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With Ceaseless commitment and innovativeness, Longines Company has been a strong pillar of precision and elegance for many watch enthusiasts. The luxury watches manufacturer has been in the watchmaking industry, since the initial establishment in 1832 through the efforts of watchmaker Auguste Agassiz. As a maker of Swiss watches, Longines designs its timepieces with a stout focus on the tradition, elegance and performance, hence their remarkable reputation. In the year 2009, the iconic watchmaker introduced The Longines PrimaLuna collection which features women watches entirely.

For the ladies who cherish sophisticated elegance, Longines Longines PrimaLuna features watches with complications. With the Reference L81154716, for instance, the ladies watch has a date and even moon-phase function.

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New Longines Longines PrimaLuna Watches

History of Longines Longines PrimaLuna

Essentially, Longines Watchmaking Company is noted as one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers in history. The luxury watches manufacturer was founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, where it began creating and selling pocket watches.

By the 1910s, when wristwatches were on the rise, Longines was a well-recognized brand through its excellent creations like the Renommée pocket watch from 1900. In 1913, the Swiss watchmaker designed a movement that could fit in a wristwatch, thus, started their production.

By 1960, Longines Company had set numerous precision records with mechanical movements, including that of caliber 360 which oscillates at a frequency of 36000bph. The intentions for the movement, nevertheless, was specifically for the observatory competitions. After the introduction of the electronic quartz movement into watchmaking, many traditional factories were greatly affected. A Mechanical movement is what defines Swiss watches with the sophisticated mechanics which harnesses the power, then stores and use it to complete its functions.

By the time it was celebrating its 170th anniversary, Longines realized it had been focusing much on the men’s watches and forgotten of the women collections. In trying to bring about harmony and balance, the Swiss brand introduced the Longines PrimaLuna which combines its long-lived artistry with contemporary styling. The watch was launched in 2009 and it features a simple steel casing or gold for those who cherish additional glittering.

Additionally, Longines Longines PrimaLuna is also like a women’s watch collection which features complicated timepieces. The encompassed timepieces present their wearers with the true delicacy of Swiss watches, though with an electronic quartz movement at the core.

For the ladies who cherish modest-but-sophisticated complications, Longines Longines PrimaLuna L81154716 has a 30mm stainless steel casing with a sturdy antireflective sapphire crystal. On the silvered dial, this watch has a silvered dial with Roman numerals and blue sword-shaped hands at the center. Designed for the lovers of advanced complications, Reference L81154716 has a date function, alongside a silvery moon and twinkling stars that glisten before disappearing.

Since women are known to be great fans of sparkling elegances, a similar version of the moon watch is available with 11 diamond indexes. The precious gems are set on the mother of pearl dial, which of course has its unique splendor. Since we all have individual likings and desires, Longines Longines PrimaLuna watches are also available with gold casing. Its golden gold elegance is offered through a two-tone formation, with it featuring a combination of sturdy steel and the precious metal.

With a model like Reference L81105896, the golden brilliance is further adorned with additional gems on its double bezel, as well as the graceful dial. Thereby, giving you a magical splendor which is comprised of contemporary and sophisticated styling, although with a date function only. To ensure optimum reliability, the caliber L250 quartz movement with the PrimaLuna L81105896 is not just exquisitely precise. But with the “End of Life” special feature to alert you when your battery needs replacing.

Luckily, these watches are available at The Watch Company, all authentic, high-quality, and reasonably priced to guarantee affordability.

Apart from the ultra-modern Longines PrimaLuna, another Longines watch collection which the prestigious watchmaker has designated for the women is the understated Longines DolceVita.

Longines Watchmaking Company introduced the stylish Longines DolceVita to its line of Women Swiss watches in the year 1997. The precious watch lineup takes its inspiration from the “Dolce Vita” which is the Italian homage to the sweetness of life. Longines Longines DolceVita watch models feature the modern-day elegance which brings a touch of class to every feminine wrist wearing it.

For distinction from the rest of watches from the brand, all Longines DolceVita watches has a characteristic Rectangular casing made of steel or elegant gold. To distinguish the collection from the rest of squared women Swiss watches, Longines designers designed the dial of the encompassed models with no seconds hand at the center. Most of the watches have a sub-dial for small seconds but some like the References L52580876 and L52580715 neither support the feature or a second hand.

As a women’s watch collection, Longines DolceVita features timepieces with charming and vivid styling, including diamond-set casing and colorful alligator straps. With the Reference L55120715, for example, the rectangular stainless steel case shines with 46 round Top Wesselton diamonds on the bezel. While the lugs are attached with brilliant Red alligator skin straps to enhance the coziness.

In case a touch of steel is your favorite, a similar model of the watch is available with a stainless steel bracelet which has a triple safety folding clasp. With a model like the Longines DolceVita L55120576, though, both the outer and the indexes on the ebony dial are diamonds. Hence, presents you with a sparkling brilliance entirely.

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