Longines Flagship Watches

Introduced in 1957, the Longines Flagship represented a fresh new vision for watches in the brave new post-war era. These unique timepieces were designed with equally distinctive names for the first time, solidifying the idea of a watch "family" among consumers and serving as the keystone for Longines' advertising. Of course, advertising strategies weren't the only exciting thing about this era.

Longines Flagship is seen as the most beautiful dress watch design ever created when it comes to classic 50s chic, expressing the quintessential fashion of such an unforgettable decade. In 2017, it was honoured with a lineup of 60th-anniversary re-creations. Longines believes in tradition, elegance and performance.

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New Longines Flagship Watches

History of Longines Flagship Watches

Longines is a watch company that has been a subsidiary of the swiss swatch group. The Longines flagship is representative of the new vision post the war era and the watches by this manufacturer have justified this vision in a defined and commendable aspect.

This revered watch company has always aimed to seamlessly inculcate tradition, performance and elegance in their timepieces. The elegance of every part of the Longines watches that they manufacture is tremendously praiseworthy. With extremely high quality, they believe in remaining consistent in the aspect of quality assurance and uninflated price - true and reasonable to the timepieces' specifications.

With experience across centuries, Longines has been involved with world championships and international sports as timekeeping partner. The winged hourglass logo of Longines is terrific in itself and so are all the Longines watches that they produce. Even the most minute details of a timepiece that no one would generally pay attention to, have been diligently crafted and designed with precision to ensure that the quality standards of Longines are consistently kept high.

Every Longines watch is crafted with looks that can finely define the inculcation of tradition, performance and elegance that Longines claims to have designed them with.

It is not just the appearance of Longines timepieces which is highly revered, but also the features and performance specifications. The Longines watches by this swiss giant will never fail to impress the wearer when it comes to performance and specifications; even those apart from the appearance.

Set up in the 19th century, Longines has been successfully serving the world with watches that diligently cater to the requisites of individuals from every era.

Longines has always taken into account the importance that innovation holds. The timepieces that they have been producing since two centuries are all evidence of the fact that Longines has had watches that met the needs and trend of every generation while successfully keeping alive the tradition in all their offerings.

This Swiss luxury watchmaker has never compromised with quality in the Longines watches that they have produced and continue to take that legacy ahead in a diligent and committed manner.

The history of Longines is embedded with innovations throughout. From the timepieces that were produced earlier till those that have been recently brought into the market, all have had one thing in common and that is innovation with respect to each time sphere when they were produced. Longines has been known to conduct numerous researchers to bring about innovation in their watches. Such researches gave them devices like the vibrograph that controlled the rate of watches. This was a titanic inculcation in watches and was debuted in the year 1946.

The company is into the production of both - quartz and mechanical timepieces and has successfully pioneered the innovation aspect in both these ramifications.

Also, the Longines watches are very reliable and therefore revered by all those who have ever tried them. These Longines watches never fail to impress the wearer and one of the major reasons is the quality that they bring in the market at uninflated and reasonable price ranges.

The Longines Flagship automatic is yet another timepiece that justifiably adds a feather in Longines ‘ cap of stature. This Longines automatic watch is embedded with an innate elegance and has a strong masculine appeal with the flawless and alluring design that it holds. This beauteous dress watch has a stainless steel case which is finished in silver. This is complemented by the black lacquered polished dial that is round in shape. The diamond variant of this collection is brilliantly studded with twelve diamonds that are placed to act as hour mark indexes on the dark, black dial. The combination is indeed awesome and extremely alluring to gaze at. This amazing dial also has the historically important logo of Longines over it, this further adds to the brilliance of this amazing timepiece. The logo of Longines is done in silver finishing that has been brought to life in a flawless manner. This Longines Flagship watch is studded with an enormous range of classic features- both in appearance and the specifications of purposes. It is water resistant to 30mm. The Longines Flagship watch is commendably done in a stainless steel bracelet which has a hidden folding clasp. The name of this watch comes from its automatic movement which is symbolic of all the basic features that a Longines watch has.

Longines is indeed one of the best brands when looking for luxury watches that are innovation oriented. All the Longines watches by are high in quality and have reasonable price ranges that make them a more appealing deal. The 186-year-old legacy of this brand is still taken care of in a diligent manner and the Longines Flagship watches are evidence of this fact.

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