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As a Swiss Brand, Longines Watchmaking Company has astounded many with its amazing creativity which can only be found with less. The luxury watches manufacturer was established by Auguste Agassiz in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in the year 1832. Through its long and distinguished traditions, Longines has strengthened its global reputation with modern timepieces like the Longines Lyre which has intrinsic quality and styling.

Longines Longines Lyre watches feature a characteristic 9-link bracelet made of polished stainless steel or a combination of gold with the steel. As one of the two-tone models, for instance, Longines Lyre L43592127 has an elegant round case which features a combination of robust stainless steel and lustrous yellow PVD coating.

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History of Longines Longines Lyre

Longines Watchmaking Company was established in 1832 in Saint-Imier. By the early 1900s, the Luxury watches manufacturer was already well-known in the market following its devotion and stunning creativeness.

By 1910s, wristwatches had become the new trend in the market due to their ease of usage, particularly for the combatants and aviators. In the year 1913, Longines created a small movement which will fit in the case of a wristwatch impeccably. By the mid-20th Century, the Swiss watchmaker had several stunning achievements, including the 13ZN wristwatch which had a semi-instantaneous 30-minute counter.

Following the devastating quartz crisis of the early 1970s, most of the traditional watchmakers were affected and the less strong ones were even shut down. Unlike other manufacturers of Swiss watches who disapproved the new technology, Longines Company added it to its timepieces. Quartz movements were less expensive to design, thus, will assist the Saint-Imier brand in creating elegant and contemporary watches that every enthusiast will afford.

In the year 1982, Longines team developed the La Grande Classique collection which proved its immediate success with the new quartz technology. With the flexibility of an electronic quartz caliber, the new Longines watch lineup feature ultra-thin formation that gives all encompassed models a timeless beauty.

The Longines La Grande Classique has numerous watch various, all inspired by the fascination of timeless style and stunning elegance for any occasion. With a model like Reference L47552327, the classic-inspired champagne dial and the yellow PVD coated case is not only perfect for your business attire. But will also harmonize with your weekend’s casual wear impeccably.

Surprisingly, Longines La Grande Classique is for both men and women. Thus, you’ll have to keep a good stare at your model or else you find your partner has already sneaked out with it.

Another Longines’ watch collection which is unisex as well, is the Longines Lyre which presents you with the long tradition of elegance of the brand. While the exact day of release of the lineup is unclear, all the contained watches has a satiny casing and a professional clean dial.

To stand out from the rest of Swiss watches, Longines Longines Lyre has a distinguishable 9-link stainless steel bracelet. Depending on individual likings of every watch enthusiast, the steel bracelet is available with either the standard silver color or a two-tone combination. With the Longines Lyre L43592127, for instance, the yellow PVD coated case is attached with a silvered stainless steel and yellow PVD coating bracelet.

Another variation feature of the Longines Longines Lyre watch is that it’s either available with an electronic quartz movement or an automatic mechanical movement. With Reference L43592127, the brilliant 32mm case houses caliber L156 quartz movement which presents you with exquisite precision of hours and date.

For the fans of sophistication, a model like the Longines Lyre L48604126 runs with a caliber L888 self-winding movement which vibrates at 25200bph. Strong and contemporary, the 21-jewel movement can reserve power for up to 64 hours, whilst providing multiple functions of hours and date at 3 o’clock.

As a brand that truly cares for its consumer, Longines Watchmaking Company designed Longines Lyre collection with a mid-sized and small casing. With a watch variant like the L43602127, the casing has an amazing shine that every woman will cherish to have, whilst considering its 25mm girth. For this model, however, at the core it houses caliber L592 self-winding movement which has a higher precision of 28800vph. In case you prefer a distinctive feel on the wrist, a closer variation of the watch is available with a glossy leather strap.

As a premier collector with the desire to serve your styling and precision desires, The Watch Company has the various Longines Longines Lyre models. Check out the various selections below and give your wardrobe a distinguished timeless elegance.

If you feel your wrist needs a golden shine, as well as some advanced complication, The Longines Master Collection presents you with a combination of both. Longines introduced the prestigious lineup back in 2005 and ever since, the luxury brand has been reintroducing it to enhance its grandeur.

Distinct from the other brand’s line of watches, the Longines Master collection features only mechanical timepieces, all with advanced functionality. With the Reference L26738783, for example, the 40mm rose gold case houses a superior Caliber L678 self-winding movement which has a 48-hour power reserve. On its silver “barleycorn” dial, the prestigious wristwatch displays chronograph features, center hour, 24-hour indicator, and a complete calendar, including even a moon-phase function.

If you value elegance more than the functionality, The Longines Master Collector L27935797 has only hours and date function on the Silver “barleycorn” dial. The timepieces, natheless, has a lovely two-tone stainless steel and rose gold case with a sapphire glass caseback which shows the installed caliber L619/888.

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