Sevenfriday M-Series Watches

SevenFriday is a luxury watches manufacturer based in Zurich, Switzerland. The world-class brand was established in 2012 by co-founders Daniel Niederer and his counterpart Arnaud Duval. To distinguish its watches from the rest of brands, SevenFriday predominantly makes avant-garde watches with a sophisticated skeleton dial. With a great aspiration of innovation, the brand recently introduced an ultra-modern M1B/01 series to the lineup of M-Series.

Featured as a modern-day classic watch, the iconic SevenFriday watch features discs that rotate clockwise in the place of hands. Despite the futuristic display, though, most watch enthusiasts cherish the new M-Series watch due to its leather strap which has a blue denim padding.

New Sevenfriday M-Series Watches


In a world filled with stiff consumerism from the intense competition, SevenFriday Company has really stunned many following its enthusiastic ethos. The luxury brand was founded in 2012 by Daniel Niederer and Arnaud Duval who is a designer. Dan, natheless, was the mastermind of the concept. Prior to the foundation of the SevenFriday, he worked for around 10 years as a distributor of luxury watches to Asia.

Dissimilar to most watchmaking brands which are inspired by the desire for innovation and exploration, SevenFriday origin backs to the need of making luxury accessible. Born in Switzerland, Dan didn’t like the high prices on Swiss watches which he deems most to be exaggerated without meeting the A1 standard.

Despite having its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland, SevenFriday watches are predominantly produced in Asia. For the current collections, all house a Japan Made movement from Miyota designers which is a branch of Citizen Watch Company. With the desire to make its watches accessible to everyone, the brand prefers components from Japan as they are affordable and still exquisitely precise.

Though the Swiss Made ones are iconic in the watchmaking industry, they are highly priced which definitely will prevent SevenFriday from meeting its reasonable pricing. Apart from affordability, another aspect that has enhanced SevenFriday’s success in watchmaking is the sophistication of its watches. The timepieces feature a distinctive case design from the rest of the brands and an extraordinary dial.

For the P-Series, for instance, the encompassed watches has an inner casing that resembles the TV dial of the 1960s. The watch collection was the first of the brand to be released in 2012 featuring an industrial-inspired makeup on its skeletonized dial.

Currently, the SevenFriday P-Series has the most variants of up to 7. Its release was a huge revolution in watchmaking and to its creators as it opened the way for other lineups that followed.

Although its exact year of release is not quite clear whether it’s 2013 or 2014, the SevenFriday M-Series was the second lineup to be created after the P-Series. The modern-classic collection currently has four variants, even though it has featured several limited collections along the years. In 2017, for instance, the SevenFriday Company collaborated with a German designer Tomyboy of ROCKETBYZ and created a limited edition of M2/03. As an update of the original SevenFriday M1/01, the timepiece’s colorful artistry was only for few wrists. In fact, all the created timepieces were sold in less than a day.

Throughout its watchmaking process, SevenFriday Company usually distinguishes its watches using very ingenious techniques. In 2018, the brand introduced a new M3/01 for the fans of space exploration. The Self-winding SevenFriday watch borrows its industrial-inspired design from a spaceship which is well showcased by the aerodynamic Y-Wing at the center. Similar to the rest of post-2015 watches, SevenFriday M3/01 has an embedded NFC chip for authenticating its genuineness and that of the watch’s retailer.

Just the other day, SevenFriday introduced a new M1B/01 watch to the lineup of M-Series. Nicknamed the Urban Explorer, the modish sophisticated wristwatch has a case design of the original P-Series but with a dark blue PVD treatment. Following its leathered blue denim strap, the SevenFriday watch has introduced new artistry in watchmaking which has made 2019 a historic year for its creators. The dial of the M1B/01 Urban Explorer watch is much similar to that of the M3/01 with the double discs for the hour and minutes. The new model, however, has a Blue spinning line for the seconds’ function instead of a disc.

Apart from the P-Series and M-Series, another collection the SevenFriday Company has surpassed the expectations of its consumers is the V-Series. Introduced in 2015, the lineup was the first to have the authentication feature which allows the wearer to confirm if his timepiece is genuine. Additionally, the SevenFriday V-Series time-tracking requires one to play with numbers a little using its Additioner Principle.

The calibrations on the seconds and hour rotating disc requires one to add the respective number to the scaled plate. At first, the watch might seem uncomfortable but after mastering it, it just becomes much fun having it on your wrist. Without considering the limited editions, SevenFriday Company has 6 watch collections, including the W-Series which has just been released recently.

Starting with the original P-Series to the latest one, the brand’s success is greatly enhanced by the distinctive marketing approach it uses. The Zurich-based watchmaker usually interacts with its consumers mostly on the social media platforms, including Instagram.

SevenFriday also has non-traditional Spaces where likeminded watch enthusiasts come together and relish the SevenFriday moment “partying” and also learn more of the brand’s watches. As of now, there are about 17 SevenFriday Spaces, including even in Abu Dhabi where true luxury is known to lie.

For more details on SevenFriday watches, check out the various collections below and shine your wrist with an affordable golden complication. Also have time to check our blog page where we have encompassed groundbreaking archives on SevenFriday M-Series watches, as well as for the other collections.

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