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Longines over the years has been a reputable watch brand with their great history. The company which was founded in 1832, continues to delight watch enthusiasts around the world. The spirit of the company is reflected in the current Longines mini watch collections. The Longines watch brand does not just make great mens dress watches, the watches are modern classics with an excellent sporty touch. The Longines watches are classic timepieces with a timeless look.

When you take a long look, find out that small is beautiful indeed and Longines revel in this true beauty. The watch comes in different colors: black, red, etc. to suit your needs.

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New Longines Longines Mini Watches

History of Longines Mini Watches

There are quite several Longines mens dress watches every fashionable man wants to own, and one of them is the Longines Mini watch.

In 1867, the Longines factory marked the first year the Swiss watchmaker produced its own first in house watch movement –the 20A. This 20A was built with an anchor escapement (this was more commonly used in some pendulum clocks) and was wound and placed through a pendant crown. The innovative movement was honored with an award in the year 1867, at the universal exhibition in Paris.

Its winged hourglass logo has been registered since 1889 and remains the oldest unmodified and registered trademark it is still active from that time till date.

Longines has always been a trailblazer time and again, they have “wowed” us with amazing and wonderful products. In this collection of wonderful watches, the company has shown us yet again that bigger is not always better, as shown by the Longines mini-watch.

While the Swiss watchmaker has been dishing out amazing functionalities through their watches since inception, they have managed to continue producing graceful watches that are elegant. This has made us all believe in the brand and trust that there is still plenty where all we know come from –and with the mini collection, Longines has not failed us.

With a diameter of only 16 mm, the Longines Mini is the smallest watch from the Swiss manufacturer in its current set of collections. Taking a closer look will reveal to you how delicate the beauty of these Longines watches is, this is the tradition of the Longines brand; to produce a simple yet elegant watch. Some of the models in the collection are smaller than the caps you would find on the top of fountain pens. So, it is a MINI watch to the core.

There are quite several options within the Longines Mini collection, and all of them are all made of steel, there are about 42 diamonds sets right on the bezel. These Longines mini watches is a collection that comes with four strap or bracelets options.

So far, you may be thinking there is nothing spectacular about the collections yet, but that's simply because the Longines brand is particular about paying attention even to the tiniest of details. And if you're such a person who also pays careful attention to details, you would have got the message, and you may already have been lusting after how irresistible the mini collection is.

The bright colors of the bracelets or straps, which range from red to soft lavender, modern beige and elegant black, are essential to the charm of the watches in the mini collection. Those color terms are what Longines officially call “these colors” and the colors remind or bring to our minds the ideas of lipsticks loved by women.

It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, it is generally accepted that these colors contrast well with the blue steel mother-of-pearl dial with the hours and minutes hands. These various color variants available makes it easier to wear the watch with any cloth in your wardrobe to suit your mood, which is important unless of course you always go out in black clothes.

On a technical point of view, the Longines Mini is powered by a strong quartz movement, the caliber L298.2. This is what gives the Longines brand the ability to produce such a dainty sized product, yet powerful. Even though it is small in size, the dial, and the baton hand both allow you to easily see what the time is and the case, doesn’t betray at all. It maintains a high degree of strength and is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

The clock comes in 16 mm Dimensions and the functions are both Hours, minutes. The Movement of the Longines mini is powered by the Quartz caliber L298.2 and the material used is steel, with an amazing 42 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds (0.1 carats). Are you engaged in any water activities? The water resistance capacity of up to 30 meters allows you considerable freedom, and there are several Leather Strap options of four colors with buckle.

The Longines Mini watch proves that less is the new more. The Swiss watchmaker has realized that watches need to be elegant, and full of grace –hence the Longines Mini watches. These timepieces at just a diameter of 16mm are one of the smallest Swiss made watches and also about the smallest from the renowned watchmakers’ current range.

The specifications of 2 signature models of the Longines mini watches are highlighted below.

The Longines mini watch L2.303.0.87.2

This version of the Longines mini watch comes with a Glass Sapphire, and the Back is closed. The shape is round and at a Diameter of 16.00 mm, it is really small. The color of the dial is ‘Mother of pearl’, Indexed Diamond and the movement is powered by the Longines version of ETA E01.001.

The Longines mini watch L2.303.0.87.3

This is the Mini Red version and one of the most amazing Swiss made watches. It is in a Stainless steel material with a Glass Sapphire. The back is closed, and also has a round shape. The round diameter of 16.00 mm. W/R 30.00 m and a mother of pearl colored dial. The Movement is powered by the Longines version of ETA E01.001. These Swiss made watches are quartz type watches with a Caliber L298 an analog display and a Diameter of 11.00 mm.

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