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Hamilton was founded and started to produce pocket watches in 1892. As Hamilton watches were very accurate, rail companies all over the US started using them and the number of accidents finally decreased. As time went on, the rest of world started recognizing the quality of Hamilton watches and Hamilton became a world famous watch brand.

Hamilton has been an unrivaled leader in watch technology since the ‘50s. The Hamilton watches are best known for their unique creation that amalgamates the American classic style with Swiss watchmaking tradition. Hamilton has been ingrained to the American mythos since its debut and is one of the largest and most prominent chronometer producers in America.

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History of Hamilton Watches

Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892, the Hamilton Watch Company quickly established itself as one of the most important watch companies in America. The organization rose amidst the needs when America's expanding railway system required the means for precise timekeeping.

Most of the US railroad department relied on Hamilton timepieces to ensure that the trains departed and arrived on accurate timings. Soon Hamilton watches became popular and witnessed an unprecedented increase in their fan following. Which accounts to its popularity in being known as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy” throughout the regions of America. Owing to their accuracy and precision Hamilton timepieces were reported to play a significant role in decreasing the railway accidents by an exceptional rate. These Hamilton railway watches were also believed to be accompanied by the US army during the First World War. It equipped the brave soldiers and the Famous general John Pershing during their deadly expeditions. Thus it is clearly evident that the Hamilton remains to be one of the most famous American watch manufacturers and has contributed a significant part in the history of its country.

Pioneering spirit and military precision

Hamilton has always been keen on delivering high-quality functional timepieces. In its bid to strike the market with newer innovations, in the year 1941, this American watch manufacturer launched the Hamilton marine chronometer with the Model 21 and an observation watch, Model 22. With these two timepieces, Hamilton laid the stage for the production of reliable and precise chronometers.

Noticing the increased demand during Second World War, Hamilton exclusively focused on the production of functional military watches which were specially crafted for war conditions and were distinguished by the durable and robust characteristics.

During the period from 1955 to 1960, Hamilton operated and developed under the company named UWERSI. In cooperation with the UWERSI, it was successful in introducing the first electric watch in 1957 – the Hamilton Electric 500. This Hamilton electric watch was an exceptional innovation that utilized a battery to push an intricate gear train that would then, in turn, push the hands of the watch. In the year 1970, the company took another landmark step by launching its first electronic watch with a digital LED display. Also, the Pulsar model, another revolutionary invention in Hamilton's brochure became a cult object. As this model was spotted bejeweled onto the wrist of super spy - James Bond in the movie Live and Let Die. Presently, the Hamilton headquarters is located in Biel, Switzerland, blending the tastes of the technical expertise of Swiss precision with longstanding American design elements.Now let’s take a plunge into the world of Hamilton:

Hamilton Khaki Field

Hamilton has been notable for producing the range of military field watches, and one of them is the Khaki Field Mechanical. This particular timepiece has been modeled after the original 1969 Hamilton field watches. Measuring 38 mm, the watch has a wearable size that has been upsized from the original 34 millimeters to get a better effect. The dial is a pure military watch throwback holding large Arabic numerals. The dial is divided into the two circles one being in the 12-hour scale, and the other one in the last half of the 24-hour scale which allows you to easily see the military time as well. And yeah, this Hamilton military watch does not have any date window. Its hour markers and numerals are painted with some vintage-toned luminous paint giving it off a green glow. Moreover, the Hamilton Khaki watch has a type of NATO strap that is accented with some leather embellishments.

Hamilton Ventura

The year 1957 saw the emergence of world's first electric, battery-powered watch, and this revolutionary step was laid by the Hamilton. Today Hamilton offers a variety of watch models ranging from simple quartz pieces to modern technology-driven timepieces. The Ventura Elvis 80 is the perfect example of the latter, blending a space-age aesthetic with Hamilton Ventura iconic template. It is not all just about the triangular watch looks either, the Hamilton Elvis watch is powered by Hamilton's H-10 caliber boasting an impressive power reserve of 80 hours.

Hamilton Jazzmaster

The spirit of jazz is something that drove as an inspiration for the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection. The Jazzmaster watch is comprised of both classic design and avant-garde elements. The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection includes a multitude of fascinating models. The Hamilton Jazz exemplifies traditional and improvised jazz melodies with their exceptional models that vary in surprisingly unexpected design elements. The diversity of these Hamilton Jazzmaster watch collection design ensures that the collection presents a faithful companion for any type of style preference. The Hamilton Jazzmaster watches are classic yet unconventional at the same time, simply impressing each and every wrist that they bejewel.

Over the years, the company has lived up to its momentum in exceptional craftsmanship and still continues to present new ideas with possible extremities. Offering sharp, sophisticated designs with accurate timekeeping features, the Hamilton is a must to add an option to your watchlist.

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