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Incepted in the year 1881, Seiko is one of the oldest watch brands present in the world of watches who has completed its 138 years of existence. It is more than just a watchmaking company as it has involved in the manufacturing of various items such as jewellery, electronic devices and optical products. Since its foundation, the Seiko company has excelled in everything.

One of its prominent watch collections is its Seiko Spirit. This line of the timepiece is a dress watch from Seiko which does not have the complications of the Premier. Its Solar assortment is quite popular at the present and is worth the appreciation it is fetching.

New Seiko Spirit Watches

History of Seiko Spirit Watches

Seiko – with its history of 138 years - it is amongst the oldest watchmaking brands that are alive in the world of watches. The story of this successful company began in the year 1881, when a young entrepreneur aged 24, established his watch and jewellery shop in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan.

The name of its founder is Kintarō Hattori, who called his outlet “K. Hattori”. This shop handled by Hattori was pretty quick in its innovation and began creating its clocks, but during that time the timepieces were released under the name Seikosha which means "House of Exquisite Workmanship". In the later years, the brand came up with its name, Seiko, under which it, till date, manufactures its products. The word ‘Seiko' has been derived from a Japanese word which means "exquisite" or "success".

Since the wall clocks produced by Siekosha were immediately liked by the people – Hattori felt motivated and thought that this could mean something big for the company. He started dreaming big but he started small and that is when the company began the production of pocket watches in the year 1895. As it happened, the amount of heed being paid to the company increased.

The passion towards watchmaking was immense and it grew all the more since Hattori was thinking big. He wanted to be a step ahead and he had observed that there is a gap in the watch industry of Japan and that was the lack of producing wristwatches. Wanting to fill in this niche, Laurel – first wristwatch to be produced in Japan – was created in the year 1913.

The brand released its very first watch in the year 1924. In the year 1960, Seiko went ahead and curated a team of its most skilled and experienced individuals – in order to cater to the world the best watch they were capable of. They wanted to portray paramount levels of excellence and increase the accuracy with respect to the one that they were already offering and this led to the advent of the Grand Seiko.

To further innovate, they came up with Japan's first watch which had a stopwatch – the Seiko Chronograph - fitted in it in the year 1964 – this came up when Tokyo was to host the Olympic games. The innovation didn't end there – they went ahead to make the first Japanese diver's watch, to fuel the adventurer who prefers his/her adventures in the water. In the year 1969, the innovation jumped a notch and they brought about a quartz timepiece – they first of its kind in the whole wide world. It was such wonderment that it shook the entire watchmaking industry. The Swiss watch industry was sweating and they were not able to figure a way around it.

The innovation never stopped and Seiko never intended it to. They crafted watches which came equipped with calculators, TVs and were created in a manner to record voice notes. The watches were not something that the human mind could conceive yet due to the prowess that the team had embodied – they were making progress. Seiko was becoming a partner for events and was even creating a representation as the official timekeeper – it was not letting itself be behind anybody else. It wanted to be at par or ahead and that is exactly what it was doing.

Seiko wanted to keep the consumers away from sorts of hassles – thereby, there were pondering over the implications of employing “a no battery change” technology. Thus, they come up with a solar watch for men in the year 1977 and a watch which incorporated the wearer’s movement as electricity in order to power the movement in the year 1988.

The Seiko Solar watch tradition is still persistent in their operations as it can be observed from its Seiko Spirit collection. Some variants of this assemblage parade a day-date feature at 3 o clock while some of them are simple upheld because of the charm that they confer. It is beyond words what the watch makes the users feel. However, the driving system of all these watches is channelled by the sun. These dress watches will become your ultimate go-to for all the occasions that you need it to be your partner.

Seiko has definitely come a long way in what it was doing and they will make sure that they keep experimenting in accordance with what the present demands. But they also made sure that they were always researching to understand where the market stands so that they can come up with something or the other which is going to keep them in the lead. That is they wanted to be in the present but never kept themselves from being up to date about what the future could ask for. The brand followed a forward-thinking approach and it inspires us. We hope it does the same for you.

History of Seiko Watches

Seiko is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the world of watches. They are well known all across the world due to their extensive range of media partnerships. Take it from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sigourney Weaver and Novak Djokovic, they all have been seen with the different Seiko watches throughout the history of Seiko. And one of the prominent features of Seiko watches is its precision, no wonder they were named as the official timekeepers in a number of sports events that included FIFA World Cups and Olympic Games.

Seiko began its journey in 1881 and was founded by Kintarō Hattori in Ginza, Tokyo. He was only 11 when he became an apprentice to a sundries wholesale. And by the time he was 13, he came up with a better idea of opening a clock shop where he could not only sell clocks but also repair them. So he started working in a clock shop where he learned everything he could and later in 1881 when he was at the age of 21 he founded the business of Seiko.

At an early age itself, Kintarō Hattori was proved to be the best entrepreneur. He handled his business wisely and had a fantastic relationship with the trading houses. He imported his clocks from a foreign trading house in Yokohama and due to his exceptional relationship, they allowed Kintarō to access the larger orders and provided him products earlier than his competitors. Thus the watch business achieved new heights by producing a wide range of new and exciting products.

The next aim of Kintarō was to become a manufacturer and to accomplish this goal he hired Tsuruhiko Yoshikawa, who proved to be an extremely gifted engineer. In order to start manufacturing high quality, high priced wall clocks he set up the Seikosha factory in 1892. And within the 8 weeks of opening the factory, they produced their first clock under the brand name Seikosha.

Seikosha created their first pocket watch in 1895 which added to the development of the company as its sole purpose was to develop a lasting timepiece business. Although their business of pocket watches ran at a loss for the first 15 years but by 1910 due to the technological improvement which bought them new machinery – this increased their production and got them to profit in their pocket watch business.

In the year 1910 Seikosha's business also grew because of their export of wall clocks to China. And this progress made with China got them the title of the "Japenese King of Watches".

The birth of the Seiko brand of wristwatches took place as a result of Seikosha’s burnt factory during the Great Kanto Earthquake. Kintarō worked from the scratch and build his empire again and started the business. In the following December, he produced his first wristwatch under the brand name "Seiko". And this business was added with further success which happened in 1929 when the Japan National Railway chose one of the Seikosha pocket watches as their official "railway watch".

Now let's take a look at some of the notable Seiko watch models.

Seiko Presage
The Seiko Presage is an ideal dress automatic watch collection which consists of gorgeous dress watches in various style and colors. Some of this Seiko Presage watch also comes with the complications such as power reserve indicator, chronograph, and retrograde indicator. Thus with brilliant styling and build quality, the Seiko chronograph Presage watches are perfect to fit in the luxury collection.

Seiko Prospex
Prospex, as the name signifies refers to “Professional Specifications”. Prospex Sea is a tool watch specifically built for the divers. This Prospex dive watch was first introduced in the year 1965 with the ref. 6217. It is one of the leading innovators when it comes to the advancement in the Seiko dive watches. Some of its features are:
• It is the first diver watch which adopted a titanium case instead of the standard steel case.
• It is the first to acquire a quartz movement in a professional dive watch.
• It is the first to use a ceramic shroud for deep-sea diving.
• And of course, the first to use a hybrid analog digital watch with an alarm.

Seiko Astron
Seiko Astron – it is the world's first GPS solar watch and also the first to acquire the quartz.
These can be classified depending on their two major functions:
• Solar Watch – this Seiko solar watch consists of photo-voltaic cells present on its dial which absorb lights. And this light is then converted into electricity and stored inside the battery of this Astron solar watch. Thus diminishing the requirement of changing the battery, ever.
• GPS Function – this Astron GPS watch is perfect for those who are always moving around across continents, as this watch is capable of automatically setting the time itself. The GPS receiver of the Seiko GPS watch set time according to the current timezone the watch is in.

Seiko is that brand which comes with a full package. Thus it not only delivers Seiko watches for men but also provides a wide range of choices in its Seiko watches for women collection. Go ahead and explore them to get your ideal watch.

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