revolutionary invention was first presented in the year 1969. Soon after the launch, these Seiko Astron watches became a great hit among the watch enthusiasts.

Ever since its debut, the Seiko Astron collection has been accorded with the number of exemplary sophistications including Seiko GPS Solar mechanism.


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New Seiko Astron Watches


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History of Seiko Astron Watches

The legendary watch brand, Seiko began its journey in the year 1881. This celebrated brand kick-started its business into the watch industry from a small watch and clock repairing shop located in central Tokyo, Japan.

Surprisingly, the foundations of this undisputed brand were laid down by a young entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori. Ever since the Seiko ventured into the world of horology, it came up with the number of incredible innovations. Even its history has been documented with the number of worlds first watch lists. Hence, the Seiko's achievements are full of the number of laudable inventions. Even today the company continues to strive ahead with the same spirit. Still, it continues to push its thresholds and boundaries to achieve perfection in its watchmaking.

However, when talking about the Seiko's invention, then the revolutionary Seiko Astron watches probably need to be appreciated. Presented in the year 1969 the Seiko Astron was the world's first quartz watch which was a groundbreaking invention in the world of horology.

Being exceptional and precise these earlier versions of Seiko quartz watches were powered by a Caliber 35A which offered an exceptional accuracy of just +/- 5 seconds per month, far greater than any mechanical movement. The movement's small, thin, stepping motor conserved power by rotating the second hand only once per second which was altogether a very new invention for the wristwatches. And another fascinating fact about these watches was their battery backup which lasted upto complete one year. The launch of these iconic Seiko watches was a great hit which increased the growth of brand by manifolds.

Nevertheless, the Seiko never stopped by and continued with developing something new. It persistently without any deviation kept on revolutionising the electronic watch segment.

Its another notable invention is the launch of Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch - which is the world's first GPS satellite assisted watch with atomic clock precision. Thus with the launch of this one can certainly claim that the Seiko has never ceased to innovate and improvise its Seiko Astron collection. The debut of this Seiko GPS watch was a great hit among the masses. Being very different in their designs and functionalities these innovative solar watches soon acquired the position among the list of best Seiko watches.

Surprisingly, Seiko Astron GPS Solar watches are capable of capturing time utilising the power of space and the energy from light, anywhere on the planet.

Gps satellites orbiting in the space control the precise timekeeping of these watches. The Seiko solar watch automatically adjusts itself according to the time zone of its current location. Fortunately, that too by a very simple process. Head towards the open sky and press the button this is all that you need to do. In addition to this, you do not need to worry about the battery change as well, because this Seiko GPS solar watch gains energy from the sunlight.

The Seiko watch is susceptible to receive GPS signals only under the open sky, soon after catching the signals the seconds’ hand starts moving, showcasing the satellites present, and after synchronising with the satellites atomic clock, the Seiko GPS watch displays the time as per the current zone.

The presence Seiko ring antenna placed under the dial ring ensures the automatic adjustment of time whenever exposed to sunlight. And if the watch is concealed and not able to receive enough signals then it stores the time of the previous successful manual adjustment or time zone adjustment and automatically initiates time adjustment at the same instant. Furthermore, the Seiko Astron variant, GPS SAST009G is another beautiful timepiece from the Seiko solar watch family. It consists of deep black dial adorned with blue and white markers resembling the vista of the earth as viewed from outer space. Additionally, the highlighted indexes raised above the dial and luminova finish on each hour marker lends the watch an appeal of a celestial orbit.

Apart from this, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protecting the dial also aids in penetration of light in the dial. These Seiko watches are so effective in their functioning that they can provide atomic clock precision and accuracy at any place on earth. It maintains the accuracy of time, date and location in 39 time zones spread across the globe. Moreover, the transition for information updation is very quick which takes merely thirty seconds to change location and six seconds to change the time. Addition to this the Seiko Astron solar watch also consists of second a time-zone dial located at 6'o'clock representing time in a 24-hour format, modifying calendar, world time display, day-light saving mechanism, signal strength indicator, and a power reserve system. Further even while wearing the Seiko watch you will never feel annoyed as it is equipped with a durable silicone strap which is very comfortable and light on the wrist.

Thus if you are a globetrotter then the Seiko Astron GPS Solar is your right companion, it will never make you feel alone while updating you with the current location timings. Moreover, in functioning also these Seiko watches for men will never leave you disappointed.

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