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Since the initial debut in 1832, Longines Watchmaking Company has been a true pillar of precision for a lot of watch enthusiasts around the globe. The Swiss watchmaker was established in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland by Auguste Agassiz. In the year 2003, Longines launched the Longines Evidenza watch collection, which won a lot of admirers in no time with the stylish barrel-shaped case. Currently, the prestigious lineup has five distinct series, each featuring its own styling and timeless elegance that blends even in the most sophisticated occasions.

For a classical business-like elegance, the Longines Longines Evidenza L21428732 has a brilliant Rose gold casing and brown alligator straps for additional luxury.

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History of Longines Longines Evidenza

Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon SA- simply Longines, is a Swiss watchmaking company which was founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland by watchmaker Auguste Agassiz. The luxury watches brand has become a favorite for many watch fans following its timepieces which are of high quality, ultra-modern, and uniquely designed.

By the end of the Second World War, Longines had recorded a number of achievements, including shaped rectangular and oval calibers for its watches. Considering its long-established background, the watch brand has a large collection of watches, each designed and set in an “atmosphere” it fits in. For the watches which are under the Watchmaking Tradition, their styling is inspired by the innovations Longines Watch Company has made over the years. If it’s the mechanical watches, for instance, the design is borrowed from the longstanding tradition of the brand, though in a charming and more appealing manner.

The Watchmaking Tradition is comprised of seven different watch collections, each with multiple watch series which presents you with the excellence of fine Swiss Watchmaking. The watches in this “atmosphere” are predominantly classics, although which are not just excellent with your business dressing, but with your weekend’s casual wear too.

One of the Longines’ watch collections under the Watchmaking Tradition is the Longines Evidenza which debuted back in 2003. To stand out from the rest of the Swiss watches, the watch lineup features a characteristic barrel-shaped casing, mostly referred to as the tonneau shape.

While coming up with the design of the Longines Evidenza, Longines went back to its history and borrowed it from a 1925 Tonneau wristwatch. The Swiss brand, nevertheless, had begun creating the tonneau-shaped watches around 1911, as some records show one which functioned with Caliber 13.67.

Since the initial debut of the first Longines Evidenza watch, the Saint-Imier watch manufacturer has been able to update the collection severally. As of now, the Longines Longines Evidenza collection has a number of watch variants, all uniquely-designed and most of them with several distinct versions.

With the Reference L26424514, for example, the wristwatch has four different variants, each with a date function, center hour, and a small seconds sub-dial. The dial of each of the four watches is either black or silvered and with lovely Flinqué patterns to enhance the attractiveness.

Another watch model from the prestigious Longines Longines Evidenza collection is Reference L21428732 which comes with an elegant rose gold tonneau-shaped case. The wristwatch has the characteristic Flinqué dial with appliqued Arabic numerals, blue hands, and a date function at the six o’clock. The Longines Evidenza L21428732 has much of a feminine setting and it runs with an automatic Caliber L592 which has a 40-hour power reserve.

Reference L21420706 is a closer variant to the Longines Evidenza L21428732 in functionality and also the silvered Flinqué dial styling. To distinguish the two though, Longines adorned the case of L21420706 with 44 Top Wesselton diamonds and also with a stainless steel bracelet.

For the enthusiasts of advanced complications, Longines Longines Evidenza also has a model with both the center hour and date function, alongside additional chronograph features. With the Reference L26434734, the prestigious watch operates using Caliber L650 self-winding movement which has a 42-hour power reserve and multiple precision functions. This includes center hour, date, and chronograph of up to 12 hours. For the exterior beauty, on the other hand, Longines designed the watch with a glossy stainless steel case and brown alligator skin straps with white stitches.

Apart from the Longines Evidenza, another Longines watch collection encompassed in the Watchmaking Tradition “atmosphere” is The Longines Master Collection. The company introduced the collection in 2005 with the aim to perpetuate its long-established watchmaking tradition for the mechanical movements. While you might find other collections combined with quartz and mechanical watches, the latter is the only engine you’ll find in The Longines Master Collection watches.

Recently, 2018, Longines SA updated the iconic Longines Master Collection with several watch models which are contemporary but traditionally styled. One of the releases was an Annual Calendar watch which is powered by Caliber L897.2 self-winding movement which has a 64-hour power reserve and performance frequency of 25200. As an annual calendar, the timepiece only requires one calendar reset at the end of every February. The rest of the months usually adjust automatically, whether it’s 30 or 31 days.

The Longines Master Collection Annual Calendar is offered in four distinct versions, with the Reference L29104776 glimmering distinctively. On the Silver “barleycorn” dial, the 40mm timepiece has brilliant diamonds set as the hour indicators and a chapter ring with Arabic calibrations for the minutes.

Well, as a brand for both men and women’s timeliness and timeless elegance, Longines is a true signature for your flair. Compared with most Swiss watches, the brand’s labels are truly affordable and, definitely, they are of high quality.

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