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Incepted in the year 1881, the brand Seiko has always remained one of the favourites for the watch enthusiasts. For many reasons that the brand has remained popular, some of them are because of the fact that they produce high-quality timepieces at a very pocket-friendly price.

Seiko offers a wide range of watches and has not limited itself to just men's collection but also offers a vibrant line for the women. One such series is its Seiko Lukia which are exclusive Seiko watches for women. This Seiko Lukia line has a female touch to it and is offered in several choices.

New Seiko Lukia Watches

History of Seiko Lukia Watches

Seiko is a one-stop destination for all the watch lovers across the globe. The brand is quite popular because of its exceptional high-quality watches that are affordable as well. Since its foundation, the brand has always focused on manufacturing timepieces that are accurate and precise. With the years, the brand has not just limited itself to building watches but has also greatly involved in the production of electronic devices, jewellery and optical products.

Incepted in the year 1881, the Seiko has seen ups and downs of life. Establishing a watch company is not an easy task, but a young 22-year-old, Kintarō Hattori has done a great job in this field. Well, to be fair, this business was not founded to create timepieces, but in the initial years the company aimed its attention towards selling and repairing watches. It was in the later years, that it evolved and got in the business of manufacturing watches.

The company was founded in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan and was named as "K. Hattori". It did not take long for young Hattori to establish a firm business, hence, in the year 1892, he incepted his factory 'Seikosha'. As soon as this establishment was done, the company started producing clocks and its movements and thus began the story of Seiko in the world of watches.
Seiko built its very first pocket watch in the year 1895, which is like three years after it got into the business of making clocks. Therefore, it is quite evident that the brand Seiko holds great proficiency. With years, it has proved itself right and with its innovative and creative Seiko watches, it has always successfully grabbed attention as well as gained popularity.
Seiko released its first wristwatch in the year 1913 and named it the Laurel. This Seiko watch became one of the milestones for the brand and with this, it took a step closer to its bright future.

Seiko has been a pioneer of many inventions and has won many awards for the same. It has gained an enormous amount of popularity and in a very short period of time, it became one of the favourites of many watch lovers. The versatility which the brand showcases in its watches are simply unbeatable. It has not limited its production just for men, but the Seiko is one of the brands which offers a wide range of choices for women as well.

One such collection is its Seiko Lukia. These ladies Seiko watches displays an utmost elegance along with sophistication. Seiko Lukia series is extremely feminine in the range that is offered by Seiko. The Seiko watches in the Lukia assortment are meant for the smart and shinning women who love their positive and independent lives.

These ladies Seiko watches are offered in a wide range of variety even within the Seiko Lukia series. All the Seiko Lukia watches offered in this selection vary from each other in terms of style and design. They are all automatic female watches which showcases quartz movement and comes on either a leather strap or metal bracelet. The dial design and colour of these timepieces can be attained in a number of choices.
The Seiko Lukia collection can be furthermore placed into three categories – Automatic Mechanical, Chronograph and Solar. Let's take a quick view of these timepieces -

Automatic Mechanical 4R35
Powered by the famous automatic mechanical winding movement - 4R35 calibre, this beautiful timepiece can be obtained in several variants. It comes in a stainless steel case and has a steel bracelet or leather strap depending on its model. The watch displays a date window present at its 3 o clock marker and is water resistant up to 100 meters. The hands and indices of the watch are simply unique and showcase the best of its looks.

Chronograph 7T12
This mind-boggling timepiece by Seiko displays a chronograph dial which is equipped with three sub-dials. Presented in stainless steel, the watch also features a sapphire crystal glass. With vibrant dial colours along with bracelet types, this watch is a must-have for the watch enthusiasts. This can be obtained in full black, gold and silver shades as well.

Solar V173
Powered by the Calibre V173, the Solar timepieces are offered in three variations. Two in gold and one with gold and silver. The dial of this watch is quite bold and legible which makes it stand out. It features a date window presented at its 3 o clock marker and holds a diameter of 32.9 mm.

One look at these Seiko Lukia watches, and you cannot simply resist its beauty. This is one of the collections which is quite versatile. It will go along with all your apparels on all occasions as well as it plays the role of being jewellery along with being a watch. The charm of Seiko Lukia is so alluring that it immediately grabs the attention of the onlooker.

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