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Historically, the link between the Hamilton Watch Company and the Navy can be traced since the time of World War II. At the time, the production of consumer watches was halted and the entire lot they had at the time, over one million Hamilton watches, were shipped to the troops overseas. Due to their fondness with the subaqueous environs, the Swiss, American-founded watch brand began supplying the Forces’ divers with specific Hamilton Khaki navy watch collection which bear essential and serious marine credentials.

Following the futuristic and the exclusive design of Hamilton Khaki watches, Hamilton has been a long-time watch brand for the cinemas. With a watch model like the Hamilton BelowZero, a professional or a hobbyist diver is guaranteed to dive up to a depth of 1000 meters undersea.

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New Hamilton Khaki Navy Watches

History of Hamilton Khaki Navy Watches

In the reserve of innovation, Hamilton Watch Company has received tremendous honors for their all-time ingenuity, on the military-inspired timepieces which have progressively revolutionized the trend of wristwatches. Although their bond with the American armed forces, as well as others from diverse allied regions, is still reputably strong. Hamilton began supplying watches to the military troops during World War I. At the time, the war soldiers were under the command of General Black Jack Pershing and they used the provided Hamilton watches in timing their movements.

During the second phase of the World War, between years 1942-1945. Hamilton again began the supply of timepieces and precision instruments, since the military has already developed a strong liking of the brand due to the requisite accuracy of Hamilton watches. During this period, however, the company was prompted to shut down the production of the consumer watches, and all they had at the time, over one million Hamilton watches, were delivered to the required troops, of whom extensively were the navy.

Following the futuristic and the exclusive design of their watches, Hamilton was featured in the 1951 movie, “The Frogmen”, which was on the activities of the Underwater Demolition Teams, a branch of the U.S. Navy. In honoring the Swiss-label watch company for their diligence and notable timely services, the marine troop has presented Hamilton with five illustrious Army-Navy E’ Awards. Instilling the watch brand to work even harder and inventively on Hamilton Khaki navy collection.

Following their superluminova triangular hour makers and the indexes, Hamilton Khaki navy watches, undeniably, possess attributes every deep waters enthusiast has ever missed to have one day. With the inspiration from the marine pioneers, Hamilton designers have been artfully creating these Hamilton dive watches under a notion of ocean explorers. Ensuring all the timepieces in the Hamilton Khaki Navy Collection are totally homely, in both on or underwater. On the market, their dexterous efforts, on the other end, have been tremendously rewarded. As from the caption of the trending Hamilton Aquaman series, every one of the cinema fans is now earnestly yearning to dive in a wetsuit. And get to the bottom of the deep waters to pay homage to the celebrated sea colony.

The Design of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Watches
In all the brands of their watch collection, Hamilton Watch Company has never, in any time, disappointed their consumers. All their brands are always inspirational and deeply arresting to every eye that sees them. Although the included Hamilton Khaki Navy collection is comprised of several distinctive models, their major attributes, natheless, are similar.

For in-water usability, all Hamilton dive watches have been especially designed with a hi-tech waterproof system. Allowing them to operate perfectly even in the extreme daring depths. Additionally, these Hamilton Khaki Navy watches have been fitted with luminescent hour markers and hands which ensure you can still tell the time even in the darkest edge of the Atlantic.

For the overall performance, different versions of the khaki navy watches have been equipped with different mechanical calibers. Thus, all output differently. With the H78585333 Hamilton BelowZero, for instance, the model design has the capability to keep out water up to 1000 meters depth. Whereas a Collection like Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT can be safe at just 200 meters maximum.

Similar to the submarine which has got not to have any leaking holes for efficient submersion, the Hamilton dive watches, likewise, have been screwed tightly to ensure no drop can find its way inside the watch. Furthermore, the sapphire crystal glass for the display is also highly impermeable, although respective to the ideal protection level that has been set for the particular watch model.

The Hamilton khaki navy Collection:
For any adventurous diver who would love a daring visit to the home of the sinister Atlantic Wolffish, essentially based at rocky coastal depths of 500 meters. The Hamilton Belowzero is the best navy watch to shine with. Using its convex sapphire crystal display glass and the 46mm stainless steel case which have been treated with black PVD, this Hamilton navy watch guarantees you 1000-meter underwater protection Lightweight. Colorful. And more sporty. The Hamilton Khaki Scuba has been created of a design every young soul will relish to own. Although the khaki navy collection has 7 different models; all eye-catching and fun to have, they all have been fitted with the automatic H-10 caliber. Allowing you to enjoy their three-hand movement which has a date function and a supreme 80 hours power backup. For the waterproofness, Hamilton Khaki Scuba watches can withstand the penetration at 100 meters maximum. For the straps, on the other hand, this Hamilton Khaki navy watch model is available in a variety of them, with models Hamilton H82335331 and H82315331 coming in rubber. For the Hamilton Scuba Auto H82305131, H82335131, and the latest H82315131, the trio has been equipped with a triple–row stainless steel bracelet which has an adjustable folding clasp.

With inspiration from the Marine Corps who are never at home most of the time, the Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT watch is a timepiece every traveler will love to have. The Hamilton watch model is currently available in two different versions (Calf-leathered H77615333, and stainless-steeled H77615133), with either of the Hamilton Khaki Navy watches allowing you to be on time with your family back at home, whilst at the same time, you have an accurate time of your Second Time Zone at 9 o’clock.

For the lovers of vintage experiences, the Hamilton Navy Pioneer harbors the best of it for you. With inspiration from the 1940s marine chronometers, the model presents its wearer with an extraordinary moment. Not just for the 100- meter water resistance, but also from its compact design that resembles a pocket watch. This navy watch is available in several different versions, with its latest- the Hamilton Pioneer Auto Chrono, which has the new automatic H-21 Chronograph movement. Featuring the modest sporty attributes due to its extended power reserve of 60 hours.

In all of the Hamilton Navy Pioneer watches, the approved impermeability is 100 meters, and also they all come with a calf leather strap, though of different colors. Similar to the rest of Hamilton khaki navy watches, they all have a tiny window for the date. And they all are always ready for you to have a splash, while in them, in the style stakes.

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