Longines Railroad Watches

The Swiss luxury watch maker, Longines, is a renowned name in the world of horology. Bringing all together a very different perspective and technicalities to the arena of watch manufacturing, the Longines is one of the most innovative brands. And this is clearly evident from Longines Railroad watches.

Surprisingly, Longines even has a fascination for the world of railroad transportation. These Longines watches were created by the inspiration from 19th century's railway pocket watches. While these railroad watches were a part of Longines productions in the year 1960s. In the year 2016, the revamped versions of these Longines Railroad watches were launched, ultimately leading to the enhancement of the brand's catalogue.

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New Longines Railroad Watches

History of Longines Railroad Watches

The leader in the watch manufacturing, Longines holds a rich and long history of 187 years. In fact, it is the oldest registered brand that has been flourishing well even today. The unparalleled creations, unique designs, extraordinary sophistication are all the reasons behind the success of this brand. Today the brand name, Longines is highly appreciated and well recognized by the watch connoisseurs all across the world.

Undoubtedly, the Longines occupies a top-notch position in the world of horology. While the success that came to Longines was not a day's effort. Instead, ever since its inception, the Longines has been thriving for innovation. It has been very persistent in gaining expertise and mastery in the watch manufacturing. And well when talked about expertise, the Longines Railroad watches certainly have to take all credits to their names.

Once used as a tool by the railway authorities, the railroad watches have played a significant role in the railway systems. They were employed in keeping the trains running on time while ensuring safety. In order to work as per the strict guidelines and precisions, these Longines watches were made according to the standards provided by the railway personnel. In fact, these Longines railroad watches were so prominent that dedicated professionals were hired by the companies to operate them.

Well quite surprising to know that, these railroad timepieces were basically the pocket watches. Few of the best-known pocket watches come from the American domestic railway companies such as Ball, Elgin and Hamilton from the mid 19th century. Further, succeeding years saw the development of railroad watches as well. In the year 1960s, Longines too ventured in the same market. It started creating the wristwatches for the railway operations. It the 1960's only it started supplying its R.R 280 chronometer to railway companies spread all across the world. The countries that resorted to using Longines Railroad watches were the China, United States, Canada, Italy, Romania and Persia.

This older versions of Longines Railroad watches featured a slim 35 mm case size and were produced in very lesser numbers. The movement that powered these Longines watches was the Calibre 280. Owing to their popularity during those days Longines kept on improvising its Railroad collection.

Whereas, a major breakthrough occurred when the Longines added a re-incarnated version of Railroad watch to its collection in the year 2016. Driving the inspiration from 1960's prototypes the current Longines RailRoad watch (ref. L2.803.4.23.0/3) keeps the true spirit of railroad timekeeping intact. The design elements of current versions such as ivory dial, oversized Arabic numerals for the hours, and the inner 24-hour track all resemble the original Longines Railroad watches. However, now these watches are produced on the mass scale and are available at very nominal prices. Featuring Lance-shaped hands, 40 mm big dial and oversized numerals with light background make the dial very legible and clear.

Apart from this, the second's hand has received a bit of revival. It has been gently curved to eliminate the risk of parallax error. And a simple case design with elegant stainless-steel material based has been used. Moreover, the number 888 imprinted above 6’oclock position refers to the movement ticking inside the 40mm watch. This Longines calibre L888.2 is believed to be an ETA based movement. It's an enhanced version of the robust ETA 2892, created only for Longines and other brands present in the Swatch Group. One of the main highlights of improvements introduced in these watches is the extension of power reserve hours. Previously, it was 48 hours but now it has been increased to 64 hours. Though when instantly looked the watch gives an appeal of a dress watch, but in reality, it is highly functional and robust. Even its larger case size than the previous 35 mm version lends it a look of being very utilitarian. The case of current timepieces has received a brushed finishing with the bezel being mirror polished. Furthermore, the dome-shaped sapphire crystal, resembling the mineral crystal of the original models, posses the property of being scratch resistant. Even the back of the case of these Longines watches is compelling to watch. Embossed with a speeding locomotive over the Longines logo truly arises the very spirit of railways.

Great size, handsome dial, reliable and precise movement are all the highlights of these Longines watches. And if you are really an admirer of mighty networks and functions of railways then this watch has been exclusively made for you. Well if you go on checking the price list of these Longines watches you will be surely left awe-struck. Because these railroad approved watches are available at very low price ranges. Thus without compromising for anything you can purchase robust and elegant watches. Then why wait for more, hurry up and don these appealing timepieces to your wrists. Surely, people would turn around their heads to catch your look.

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