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Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon S.A is a luxury watches manufacturer which is based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. The Swiss watchmaker was founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832, making it one of the oldest brands in the industry. In 1916, Longines began creating shaped movements, an incentive which enhanced its inventiveness in the creation of oval and rectangular wristwatches. As one of the watch lineup inspired by this breakthrough, the Longines Symphonette has a definitive elliptical case which combines elegance and modernity for excellence.

Aesthetically, the Longines Longines Symphonette largely has feminine styling with the brilliance of either steel or gold, alongside finely crafted bracelets for extra distinctiveness. With other models like the L23054570, the dial is added with brilliant diamonds to enhance the attractiveness.

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History of Longines Longines Symphonette Watches

The Story of the Longines Watchmaking Company began in the early 1830s when Auguste Agassiz created a pocket watch with crown-wheel escapement. By the start of the 20th Century, the Swiss watchmaker was already a well-known label on the market with its remarkable craftsmanship. In 1900, the brand even won the Grand Prix award with the Renommée pocket watch which housed a certified caliber 21.59 chronometer movement.

In the year 1913, Longines Company developed a caliber that will fit in its first wristwatch. However, the design of the movement was not really appeasing with its circular design, as it was similar to most of the Swiss watches. Through commitment and deep passion for innovation, Longines began developing shaped movements, which went on becoming a great turning point for its future timepieces.

With inspirations from the developed shaped movements, the Saint-Imier manufacturer created the Cleopara watch which takes its slave-like bracelet design from ancient Eastern styles. Upon its release, the wristwatch received a warm reception and even it received the 1975 Title of the Golden Rose of Baden-Baden.

Around the 1970-1980s, the introduction of the quartz movement really affected a lot of manufacturers of Swiss watches. While most of the brands disparaged the new technology, Longines Watchmaking Company invested in it instead. In fact, back in 1963, the luxury brand had even presented an electromechanical caliber L400 which used a 1.35 V mercury battery to operate.

Well, using the new quartz technology, Longines launched the Feuille d’Or watch which has an extremely thin caliber to ensure the 1.98mm thickness.

By the time Longines Watch Company was celebrating its 180th anniversary, the watchmaker had numerous watch designs, all stunning and charming. In livening its line of ladies watches, the renowned watchmaker introduced the Longines Symphonette collection whose design focuses on elegance and modernity.

Inspired by timeless class, the Longines Longines Symphonette watch features an elegant elliptical casing which tops your flair with the delicacy of Swiss watchmaking. The watch lineup has vast watch variants, all with feminine styling which is ready to accompany you with contemporary elegance wherever you go.

Although there’re a number of Swiss watches which has the “ovoid” design, the Longines Symphonette watch is uniquely designed for distinction. The watches’ designers apply the company’s long-established craftsmanship and create the watch with ingenuity and quality materials.

For the ladies who cherish the standard brilliance, several models of the Longines Longines Symphonette are available with stainless steel casing as with the Reference L23044830. The case is highly polished to enhance the luster and then added with a fine alligator skin strap for the finishing touch.

On, the other hand, the golden gold versions of the watch are available as well to ensure your desires for ultra-elegance are optimally served. In case you have a mix of the two likings- steel and gold, Longines Longines Symphonette has a spectacular design which can serve your desires satisfactorily.

The Reference L23065887, for instance, has a two-tone case which features a combination of robust stainless steel and lustrous rose gold. To enhance the attractiveness, the bezel of the watch has 56 sparkling diamonds and the white mother of pearl dial set with appliqued Arabic numerals. For the functionality, Longines Symphonette L23065887 houses a high-precision caliber L176 quartz movement which offers you with multiple functions, including center hour and small seconds. For maximum reliability, this movement has even the “End of Life” feature to alert you when your watch’s battery needs replacing.

As a label for the women and predominantly for a timeless class, Longines Longines Symphonette is not available with advanced complications at the moment. This, however, doesn’t mean the watch manufacturer doesn’t care for your desires of a sophisticated watch.

In 2009, Longines Company introduced the Longines PrimaLuna collection which encompasses both the lesser and advanced complications watches. The watch lineup joined the line of women timepieces as well, with all inspired by timeless class and contemporary styling.

As one of the models in the lineup, Reference L81105796 features a two-tone round case which is made of polished stainless steel and rose gold. For additional elegance, the case has 44 brilliantly-cut diamonds and the inner casing houses a silvered Flinqué dial with blue hands and a date window.

But, if you feel your wrist deserves some more intricate complications than a date function, the PrimaLuna L81164876 has even a moon phase display. To give you a complete feeling of a night sky, the silvery moon sits on a deep blue plate which also has glistening stars. And for additional brilliance, the mother of pearl dial has 11 Top Wesselton diamonds set as the hour markers.

To find out more about the Longines Longines Symphonette watches, check out the various variants below and give your wrist some decent elegance.

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