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The oldest registered watch brand, Longines has been associated with the manufacturing of many sportive and elegant timepieces. Thus staying intact to its historical roots of creating innovative sportive timepieces, in the year 1954 company launched the watch collection under the head of Longines Conquest.

The Conquest collection was the brand's first ever assortment of high-end watches. Moreover, the current Conquest collection comprises of a number of highly elegant sporty dress watches. The Longines Conquest watches skillfully incorporate all core elements of the watchmaking in their designs, including durability, versatility and of course the spirit of adventure.

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New Longines Longines Conquest Watches

History of Longines Conquest Watches

The Swiss watch brand, Longines, ever since its inception has been renowned for creating beautiful and sportive timepieces. Established in the year 1832 by businessman cum banker, Auguste Agassiz, the Longines brand has achieved worldwide recognition for its exquisite timepieces. Earlier, the watch company was referred by the name, " Long Meadows", linking itself to the place where it started its first manufactory.

The Brand, Longines is glorified by a great and rich history. Creating highly robust yet elegant sports watches, Longines has garnered the attention fo many watch lovers from all across the world. It is the official timekeeper of the French Open. Meanwhile, it can also found adorned on the wrists of many celebrities and famous personalities including Tennis legend Andre Agassi and actors Kate Winslet and Simon Baker.

However, the Longines watch menage consists of the number of exquisite watch models but the most favourite of them all is the Longines Conquest.

Rolled out in the year 1954, the Longines Conquest collection has a long and fascinating history. Ever since the collection was launched, the brand has released a number of timepieces under its hood. Though a number of improvements were added and designs were introduced but since the debut what has remained common in these watches is the elegance. The elegance that these Longines Conquest watches exude is very unique in its own essence. May it be design or functionality these watches stand high for both. Presently, under its hood, the Conquest collection comprises of three different lines of watches including the Longines Conquest Classic, the Longines Conquest, and the Longines Conquest Heritage. Undoubtedly, all of these models possess a unique elegance in their design aesthetics and are distinguished by their conventional mechanical movement.

The Longines Conquest Collection
Over time, the Longines Conquest watches have undergone many changes. Under the collection, much modern sophistication suitable for athletics have been added to the timepieces. Moreover, the Longines watches from Conquest collection offer an exceptional performance blended with ingenious design and durability. Owing to their uninterrupted performance these watches are suitable to be used on an everyday basis. Furthermore, the Longines Conquest watches have been exclusively manufactured for those watch admirers who expect for sportiveness and elegance both through the single timepiece. Thus the following collection is available in different face versions including, Longines conquest GMT, Longines conquest the chronograph, Longines women’s watches, and Longines men's watches. The main highlight of all of these Longines watches is the ceramic bezel, acknowledged for being highly resistant to the scratches.

The LonginesConquest Classic Collection
The Longines Conquest Classic watches comprises of many traditional yet elegant design aesthetics. These watches are equipped with a high-class mechanical movement, thus making them a bit costlier. To suit the choices of different watch admirers the watches from Longines Classic collection are available in three distinct sizes. For tender arms, you can opt for the thinner and smaller 29.5-mm model. Apart from this, you can also get the variations in the type of watch faces - being available with silver-plated or blackened dials. Moreover, the Classic line of watches is also presented in the 40 mm case size, which are alternatively also available with the mother of pearl dial with the diamond set indices. And if you want to opt for something more luxurious then you also have a choice of selecting the model with diamond-studded bezel, which is truly a piece of jewellery.

Furthermore, the Longines chronograph models from Classic Conquest collection are available in 41mm case sizes. These Longines Chronographs are further available in three different versions. One of these three models features a sleek profile with sporty stainless steel composition. However, the Longines watch is also available in elegant rose gold, or a combination of stainless steel and rose gold materials. While if we go on taking notice of technicalities of these watches, then the Conquest Classic Chronographs are equipped with an ETA movement and a distinctive Longines column-wheel mechanism.

Whereas on the eve of its 60th-anniversary celebration of Longines Conquest watches, in the year 2014, the brand added a new edition to the series that was similar to the 1950s prototypes. This Longines watch is available in stainless steel, gold, or rose gold variants. And additionally, it is adorned with a silver finished sunburst dial. For the dial, there is another gold plated version available. All of the anniversary models are bejewelled with the letter representing the brand and flaunt a special inscription on the midget 35-millimetre case back. At the core, these watches are powered by Longines automatic movement. Although, the models made of yellow gold are only limited to 60 pieces while the stainless steel models have 600 pieces in circulation.

So, when are you buying your Longines Conquest watches? Jazz up and add these stunning automatic watches to your watch collection. Their various model's enchanting designs, and of course the incredible spirit of adventure is surely going to set you apart from the crowd.

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