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One of the world's top watch manufacturer – Longines – since its inception in the year 1832, has remained and maintained its popularity. The Longines has become a top choice for many watch enthusiasts, including the athletes, due to its versatile functionality as well as its stylish attributes. From the beginning, the sole purpose of the brand has remained constant – it has always aimed its attention at manufacturing high quality and precise timepieces.

Amongst Longines top collections, lies the Longines Heritage. This particular line honours the forefathers and the pioneering spirit of Longines. The series can be distinguished by its various reinterpretations of iconic watches.

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New Longines Longines Heritage Watches


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History of Longines Heritage Watches

Longines – what comes to your mind as soon as you hear this name? Of course, its noteworthy watches. One cannot simply deny the fact of not hearing this Longines brand name.

Established in the year 1832 by Auguste Agassiz, this well-known watch company, since its foundation, has gained an enormous amount of popularity. The founder, along with his friends and family initiated this Longines company with an aim to achieve superior quality timepieces.

The Longines brand was set in motion when it launched its brilliant pocket watch, which surprisingly had a crown wound instead of a key wound – something which was brand new for that era. With this innovation, the company set on its journey and since then, with its innovative Longines watches, it has maintained its reputation. The name of the brand brings about a feeling of freshness and drives energy as soon as one hears about it. The reason behind this being, the company was constructed near a river area which was named as "Les Longines," which in their local dialect meant "the long meadows". Hence, Longines with its vibrant energy successfully offers a vibrant range of collection. Not to mention, the Longines brand is regarded as one of the oldest registered companies. The distinct logo of Longines which displays the winged hourglass was first registered in the year 1889 and has remained unchanged since then.

Longines has manufactured its watches in numerous style and designs. All the Longines watches are built to perfection and meet the needs of each of their clients.

Amongst its popular picks lies a collection which is most sought-after – the Longines Heritage. This notable assortment pays tribute to the legacy of Longines. The distinct characteristic of this watch is – along with its historic design, it is blended with modern technologies, which as a result, nourishes it with a wonderful effect. The Longines Heritage series reflects the success which is gained by the Longines watches and it offers a refined and classic creation which upholds its historic achievements. Hence, this particular collection immortalises the milestones which have been accomplished by the company.

Longines is pretty renowned for its diverse range of collection. It offers timepieces that are not only prettified but they are considered to be a reliable source in unfavourable environments. Similarly, the Longines Heritage line by the brand consists of innumerable options.
Let us now take a look at some of Longines Heritage watch models -

Longines Heritage 1945
This Longines Heritage 1945 line is regarded as one of the clean, elegant and timeless pieces of the brand. It has got this clean design which on one look can grab anybody's attention. The Longines Heritage watch has been presented in a case size of 40 mm with a stainless steel round case and sapphire crystal. The Longines Heritage watch holds the quality of being water resistant up to 30 meters and is considered to be a classic dress watch. To enhance its display, this Longines Heritage timepiece has a brushed copper dial and displays 6 Arabic numerals and 6 cabochons – perfect balance which magnifies its style.

Longines Heritage Diver
Dive watches have always been popular. But Longines is that one brand to add a vintage look to its diver watch collection. Hence, with every new release, the brand successfully surprises its clients. The Longines Heritage Diver is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a retro option. This Longines diver watch consists of two subdials, unlike its previous family members which were equipped with three. Along with the two sub dials it consists of a date window which is displayed on its 6 o clock marker. The shape of the dial is unique, but not only that, its design is quite distinct as well. The case size measures 43 mm and with its cushion shape it sits perfectly on the wrist. This outstanding watch by Longines is water resistant up to 300 meters and is placed on a rubber strap to attain the utmost comfort.

Longines Avigation BigEye
This is one of the family members of Longines Heritage Chronographs but is also made available in automatic movement. The Longines chronograph Ref. L2.816.4.53.2 is regarded as one of the vintage military-styled timepieces manufactured by the brand. The case size of this Longines Heritage watch measures 41 mm in diameter and has the simplest display. It looks quite subtle but its allure is enough to catch anyone's attention. The lugs of this Longines Heritage watch are the highlights of the watch, they are bold and pretty thick – ensuring a sporty look to it. Considering this is an automatic chronograph, the thickness of Longines Heritage BigEye is roughly 14.3 mm, including its domed sapphire. The case back of this Longines Avigation BigEye timepiece displays the silhouette of a plane and its particulars are engraved across its circumference, thereby adding a classic touch to it.

With a wide range of options to chose from in the Longines Heritage collection, one can simply opt for the timepiece which would suit their style and personality. Hence, add this unique Longines watch to your collection and enhance your looks at all occasions.

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