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SevenFriday AG was established in 2012 by Swiss-born entrepreneur Daniel Niederer and his counterpart Arnaud Duval. Despite its tender age, the luxury watches maker has proved creativeness is what defines a product, following its global penetration to over 80 countries. While coming up with the design of its watches, SevenFriday usually borrows it from industrial elements such as engines, machines, and wheels. In 2017, the Zurich-based watchmaker introduced its S-Series collection which pays tribute to its unspoken rounded square case as it display the heart of the watch.

From the two encompassed variants of SevenFriday S-Series, the S2/01 Revolution commemorates the second Industrial Revolution when rapid industrialization, such as the use of steel, commenced.

New Sevenfriday S-Series Watches

The History of SevenFriday S-Series Watches

SevenFriday AG debuted in 2012 through the efforts of visionary Daniel Niederer and designer Arnaud Duval. Born a Swiss where it’s regarded to be the home of watchmaking, Daniel was the mastermind of the idea which he began planning in 2009. Having worked as a distributor of luxury watches, he didn’t like the way Swiss luxury watches were highly priced.

Dissimilar to most of the traditional watchmakers whose names are borrowed from their founders, the co-founders of SevenFriday decided to use a lifestyle name. The name takes the inspiration of Latin aphorism- Carpe diem, which simply means “Seize the day”. On style, let me say the brand has “seized” the hearts of many watch enthusiasts using the unique sophisticated design of its watches.

The first SevenFriday watch to get to the public was the P-Series which was in three variants. Although the brand was in its initiation period, for the first year it was able to sell around 12,000 pieces. This was predominantly enhanced by the extensive interaction of the watchmaker with its consumer in social media platforms, particularly on Instagram.

Born of creativity and the desire to bring luxurious brilliance to everyone, SevenFriday Company also has live events where it brings open-minded lifestylists together. Known as SevenFriday Space, the idea was initiated for the first time in Indonesia in 2016. As of today, there are a dozen spaces across the world including in the Abu Dhabi where true luxury is known to thrive.

Apart from the classy complication of the watch, this is another aspect that has enhanced the remarkable success of SevenFriday Company. Particularly with the digital generation who seem to cherish parties and fun events most.

Still in 2016, a new SevenFriday Q-Series was introduced which came in stainless steel and a Miyota automatic movement. On the inside of its rounded square case, the watch has a decentralized hour sub-dial with 24-hour calibration. Similar to the previous releases, the designers of the watch have not yet simplified the makeup, thus you’ll still need to have a keen eye.

Dissimilar to them (previous SevenFriday Series), though, the Q-series came with a date function at what I would call in a Rolex 3 o’clock. This was a great breakthrough for the watchmaker as it opened the way for the later sophistication like that of The Urban Explorer M1B/01 watch.

In 2017, SevenFriday introduced a new Collection of S-Series whose industrial design pays tribute to the pioneering P-Series. Of current, the watch collection has two series, although it has featured several limited editions along the way. Amongst the two, the SevenFriday S-Series S1/01 Essence was the first to be introduced. Its design is said to be inspired by clean industries following its recyclable aspect from the transparent nylon which even has a “recyclable logo” printed. The translucent nylon gives the watch wearer a view of the inner making of the watch even though not 100% clear. The dial of the watch is a little similar to that of the P-series, particularly for the skeletonized ring holding the minute and hour ring.

For the second variant, SevenFriday S2/01 Revolution, its design is inspired by the machines that enhanced the success of the second Industrial Revolution. The timepiece, thus, holds an essential historical background that exemplifies noteworthy pride and appreciation of the Industrial Revolution’s workhorse. The caseback of the watch has the NFC chip which the watchmaker introduced back in 2015 with the V-series. To enhance the readability of the timepiece even in dark backgrounds, all SevenFriday S-Series watches have their hands coated with SuperLuminova. This includes even the limited editions like S3/01 and the S3/02 Carbon edition which debuted in 2018. In 2018, SevenFriday Company also introduced the M3/01 whose design has been inspired by the spaceship.

For the wearer to tell time from the watch, an A-mind will be needed for a couple of months. The watch has got no real analog display but three discs which you have to master the right one for the hours, minutes, and seconds. The SevenFriday M3/01 houses an original Japan Made Miyota 8215 self-winding movement which has a power reserve of 40 hours.

In early 2019, the SevenFriday Company introduced an update of the M3/01 which was well received due to its casual-but-sophisticated design. Similar to its counterpart, M-Series M1B/01 watch features a blend of the old industrial elements and contemporary architecture. To tell time, the watch has two discs for the hours and minutes, alongside a blue spinning line at the center dial for the seconds.

Distinctive from the rest, SevenFriday M1B/01 has a strap made of a mix of genuine leather and blue padded denim. Check out our various collections of SevenFriday watches below to know more of the golden splendor behind S-Series, as well as other models. Top your fashion with a fancy elegance from our genuine industrial-inspired watch series.

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