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Since its “rebranding” in the late 19th century, Cartier has been one of the world’s leading light in innovation. Before its acquisition by the Richemont Group in 2012, the Cartiercompany operated as a family business, through the help of three brothers Jacques, Louis, and Pierre. With each managing his own store from the major cities of Paris, London, and New York.

After its debut in 1917, the Cartier Tank collection has been one of the bestsellers of Cartier watches, following its sophisticated makeup which involves lugs that blend impeccably. Despite their simple-but-deluxe design, Cartier Tank watches have been iconic apparel for many world celebrities. In 2017, for instance, megastar Kim Kardashian paid a total of $379,500 for a Cartier Tank watch belonging to a Former First Lady of the U.S.

Used Cartier Tank Watches

History of Cartier Tank Watches

CARTIER International SNC, best known as Cartier, was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, in Paris. As a way of establishing the brand worldwide, Cartier’s grandsons- Jacques, Louis, and Pierre opened two more branches in London and New York, allowing each to run his own store. After he was left to run the branch in Paris, Louis applied his extraordinary ingenuity and became the father of some of the most celebrated timepieces, including mystery clocks and stylish wrist watches.

Following the death of Pierre in 1964, the close relatives who were left to continue running Carter as a family business became uninterested and sold the three affiliate branches in Paris, London, and New York. After a couple of reorganization during its time, in 2012 Cartier found its new management, the Richemont Group- a luxury goods management company, which is based in Switzerland.

Historically, the Cartier Tank watch models date their roots in the timeline of the World War I. With inspiration from the war tanks that have been introduced on the Western Front, Louis designed its first prototype in 1917, which he then presented to General Perishing as a gift. To the general consumers, the Cartier watch was not available in the market until 1919. Since its debut, the Tank has remained a true world legend. Representing the elegance of the alliance between innovation and geometrical style notably, without any alteration of the Louis Cartier’s creativeness. As seen in the over 20 available models.

In 2017, the Cartier Tank watch was able to mark its 100th Anniversary. To celebrate the achievement, as well as prove their model are still the jewelry of the kings. Cartier company launched several Tank watch models, with one being a refined version of the Cartier Tank Américaine.

The Design of the Cartier Tank Watches
In all Cartier watch collections, one of the major aspects that has facilitated their superlative reputation is their unmatched creativeness. For the collection of the Cartier tank, for instance, the nature of the straps is set in a unique stylistic manner that ensures the shape of the Cartier tank watch is not lost. Across all the models, the strap is usually available as a steel bracelet or crafted from alligator skin, all derived from different materials.

Despite their rare classy designs, the various models of the Cartier Tank watch are not just for distinctive elegance or lifestyle. But also for enhancing accuracy and precision in various surroundings. Be it workplace, and or recreational adventures. For the enthusiastic swimmers and divers, all Cartier Tank watches has a tightly screwed case and an impermeable sapphire crystal display that supports an underwater depth of 30 meters.

For the heart of the watch, the various models of the Cartier Tank Watches have been fitted with a variety of calibers. Some models like the WB710012 women’s Cartier tank watch have been installed with an electronic oscillator, commonly known as quartz movement. Whereas others like the Cartier Tank Solo XL has an automatic caliber which holds a power reserve of 42 hours.

Cartier Tank Watch Collection:
Timely. Classical. And modest. Cartier Tank Solo watch models possess a modern design; classic in nature but still honoring the traditional aesthetic of their pioneer model which was introduced in 2004. There are 8 different models of Cartier Tank Solo. Of the 8, two of them are the only with steel bracelet, then the rest has straps made of skin from various alligators. For example, the W5200025 Cartier Tank Solo Watch.

Modest. Timely. And flexible. The W5200025 Cartier Tank Solo comes with an 18K pink gold and steel case. The Cartier watch is unisex and it’s adjustable to any lifestyle. Both professional and recreational. For maximum accuracy, this automatic watch has been equipped with a quartz mechanical caliber. And also has an interchangeable round-scale alligator skin strap with an 18k pink gold ardillon buckle.

Similar to its leather strap counterpart, the W5200014 steel bracelet Cartier Tank Solo has also been installed with a quartz movement. In enhancing its precision, the watch has been fitted with bold blued-steel hands and silvered opaline dial.

Geometrical. Elegant. And Powerful. The Cartier Tank Americaine watch shares its beguiling gleam with its wearer. Unlike its pioneer, the new model of this rectangle watch has an extended case which has a more noticeable curve. With the 13 different versions of the Américaine, four are the only which can be considered man-like, while the rest will appeal more for the ladies due to their vibrant colors and ultra-ornamental makeup. Like the HPI00724 Diamonded Cartier Tank Américaine.

For those with a taste of an ornate timely tick, the HPI00724 Diamonded Cartier Tank Américaine offers more than that using its exclusive design. Styled to bring out your true beauty and share its shine with you, this dress watch has been fitted entirely with diamonds which have been brilliantly cut. Before bracelet and the case were artfully covered with diamond pieces, they both were made with Rhodiumized white gold, then the setting of the diamonds commenced. To give you a touch of a diamond when winding its quartz movement, the octagonal crown on the winding stem of the HPI00724 Diamonded Cartier Tank Américaine has also been set in diamond!

Apart from the HPI00724 shining diamonds, another women’s Cartier Tank watch but still under the Américaine classic models is the WB710014 Pink Gold Leather Diamonds Cartier Tank. Unlike its counterpart which is entirely diamond, this version of the Américaine is fitted with a sheeny Bordeaux Leather strap. And an 18K pink gold case which is covered in diamonds for a shiny accuracy. For overall uniformity, all watches under the Cartier Tank collection are fitted with a blued-steel hand and the silvered dial engraved with roman numerals. This helps ensure the Cartier collection are still reputable and worth a follow just like in the olden days.

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