Longines Présence Watches

Very few mens dress watches bestow as much confidence on the wrist of its wearers like the Longines watches does. Swiss made watches are known to be of the highest quality, and Longines have placed themselves at the apex of the ladder through the years. The Longines Presence is one wristwatch the Longines brand intends to use to make a statement, both to competitors and also to their loyal customers and lovers of Swiss made watches.

You get from Longines, luxury watches, yet being affordable with the same quality –and even more, the Longines brand has been touted to be the “affordable brand of Luxury watch lovers”.

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New Longines Présence Watches

History of Longines Présence Watches

The company which began in 1832 was founded by Auguste Agassiz, the Swiss watchmaker. Since 1867, in the Longines factory, the Swiss watch maker has been using its own in house watch movement –the 20A. This 20A was built with an anchor escapement (this was more commonly used in some pendulum clocks) and was wound and placed through a pendant crown and was even improved upon in this Longines Presence collection. The innovative movement was honored with an award in the year 1867, at the universal exhibition in Paris.

One of the numerous collections is the Longines Presence. The presence collection has remained a true proof of the classic and elegant character of the maker of the Longines watches. The Swiss watch maker made these mens dress watches to delight men, as well as women because the watch is unisex. The watch is adorned with nicely looking roman numerals and has its dial pair elegantly looking and legible as well. The collection further reinstates the commitment of the brand to quality and class.

The Longines Presence watch is an ultimate collection and is a show of true dedication to timelessness –Longines desire to produce mens dress watches that don’t go out of fashion. They are all simple, yet classic.

Longines brings its tradition of making classic vintage watches, combining modern cutting edge technology with inspiration from their several classic products. The Longines presence watches are beautiful mens dress watches meant to grace the wrists of anyone having them on. This collection of watches were made as a tribute to the founding fathers and the spirit upon which Longines was built, inspired by the various attributes of all the in-house designers since the inception of the company.

Longines which has been a companion and supporter to many pioneers in their various adventures, both on land, in the air or under the water aims to use the Presence collection to make a statement to all competitors. A statement of quality and belief in adventurers.

The very core of the Presence model of Longines watches is based on the expertise and dedication to true class and quality. This collection line intends to demonstrate the brands' long-standing desire and continuity to pay attention to details.

There are numerous pieces in the Longines Presence collection, and one of them is the Lindbergh hour angle watch. And without any doubt, the Lindbergh hour watch is an outstanding innovation. It is the remaking of a timepiece which was initially made for Charles Lindbergh, an American pilot, in 1931.

There is also the Longines Weems second setting watch, which was produced as a tribute to Captain Philip Van Horn Weems navigation system. Then, there is the Longines twenty-four hour in the collection as well, it is a reissue of the specially designed watch for Swissair pilots around the 1950s, these and more all feature in the Longines Presence watches. It is a star-studded range of collection.

Most of the cases of the watches in this collection are round, made with an 18 karat pink gold material and equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. This ensures that for many years, these mens dress watches will remain as new, pampering your wrist with its ever beautiful and ageless design.

The collection comes in a sapphire crystal transparent black case. This is a one in a million design which allows you see the movement inside the watch engine, keeping you engaged and involved in the time measurement process, don’t just know the time, know how it moves as well.

The watches come in a 34.00mm dimension and enables water resistance up to 3 bar, so you are safe in moist conditions and even in the rain or snow.

You would be proud of yourself as you wear the yellow gold PVD stainless steel mens dress watch, enjoy the quality leather strap which comfortably holds the watch to your wrist without leaving any colorations on your wrist. There is the fixed gold PVD bezel enclosing a white dial with hands that are yellow gold-toned as well as index hour markers. Then there is the minute marker which is around the rim. The dial type is analog with a digital 3’0 clock display.

The movement of the Longines Presence is automatic with a pull or pull crown. The tang clasp, date, hour minute and second hands all add the class of this outstanding collection. The collection is mostly of the casual watch style and this is ultimate in the world of mens dress watches.

The Longines HERITAGE Oro Rosa Argento Arabi

The material of these nice mens dress watches are adorned with crocodile skinned bracelets, the case material is rose gold, with an automatic movement and a 43hour power reserve. The frequency at 28800A/h is impressive and the 3 bar water resistant capability protects you. It is one of those Longines watches with Arabic numerals and a silver dial, with a sapphire glass.

The Longines Présence Heritage

The Longines Présence Heritage another of the mens dress watches which can also be worn by women. Powered by an automatic movement and rose gold case material. Its bracelet material is made of crocodile skin and the case diameter is 38.5mm. This is for those who love simplicity and class.

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