Sevenfriday V-Series Watches

In only around 6 years, SevenFriday AG has been able to win the heart of watch enthusiasts from around 90 countries. The luxury watches manufacturer was established in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland by entrepreneur Daniel Niederer and Arnaud Duval who is a designer. SevenFriday watches house a Japan Made mechanical movement and they all bear their inspiration from industrial elements. In 2015, the watchmaker made a remarkable breakthrough with its new V-Series which has a mix of digital technology, alongside mechanical engineering. The watch has an NFC chip embedded on the caseback which allows the wearer to authenticate it. Furthermore, SevenFriday V-Series watch has a unique way of displaying time known as “Additioner Principle”.

New Sevenfriday V-Series Watches

The History of SevenFriday V-Series Watches

Although its name has spread in almost half of the world, SevenFriday AG has been active for only around 6 years. The luxury watches manufacturer was introduced by Daniel Niederer and Arnaud Duval in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland. Dan was the mastermind of the idea which was conceived back in 2009. Prior to becoming a watchmaker, he worked as a distributor of luxury watches mostly in Asia.

Unlike most luxury watches brands which are predominantly invested in functionality, SevenFriday usually concentrates much on the design of the watch. All the watches borrow their design from industrial elements, including machines and engines. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean the encompassed timepieces are inferior in precision. They all house an original Japan Made mechanical movement, primarily from Miyota Company which is a subsidiary of the renowned Citizen Watch Company.

Born of staunch enthusiasts in watchmaking and innovation, SevenFriday has truly made tremendous achievements for the short period it has been running. As of now, the brand has five collections of which each has various series, including the limited editions. Born in an era of ultra-modernization, most of the success of SevenFriday Company has been facilitated by its interaction with its consumers in social media. The watchmaker also has open Spaces where open-minded watch enthusiasts come together to enjoy as they know more about SevenFriday watches.

With the desire to bring true luxury to everyone, SevenFriday AG offers its watches at a reasonable price range which is accessible to all. This made some to have doubts on the authenticity of the brand but after its continuous accomplishments, they realized of its intent. In 2015, for instance, the watch manufacturer not only set a record for its individual chronicle but for the watchmaking industry in general. The groundbreaking breakthrough was added on the new V-Series.

Currently, SevenFriday V-Series has three series which all feature a Rounded square case that sheathes an original Miyota 82S7 self-winding movement. On the caseback, the robust wristwatches have an NFC chip which allows the wearer to authenticate the watch with the SevenFriday Android app. This ensures the timepiece in question is original and also the retailer of the watch is authorized as well.

For those new to the complicated watches, SevenFriday V-Series features an inner dial which requires one to have a sharp eye and a clear mind. The encompassed timepieces have no traditional dial or hands. They have four layers of alternating discs which use the “additioner principle” to tell time. The feature utilizes the basic mathematics concept where you add 0+, 4+ or 8+ to the 0-4 scaled on the gunmetal disc. The seconds’ function is at the traditional 5 o’clock on a grey disc which follows a similar concept to that of hour function. The timepiece might be uncomfortable at first, but once you are accustomed to it, it becomes much of fun.

Similar to the rest of SevenFriday watches, each of the V-Series bears an industrial-inspired design, though distinct from the other. For the V3/01 model, for example, its makeup is inspired by the motorsport cars and their speedometers following its PVD carbon fiber structure and the sophisticated dial.

Since the birth of the SevenFriday V-Series, the prestigious fashion brand has also managed to introduce several new series with the new digital NFC chip. One of the models which most watch enthusiasts awaited its release intently is the M1B/01 which was dabbed The Urban Explorer due to its stylish casual design. The new series to the SevenFriday M-Series was released early 2019 and it features a futuristic contemporary classic design. The watch’s stainless steel case has a dark blue PVD treatment which blends impeccably with the blue denim padding of the leathered strap. The design of The Urban Explorer’s dial is a new revolution to mechanical watches. Instead of the traditional calibrations and hands, the golden watch has two discs for the hour and minutes, alongside a blue spinning line for the seconds.

Still in 2019, SevenFriday Company also introduced a new lineup of W-Series which is still under creation. Dubbed The Blade, the timepiece borrows its design from the saw blade which is well showcased by the centralized 12-hour disc. Some people believe the watch to be a version of the SevenFriday V-Series as the two seem to share some similarities. The case is rounded square and the 60-second function is on a disc at traditional 5 o’clock. The two discs rotate just like the normal hands clockwise.

Though it might be hard for you to discern the time at first, I guess the rotating discs are not just unique but classy. Check out the various models of SevenFriday V-Series from the listing below and give your wrist a distinctive disc-tick. Apart from the precious gems and gold, a sophisticated complication is the other form of true luxury. And that’s what SevenFriday watches provide you with and at affordable prices.

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