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Founded in the year 1832, the Longines is regarded as one of the oldest registered watch brands in the world of watches. The Longines brand was established by Auguste Agassiz in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier – a location where the headquarters of the company still resides.

Out of all the drool-worthy variants that the brand has to offer, one of its dreamy watches is the Longines Dolce Vita. Made exclusively for the women, this collection reflects the sweet lifestyle of Roman. Taking its inspiration from the elegant feminity, the Longines Dolce Vita is a perfect companion for contemporary women.

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New Longines DolceVita Watches

History of Longines Dolce Vita Watches

Longines – a brand that is enriched with history and innovative collection of watches. Incepted in the year 1832 by Auguste Agassiz, the company was first established in the Swiss town of Saint Imier – a place where the headquarters of the company still resides. Longines is one of the most prominent watch brands in the world of watches. The unique logo of the brand – a winged hourglass – was first recorded in the year 1889 and till this date remains unchanged. Hence Longines is regarded as one of the oldest registered watch brands.

Since its foundation, the company has launched an innumerous collection, all blended with beauty and functions. One of the early innovations by Longines was the production of its crown wound pocket watches rather than making use of the popular key wound option. For a long time, Longines was passed on to its family members, until 1983, when it became a subsidiary of the notable Swiss Swatch Group.

Initiating its production with unique pocket watches to the international market, it did not take very long for Longines to establish its reputation. Today, the brand is renowned for its manufacturing of high-quality timepieces along with mechanical watch movements. It has now become an expert in the field of watchmaking.

Out of all its variants, one of the most sought-after collection by the brand is its Longines Dolce Vita. This is a series of Longines ladies watch which introduces the Italian style to the women who want the chic look in their everyday endeavours.

This Longines womens watches is a timeless elegance by the brand. This was first introduced with eleven exceptional wristwatches that immediately became the spotlight of Longines watch collection. The features that set it apart from the crowd lies in its size as well as the material that has been used in its creation. These were not just any timepieces, but their noble material consisted of stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold. To top it up, these beautiful women’s watches have been decorated with exquisite diamonds which has successfully added a luxurious touch to its aesthetics. To make it ready-to-go with your everyday look, these Longines watches for women have been equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass which keeps its dial away from all kinds of scratches, ensuring its long life.

With all the unique attributes that have been displayed in this Longines watch, its authentication can be found in its rectangular shape. This unparalleled form is one-of-a-kind which reflects strength in character and this is what distinguishes it from the other fine women's watches.

The Longines Dolce Vita holds a diverse collection and successfully grabbed instantaneous attention as soon as it was launched. The blend of stainless steel and 18 carats rose gold is one of the most irresistible fusions that can be found in its timepieces – Longines Dolce Vita includes six of these models. The comprehensive detailing and design of these timepieces have been acquired by the utilization of high-quality material in its creation.

In a bid to meet the desires of all its clients, Longines has launched several variants in its Longines Dolce Vita collection. It comprises of various sizes, designs, styles and, functions. The ones with Ref. L5. and Ref. L5. are the smallest versions that measure 16x20, 40 mm in its dimensions. These Longines watches have been build in order to cater the slender wrists. There are options for larger dimensions as well which are made available in 19, 80x24, 50 millimetres. These Longines womens watches are bold and hold a more noticeable presence.

One of the glamourous references by the brand is its 502.5.19.7. This particular Longines watch has been embellished with 32 exquisite diamonds on its case, hence it is perfect for the ladies who want some subtle jewellery on their wrists. If you are looking for a smaller version, you can also opt for the Ref. L5., as it is beautified with a case made of diamonds. Taking it to the next level is its timepiece – L5. which has been garnished with a total of 212 diamonds.

Classic yet elegant, these attributes can be found in Longines Dolce Vita 18-carat yellow gold watch collection. One of its highly favoured references is its L5. This peculiar timepiece has been adorned with a gold bracelet and to top it up, the case of its dial holds 32 diamonds on its sides which magnifies the beauty of this women diamond watch. It also consists of a small seconds subdial which has been displayed on its 6 o clock marker which additionally promotes its white dial face.

There are multiple variants that can be chosen from the Longines Dolce Vita collection. Some of them are placed on a golden bracelet while the others can be found on a wide leather strap. Overall, these Longines ladies watches are made to perfection and are blended with qualities to fit everybody's taste. Not to mention, it is a must luxury watch if you are looking for a women watch which is classic yet has an eye-catching look.

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