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Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

Since its establishment in 1892, the renowned Hamilton has been able to retain its noble reputation notably with its consumers. Amongst them, the American military has been one of the earliest users of Hamilton watches, with the relationship dating in 1914. As a futuristic brand, Hamilton Watch Company has progressively invented new discoveries, with one being in their resilient Hamilton Khaki Field Collection.

With an inclination of adventure and accuracy, Hamilton’s artisans have proved their agility in the creation of a Hamilton field watch collection that is sturdy and ready for the outdoor adventures. With a outdoor watch model like the multifunctional H71626735 H-21 Auto Chrono in the 2018’s Jack Ryan TV-Series, mountain climbing becomes more of a fun, whilst offering requisite precision.

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New Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

History of Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

The relationship between the military and the Hamilton watch company started during the time of the two World wars of 1914 and 1945. By the time, the Hamilton company provided the troops with pocket watches which were always of the requested high standards and also timely in delivery once ordered. Between the years 1942-1945, the company experienced a great hike from the military orders on Hamilton watches.

With the brand supplying over one million orders in just a short time. Through the inspiration and collaboration with some of the top military academies in the world, Hamilton has been able to continuously improve their khaki field collection. Winning the brand ceaseless pride when their civilian consumers get fascinated that the model of the Hamilton field watch they are wearing has already been tested and approved authentic by the military.

Be it the 1960s Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical selection, or the 38mm H-10 Khaki Field Auto, all of Hamilton field watches are of a sophisticated military-inspired resilient design. Allowing them to forebear even your toughest trek through the forest or the unwelcoming modern jungle.

Created primarily with a goal to make your adventure adventurous. All of the brands under field watch collection have been equipped with topnotch features which ensure their reliability and functionality is wholly maintained. If it’s the Quartz models, their exceptional outer styling and the heart of the watch passionately share their dependability and convenience with the wearer. While the Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic versions like the Auto Chrono H71616535 can be multifunctional with the help of its equipped H-21 caliber.

Design of the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch
To ensure your field activities are fruitful, Hamilton’s artisans have created Hamilton khaki field watches with high-quality mechanisms that guarantee you timely punctuality and pleasure. Since adventures are all about excitement and daring escapades, the powerful calibers in the Hamilton automatic collections ensure their user is aptly protected with sufficient power backup. As with the automatic Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm which holds a remarkable power reserve of 80 hours using its H-10 automatic caliber.

With Hamilton rooting its inspiration from the military, the straps of these Hamilton field watches are made of durable materials, following the servicemen occasionally goes for prolonged war crusades. Of which at times can deny them a chance to access a new timepiece. With the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical models, for instance, the Hamilton watches have either been fitted with the calf-leather or NATO straps which are of the highest quality to enhance durability.

In enhancing their visibility through the sapphire crystal display, Hamilton field watch collections have been fitted with bold dials, and indexes which are brightly colored. To ensure you can tell time even in your dark jungle tent, the watches have been fitted with luminescent numerals and indexes. As with the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69809730, and or the Auto Chrono H71626735 whose superluminova glow can even last longer than their counterpart models.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Collection:
With their prolonged link with the servicemen, Hamilton Watch Company designs their khaki field watches following inspiration from their intricate missions which require them to remain highly undetectable. With a mechanical brand like the Khaki field H69809730, the Hamilton field watch has not only proved to be an ultimate subaquatic but a perfect fit for the daring jungle-camping as well. Following its superb Superluminova hands and numerals can help you tell the time without unnecessarily lighting your Fenix LED flashlight which can invite the loaming starved wolves into your tent.

For the lovers of mountainous/ forest trekking, the Hamilton Automatic H70555533 Field watch has all your desires for an extraordinary expedition. Rugged. Edgy. And dependable. This Hamilton khaki field watch ensures your three days escapade is timely successful, as its installed H-10 Caliber can manage to reserve power up to 80 hours with no any let down. As one of the classic models of the American-founded wristwatches, the three-hand movement of this timepiece includes a date function which ensures you’re able to track your trip’s days with ease. In case your adventure will involve swimming through several mountain rivers, the sapphire display glass and that one at the back provide maximum water protection. Following its impermeability level of up to 100 meters. Unlike its predecessors of the Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm, the H70555533 Khaki Field Auto has a wider diameter, 42mm, thus presenting your wrist with a bigger Hamilton tick.

Since the 1940s, Hamilton Watch Company has also been a major movie brand. With Hamilton watch collections getting featured in more than 450 cinemas due to their futuristic and novel design. Typically, the Hamilton watches have been featured in a couple of spy movies, including the Men In Black movie series that involves superstars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Last year, 2018, the Hamilton company managed to hit the theatre screens yet again. And this time, in a TV Series that have stirred the mainstream media. In the series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the main protagonist, Analyst Jack Ryan is seen severally in his trusty sports watch, Hamilton 42mm Khaki Field Chrono H71626735. To ensure the heroism of the CIA Agent was presented impeccably, this Hamilton watch’s stainless steel case is entirely PVD coated in black. Inducing a stealth look that blends perfectly with his pretty face.

Similar to the rest of the Hamilton field watch models, Jack’s Hamilton Auto Chrono is military inspired and delightfully made for exceptional adventures. With its exclusive H-21 caliber, the Hamilton Khaki Field watch is multifunctional as it can be used both on the dry land and also in the sea, since its Sapphire glass and the tightly screwed back case can resist water up to a depth of 100 meters.

With the new featuring of the Hamilton brand in a TV series, and most importantly in a timeline filled with crazy competitive hi-tech advancements like the Wi-Fi-enabled smartwatches. Hamilton Watch Company has proven reliable and worthy of a buy from one of Hamilton Khaki Field Collection. As your woodland adventure is not only guaranteed of timely precision but also filled with a gleam like that of CIA Jack!

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