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Most of us love good mens dress watches, those of us who understand quality and class know that Longines watches are an epitome of all class and quality should be. Going through its history, one would understand why the quality of Longines watches is of the highest standard. The brand has risen from humble beginnings and carefully produced accurate timepieces, paying attention to details and not leaving any stone unturned.

There are watches, and there are watches, men who admire and understand quality and class knows the Longines Equestrian watches are light years ahead of other watches in a similar category. Crafted with precision and a consciousness of the Longines tradition of quality, the Equestrian collection is out of this world.

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New Longines Equestrian Watches

History of Longines Equestrian Watches

If you love to wear clean and minimalist yet functional Swiss made watches, then the Longines Equestrian watch is just what you need. The watch is for men who are particular about what they wear including how matured their wrist is –if this is you, then this watch it is for you.

For more than a century, the history of Longines watches has gone together with that of equestrian sports. It, therefore, became a logical thing that the winged hourglass logo brand dedicated a collection of their Swiss made watches to this long-standing passion. Each model of the Equestrian collection is a showcase of the incomparable elegance of the brand, inspired by the most symbolic elements of the equestrian sport, as the equestrian world’s sublime echo.

Expressed in the passion of Arches and stirrups as well as the love and admiration that Longines has for its feminine clientele, the Swiss watchmaker ensures the shapes and materials of this bold new line are all inspired by emblematic elements: arches on a racetrack evoking some horseshoes, stirrups that provide the necessary support for the high jump course, as well as some fine leather saddles.

These Swiss made watches are adorned with steel cases and are available in different sizes, they all come in diamond-studded versions. Though the version with mother-of-pearl dials are graced with diamonds, the silver dial sunburst version displays blue Arabic numerals.

A model having a mother-of-pearl dial in the shape of a stirrup is also available in a special version adorned with diamonds on two rows for even more sparkle. For a more perfect finishing touch, each of the Equestrian Longines watch in the collection has a leather strap with decorative stitching.

Jockey and the original chronograph

In 1878, due to the new mechanical processes, the Swiss made watch brand developed her flagship chronograph movement. The timepiece was able to measure time per second. With this technology, Longines gained a prominent place in the world of American racetracks around the end of the 19th century. This was the first major step taken in what would be a long history of the brands’ collaboration with prestigious institutions as well as timing partners for major racing and jumping competitions all over the world.

The Longines Jockey 1878 equestrian pocket watch is a replica of the Lépine model, equipped with the brands' first chronograph movement kept at the Longines museum. The model shows a mount and its jockey and is engraved behind the case. It symbolizes the elegance, the tradition, performance, and core value that the brand is famous and popular for.

Made in an exclusive series of about 20 numbered models only, a rose gold pocket watch is designed in case of about 55mm in diameter and adorned with a white dial and large Roman numerals as well as a minute track but in Arabic numerals. The beautifully crafted bluish steel hands with bows modeled after the original watch, perfectly complement this iconic piece.

Bridle buckle

These steel watches were made to celebrate the elegance of jockeys on their mount. These steel mens dress watches were made to reproduce the rectangular buckle lines that are found on the bridle of the only horse breed by the Swiss –the Franches-Montagnes. The brands' passion for anything equestrian is further expressed given the Franches-Montagnes is a horse native to the Swiss historical Jura area, an area where the Longines brand earned her reputation as an elite watchmaker and also the birthplace of the brand.

This is also dedicated to female horse enthusiasts and equestrians. The time recorded by these Longines watches seems to tally with the pace of the horse trotting. The two polished silver checkerboard and black-lacquered pattern dials are adorned with diamond markers, while the "Flinqué" silver dial is beautified with blue Roman numerals. Then in the spirit of elegance, a diamond ribbon was used to enhance the harmonious curves of some of the cases of some models in the collection. In addition to that, the steel bracelets or the leather strap clothe the watch and perfectly matches the outfit of female jockeys.

Trio of horses

There is also the Trio of horses’ models available but in a limited edition of 20 numbered models and perfect mens dress watches. The  Longines equestrian pocket trio Horses 1911 watches is inspired by a 1911 metal pocket watch at the Longines Museum. An 18-carat red gold, the trio of horses is engraved on the back of the case. And against the background of the delicately wrought foliage are the heads of these proud steeds.

At about 48.20mm in diameter, the model features a white dial adorned with a large black Arabic numeral painting and a minute circle. The elegant blued steel hands, the dial which displays hours, minutes and seconds at 6’o clock adds an extra feel of class to this masterpiece. The finely crafted sides to reflect the origin from where this updated version was inspired, the Lépine pocket watch. This is a great choice for men in need of classy mens dress watches.

Equestrian L6.

The caliber provides a Quartz movement, and rated L176. The case is made of steel and has a diameter of 36mm. it is water-resistant with water resistance 3 ATM. The bezel material is made of Steel, and these elegant mens dress watches come in a Sapphire Glass and have a Silver dial.

Equestrian l6.

The glass of these beautiful mens dress watches is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and it has several layers of underside anti-reflective coating.

The dimension of the watch is 24.70 by 36.00mm and these Longines watches are 3 bar water-resistant. It’s got blue steel hands and painted roman numerals with a silver “flinque”. The watch is of the caliber L176 and powered by a quartz movement.

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