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Though Hamilton watches are dated back in 1893, the story of the Hamilton Ventura watches hit the air in the 1950s, few years before the brand had cut off its operations in America. With the help of their consultant designer, Richard Arbib, the company was able to create a revolutionary caliber. Which could run by the power of a mechanical movement, as well as an electrical battery. Following the modernization that was across diverse regions, Hamilton Ventura was forged to help instill the uniqueness of the Rock ‘n’ Roll music genre, which everyone believed had to follow a rare classic style and, very distinctive from the rest.

In 2015, while commemorating what would have been the 80th birthday of American singer Elvis Presley, the Swiss watch company brought out their new collection of the Ventura, Hamilton Ventura Elvis. A collection which has been warmly welcomed by men, following its inherent triangular-shaped design and the iconic attributes which it still holds.

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History of Hamilton Ventura Watches

Typically, Hamilton Watch Company backs its roots to the late 19th century when American was at its peak revamping their infrastructure. After its establishment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892, Hamilton was able to successfully launch the first Hamilton watch in 1893. From where it now began supplying the Hamilton watches to railroads builders in order to enhance their accuracy in timing and help reduce accidents occurrence.

Following its incredibly sweet history since its launch, the Hamilton Ventura model has been one of Hamilton’s bestsellers, and the widely featured mechanical watches for men. The watch has deeply bonded Hamilton with the cinema industry since the 1960s, when megastar Elvis Presley was featured in the musical comedy, Blue Hawaii, wearing his favorite Electric Hamilton Ventura.

Additionally, due to its charming vintage design and coloring, Hamilton Ventura was extensively featured as the Men In Black watch, with actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones appearing severally wearing the Hamilton watch in the three series. In the first release, Will Smith has been screened wearing the H24411732 Hamilton Ventura Chrono, since its stainless steel case and the black lizard-patterned leather strap blended perfectly with his dark face and the black suit he was wearing.

Unfortunately, after producing Hamilton Ventura models for some time, around 1967 Hamilton Watch Company decided to bring its production to an end. Due to their continuous demand, natheless, in 1988 the company decided to revive the popular Hamilton Ventura model, though with a new mid-century modern design. Since then, the Hamilton company remained in the production, where they have been innovatively improving their existing brands to satisfy their consumers aptly.

In sharing the existence of a lifetime bond with the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the iconic Swiss watchmaker successfully launched their new Hamilton Ventura Elvis watch at Baselworld 2015. Startlingly breaking the mold as no one could have ever thought the nicknamed “Elvis watch” movie could practically turn into a wristwatch.

The Design of the Hamilton Ventura Elvis
When creating their Hamilton Ventura models, Hamilton Ventura Company always ensures creativeness is beyond the expectations of their consumers. And that’s the main reason their futuristic and exceptional designs are mostly eyed by the motion pictures and TV companies even before they have reached the mainstream markets.

Irrespective of their straps variance, the three available Hamilton Ventura Elvis watches, with reference H24551-, share all the other aspects, including the internal caliber. In giving it a true legacy like that deserved by its ultimate influencer, this Hamilton Ventura watch has been artfully fitted with a powerful quartz caliber which ensures optimum precision and accuracy. For the case, essentially nothing was changed as it still retained its triangular stainless steel case, although the winding stem was made a bit shinier than the previous Hamilton Ventura versions. For the front display, the sapphire crystal glass has been deeply cambered, allowing it to extend up to the polished winding crown.

Although the trio also possesses some midcentury modern aspects, Hamilton created their dials black and of a posh design. With the 3 o’clock marker stunningly replaced with a white window for the date. With the three versions of the Hamilton Ventura Elvis quartz watches, the fastening strap is the only difference in all. With the H24551131 Hamilton Elvis Watch, for instance, instead of the usual clipping strap, the model’s fastener is much of an asymmetric stainless steel bracelet. For the lovers of diving, Hamilton couldn’t leave your water hobby out. With any of the three versions, the Hamilton Ventura watch has been designed with a water resistance capability of 5 bar, thereby enabling you to dive with it up to 50 meters underwater without damage.

In 2017, Hamilton Watch Company were able to provide an upgrade of the three 2015 Hamilton Ventura Elvis models, which has greatly improved their performance, as well as aesthetic appeal. This was achieved by the replacement of the quartz oscillator system with an H-10 Hamilton caliber and also a few external changes. Though the Hamilton Ventura versions might be confusing with their predecessors’ three-hand movement and the date function, the upgraded Hamilton Ventura Elvis Watches, nevertheless, were supremely enhanced of their mechanical performances, bearing now up to 80 hours of power reserve.

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis collection:
Everyone is born a hero. Every hero is born for greatness. As a man, you don’t have to be a cinema actor to be a legend. And you don’t need to be with astounding dancing reflexes to be iconic. Through their diligence and peerless capabilities, Hamilton Ventura has finally decided to make you their trending ‘Man In Black’. Using their latest and most rated mechanical watches for men.

VENTURA ELVIS80 AUTO: With a strap ref H6002451031, this Hamilton Ventura timepiece gives you a true taste of the Swiss mechanics. The Hamilton Ventura watch is 98% entirely black, with the remaining 2% making the front sapphire glass and, the sapphire back case which allows you to relish the visuals of H-10 movement, alongside its remarkable power reserve of 80 hours. This Hamilton watch is an upgrade of the Ventura Elvis80 Quartz with a rubber strap ref H6002451031.

VENTURA ELVIS80 AUTO: this Swiss watch model presents you with a remarkable preferential experience, following you can either go for the rubber-strapped H6002451031 model or the H6052451001 stainless steel bracelet. More excitingly, on the mechanical hands’ display of this Hamilton Ventura Elvis model, a skeletonized dial has been added for extra glamor, allowing you to view the automatic movement of Hamilton’s H-10 caliber. Something that wasn’t conceivable in the previous model of Ventura Elvis80 Quartz of strap reference H6052451001

These two upgrades of the Hamilton Elvis, alongside three others, including the calf-leathered Ventura Elvis80 Auto, has immensely helped break the technical makeup of the legendary Hamilton Ventura watches. This, ideally, has been observed in the contemporary case, and or on the front display architecture wvhich ensures you not only enjoy the added 80 hours of power reserve but also you have a view of the automatic H-10 caliber, as it performs its intricate mechanics.

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