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Historically, the Hamilton Broadway watch was the first Swiss watch to be produced by the Swiss watchmaker, Hamilton. At the time, in 1893, the Hamilton watch was referred to as the Broadway Limited and it was in the form of a pocket watch. In three decades times, Hamilton Watch Company was already recognized as a precision brand and more than half of Hamilton watches were for the railroad workers.

During Baselworld 2016, Hamilton Company was able to launch the Broadway Day Date quartz watch collection. Sleek. Unique. And always timely. The Hamilton Broadway watch was well-embraced following its sophisticated street design that gleams even in the darkest planet.

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New Hamilton Broadway Watches


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History of Hamilton Broadway

After its establishment in 1892, Hamilton Watch Company successfully presented its first breakthrough in the year that followed. Which was in the form of a pocket watch, the Broadway Limited. In no time, the Hamilton watch warmed, then won the hearts of many. With the majority being the U.S. railroads workers who needed the watch to maintain optimum accuracy. In 1923, the Swiss watchmaker, by then based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was now making deliveries to dozens of consumers; both civilians and professionals. Having no much modern technology at the time, over half of the Hamilton pocket watches they were producing were for the railroads, all functioning under the power of 17 jewels and 42-hour mainsprings. Following its precision efficacy, the American Expeditionary Forces came to embrace the Hamilton watch as well. Which then they came to assume as their Official Timekeeper.

With a focus to ensure that everyone owns a timepiece that serves them right, Hamilton Watch Company has been in the production progressively. For the Hamilton Broadway watch models, their remarkable coloring and combinations of texture ensure the entire Hamilton Broadway Collection is made for the city. Both the automatic and the quartz model.

With a watch model like the H43515175 Hamilton Broadway Day Date Auto, for instance, its silvery, blue, and red color combination allows it to blend with any lifestyle on the streets. Be it at workplace… or with your friends ravishing Saturday night rave.

The Design of the Hamilton Broadway watches
Despite their Bold and sophisticated design, Hamilton Broadway watch models are usually available in only three different models. Not that they are not famous… no. Hamilton is one of the Bestsellers of the Swiss watchmakers as most people nowadays prefer simplicity. And a good way of attaining that is by observing precision everywhere, all the time. An aspect that is greatly enhanced by a timepiece that is flexible and fully adjustable like the Hamilton Broadway Collection.

With the three models, the Broadway Day Date Quartz is for those who relish the tradition of the electronic oscillator, which is regulated by a quartz crystal to maintain accuracy. Although their color combinations vary with the various available watch versions. All the Hamilton Broadway Day Date Quartz has a colored tie which runs across the 12 and 6 o’clock. Additionally, they also have a uniform size of 40mm diameter and a lug width of 20mm.

For those with a taste of an automatic tick, but still in love with the contrasting texture of the Hamilton Broadway Day Date quartz. The automatic Day Date is also available; still with a focus to help suit your appearance, whilst keeping you on time. Be it the boring workday Monday or the buoyant Saturday night on the dance floor. Unlike its quartz counterpart, the Hamilton Broadway Day Date Auto watch has a diameter of 42mm and it’s been installed a superlative H-30 which offers its wearer an 80-hour power reserve.

In their design of elegance, the Hamilton Broadway Auto Chrono watches are always on a gleam all the time. Be it day or night. Under their automatic H-21 chronograph movement, the Hamilton Broadway Auto Chrono watch assures its wearer a long-living relationship, since it ticking is not just powerful. But its straps have guaranteed durability as well.

To ensure your Hamilton Broadway watch is also fit for your leisurely water activities, the stainless steel case is tightly screwed. And it also has been equipped with a sturdy crystal sapphire display which has an underwater impermeability of up to 50 meters.

The Hamilton Broadway Watch Collection
Timely. Stylish. And reliable. The H43725131 Hamilton Broadway GMT watch provides its wearer with an especial stylish trip. Though limited, the 46mm watch is a travel companion to embrace. With its H-14 Caliber, the automatic watch allows you to enjoy up to a three-day precise accuracy before rewinding it again. And there’s more. Using its equipped ceramic bezel, H43725131 Hamilton Broadway GMT watch provides you timely accuracy in whichever part of the world you’re in. Be it broadly lit or covered with darkness. With the help of its superluminova hands, the stainless-steeled bracelet watch ensures your dark planet is as Accurate as the bright one.

Timely. Faithful. And a saver. The H43515875 Broadway Day Date wristwatch ensures any of your work attire is in pace with time and precision. Following its faithful personality that it possesses, and which is readily ready to adjust to any of your busy lifestyles. Be it your Business meeting or the stirring Hakuba Skiing. Due to its equipped H-30 auto caliber, the H43515875 Broadway Day Date has an 80-hour power backup. Assuring you a seamless three-day stay without the need of any additional winding.

Sporty. Pretty. And still Conveniently Accurate! Hamilton’s H43516141 Broadway Auto Chrono is a spotlight timepiece that ensures both your day time, as well as after dark hours are filled with precision and requisite accuracy. Respective to your preference, the Hamilton watch is available in stainless steel bracelet, and or a calf-leather strap. Operating under the powerful H-21 auto chronograph caliber, the H43516141 Hamilton Broadway Auto Chrono has an extended power reserve of 60 hours.

Traditional. Architectonic. And with a celebrated Hamilton tick. The H43311541 Hamilton Broadway wristwatch presents you with an exceptional blend of the olden electronic oscillation movement and modern color combinations that enhance its readability and functionality. In ensuring your unique strap personality is well-served, the H43311541 Hamilton Broadway is available in both the stainless steel bracelet, as well as in calf-leather strap.

In ensuring their prestigious Broadway Watch Collection suits the metropolitan man modernly, Hamilton Watch Company has all the models (except Hamilton Broadway GMT has date function only) with a day-date function. Which ensures you’re in line with your week schedule punctiliously and ultra-Accurate!

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