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Longines La Grande Classique Watches

Founded in the year 1832, the Longines is the oldest registered watch brand located in the Swiss municipality of St. Imier. Ever since its inception, the Longines has been involved in the manufacturing of the number of incredible timepieces. Its catalogue is home to a wide array of exquisite watch collections.

While, one of its collection, the Longines La Grande Classique is really awe-inspiring. Exhibiting a sleek profile and distinctly creative design these Classique slim watches go well with all kind of your ensembles. Apart from providing the Longines watches for men the following assortment also provides a number of effeminate watch for women followers as well.

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New Longines La Grande Classique Watches

History of Longines Les Grandes Classiques Watches

A collection inspired by the 1920s Art Deco designs, the impressive Longines La Grande Classique collection is ageless, timeless, and a super vintage line with ultra-slim designs and fascinating aesthetics.

This Longines La Grande Classique watch found the perfect touch and balance between modern and classic. It is housed in a 33mm gold-plated case, featuring a striking white dial with indexes, with an unmistakable Roman numeral display, hour markers as well as black hands.

The Longines La Grande Classique personifies the brands' old aesthetic tradition, which has made the winged hourglass logo company known worldwide. The slim profile of this specially designed timepiece gives this collection a sort of timeless beauty.

This model, which retains all the features of the original creations, adorns the wrist of those who understand that mens dress watches should be reliable and beautiful. The La Grande Classique collection of Longines watches impresses with its particularly flat design which translates into a very fine and elegant profile. By retaining the design and features the original collection of watches it remembers, this collection proves to be a top-class vintage.

The first watch of this La Grande Classique hit series was launched in 1992. The origins of the watch dates as far back as the founder of the Swiss made watches; Auguste Agassiz, whose name the collection of the mens dress watches bears. The current series of mens dress watches are characterized by a classic aesthetic design, but this collection is not just about me, it can also be worn by women with sophisticated charm.

The La Grande Classique collection Swiss made watches shine both with confidence and style. As the name of the collection of the Longines watches implies, it represents refined elegance and grand classic aesthetics that are not mens dress watches alone but can also be flaunted by women as well.

The ladies' range of the La Grande Classique collection is all available on up to five different sizes, from 24 to 37 mm. With their creative and exceptional design, the La Grande collection is very versatile and was made with surprising attention to mixed details like the mix of stainless steel materials and gold as well as a classic dial surrounded by a luxurious diamond crown. Depending on your personal preference, these Longines watch models can be fitted with the traditional leather strap, stainless steel or an elegant gold bracelet that blends perfectly with the watch case.

The La Grande Classique collection of Longines watches pleases users with several variants. The Swiss made watches models are made in several varieties of not only materials but also in the functional elements of the dial. The Tonneau series watches, for instance, impresses with their avant-garde form, available in different sizes. Also, the Swiss made watches are available in an alligator leather strap or an elegant metal bracelet.

The La Grande Classique collection Longines watches are also characterized by its minimalist design that creates an extremely fine profile recalling the early days of the producer. However, the watch has a less retro feel and exudes more of a timeless beauty that is never outdated. The details of the dial are composed of Roman numerals, simple indexes or diamond indicators.

Thanks to the special treatment of materials used in the manufacturing process, Longines watches convince by their longevity and practicality. Therefore, the Longines La Grande Classique watches are reliable companions which are suitable for all situations and in all circumstances.

The absence of the four traditional lugs is a unique and characteristic feature of the La Grande Classique watches. In place of the lugs, they have two bridges instead –albeit small. There is one at 12 and the other at 6 o’clock point and they are attached to the case. There are some older models which feature standard lugs, however, the current La grand Classique timepieces are designed with the bridges.

The caliber 20A used in this mens dress watch was the first in-house watch movement made by Longines and was built in 1987, it was developed with an anchor escapement, a setting mechanism, and a pendant winding. There was also an award for this innovation in the Universal Exhibition World Fair in Paris.

Wearing the brand logo, a winged hourglass, bestows class on your wrist. This is a registered trademark which has been in existence since its registration in 1889. It has not been modified and is the longest existing trademarks.

The La grande Classique de Longines L47554716 and La grande Classique de Longines /36mm - L49084116 defines your class, find a few of their specifications below.


The dimension of the mens dress watch is 36.00 mm, and the Lug Distance is around 20 mm. These classy mens dress watches come in a Sapphire glass and stainless steel material, with a water resistance of about 30 meters (100 feet), you are safe with the watch.


These are mens dress watches, but may also be used by females. It has an automatic movement and is covered in a steel case. The water resistance capacity is about 30 meters (100 feet) and the glass sapphire will inspire you.

The museum of Longines

Want to see more La Grande classiques? There is a company Museum which is located in Saint-Imier. If you are visiting the Swiss city, then this is a great place to learn more about the various models of the brand. You can learn more about the company and their past and present in this place.


History of Longines La Grande Classique Watches

Established in the year 1832, the Longines is a Swiss luxury watch brand headquartered in the municipality of St. Imier in Switzerland. This traditional watchmaker has been standing high to its quality and state-of-art watch designs. Ever since its launch, the brand has released a number of revolutionary timepieces. Staying firm to its core values of watchmaking the brand has created many magnificent watch models.

Along with unique design features, every timepiece by Longines assuredly delivers you an uninterrupted performance. With every new invention, the brand aspires to raise its thresholds of standards. Adding new sophistication and extraordinary design elements to every new debut has been the trademark of Longines. And due to this only the brand has come to be known as well-recongined and a renowned one. Fortunately, to pay heed to the demands of every watch admirer the Longines houses number of iconic watch collection. One such popular watch collection from its menage is - the Longines La Grande Classique.

Debuted in the year 1992, the Longines La Grande Classique series incorporates the oldest traditions of brand's watchmaking aesthetics. The roots of this collection date long back to the founder of the company, Auguste Agassiz. Even the name devised for the collection has been inspired by him. The current Longines Classique collection consists of a number of notable timepieces for men as well as women. The slim and sleek profile of these watches lends them a very elegant look. While it is surprising to know that, though exhibit a modish style, but in reality, these watches embody a number of design features of the brand's old prototypes. Many of their aesthetics are reminiscent of the Longines vintage models.

Moreover, the presence of winged logo on its hourglass is evident to Longines Classique Watches remaining stuck to their very traditions. Even the flat case profile of these watches can be contributed to resemble the original Longines watches. Thus looking them will make you remind of the brand's vintage models. The Longines La Grande Classique Collection outshines for its unique design elements and stands out for its discreet elegance and classic aesthetics. Meanwhile, to satisfy the demands of its women followers, the Longines La Grande Classique Collection houses a wide array of timepieces for them as well. The Longines women's watches are available in five different sizes ranging from 24-millimetres to 37-millimetres.

Presenting all together a very creative design, the Longines ladies watch models are highly versatile. The mix and match of luxurious materials in their designs such as gold and stainless steel and a classic dial circumscribed with luxurious diamonds make the watch look very stunning. Also, to cater to the differing demands of women watch enthusiasts the Classique collection watches also provide a choice of selecting between the leather or alternating stainless steel and gold bracelet.
Well, in order take a plunge through the Longines La Grande Classique timepieces variants, let’s read further:

The Longines La Grande Classique Collection Variants
The La Grande Classique de Longines collection surprises the masses with several amazing timepieces. Whatever you desire for, whether it variation in size, selection for materials, preferred functionalities, the Longines Classique Collection offers you a choice for all. Likewise, it's Tonneau series, appeals with the unique shape being presented in different sizes. Preferably, the watches also offer a choice of selecting from an alligator leather strap or a sleek metal bracelet. Moreover, the La Grande Classique de Longines collection is identified by minimalistic design features and sleek watch profiles. The sober and unblemished design of its dial makes these Longines watches very clear and legible.

Although, being evocative to vintage design prototypes but when adorned these Longines watches look very elegant and chic. The fine details comprising of Roman numerals, smooth line indices, and enchanting diamond hour markers make the watch really look like a luxurious piece of jewellery. Leaving apart its design aesthetics, the Longines Classique watches also convince well with their reliability and practicality. Whereas, one of the most celebrated model from this collection the Longines La Grande Classique automatic L4.755.4.71.2 has been highly favoured by the great personalities and fashion followers.

This Longines classic watch with stainless steel case and diamond-studded bezel looks very pretty. The seamless beauty exuded by this Longines ladies watch is timeless. Even the great celebrity and personality like Kate Winslet, the Oscar-winning actress, could not resist herself from flaunting this luxurious timepiece.

Thereby the elegance offered by the Longines watches is far more than one can imagine. Even the technicalities encased by them make them your reliable companions to be used under any kind of condition.

So, explore the pieces of luxury from Longines catalogue. The choices and varieties with an extraordinary design that the Longines watches offer are incomparable and hard to find in the other luxury watches.

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