Sevenfriday Q-Series Watches

SevenFriday was established in 2012 in Switzerland by Daniel Niederer. Through the support of Arnaud Duval, the luxury watches brand released its first timepiece in that year. The wristwatch received a warm reception from watch enthusiast following its extraordinary design which its creators seem to borrow from industrial elements like engines and machines. In 2016, SevenFriday introduced a new Q-Series which feature a rounded square case and a date function for the first time ever. Although some had thought that the timepiece will be simplified than its brothers, the prestigious watch still has a complicated-but-classy dial.

As one of the post-2015 timepieces, all SevenFriday Q-Series watches has an embedded NFC chip for authentication.

New Sevenfriday Q-Series Watches

The History of SevenFriday Q-Series Watches

SevenFriday Company was launched in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland by entrepreneur Daniel Niederer, alongside designer Arnaud Duval. The Company is much of a lifestyle luxury brand as apart from watches, it also manufactures other fashion products like sunglasses and bracelets.

In watchmaking, SevenFriday has been able to stand out of the rest of the brands by creating sophisticated complicated wristwatches with unique casing and dial. They don’t have the traditional dauphine or sword-shaped hands but discs which rotate clockwise. This is one of the major attributes which has enhanced the remarkable of the brand which keeps on scaling day by day.

Another attribute that has enhanced the success of SevenFriday watches is their affordability which the brand has retained since the introduction of the P-Series collection. This made some people doubt the authenticity of the watches but they are all made of robust stainless steel.

Additionally, they all house an original Japan Made mechanical movement, ideally from Miyota Company which is a subsidiary of the renowned Citizen Watch Company. Although the Swiss movements are the most recognized, Daniel Niederer felt their high-pricing will jeopardize the mission of SevenFriday in offering accessible timepieces. Though SevenFriday AG has remained innovative since the debut of the first P-Series collection in 2012, the watchmaker set historic achievements from 2015.

At the time, the brand introduced the V-Series which feature a mix of digital technology and mechanical movement. Running with Miyota 82S7 self-winding movement, the ultra-modern SevenFriday V-Series also came with a hi-tech NFC chip embedded on the caseback. The new technology allows the watch’s wearer to verify if the watch is genuine or not using the SevenFriday android app. This was a great breakthrough for the brand and to the watchmaking in general.

Filled with the desire to serve its esteemed consumers aptly, in 2016 SevenFriday introduced a novel collection which harbored more than time precision. For the first time, the new SevenFriday Q-Series watch came with a date function at the traditional 3 o’clock. This feature has been a definitive hallmark for the lineup, as up to now no other collection from the brand has a date feature.

Similar to the V-Series watches, the SevenFriday Q-Series has a rounded square steel casing but with a distinctive visual identity. All the encompassed watches have an industrial-inspired design, with the third series- Q3/01 borrowing its own from the engines and pit lane from the racetracks. This feature is well displayed by the accents of yellow, red, and green colors which also make the watch sportier.

To make 2016 more blissful, apart from the Q-Series SevenFriday also introduced P3C/01 Hot Rod watch to the American Off-Series collection. The timepiece was an update of the previous P3/BB Big Block which was the first limited edition for the lineup. Similar to its predecessor, the SevenFriday P3C/01 Hot Rod derives its design from the racing cars but from the oversized chrome Hot Rod grills. The minute hand of the watch is mounted on a round rim inspired by the cross spoke wheels of the 1964 Ford Mustang.

Despite its golden splendor, though, the automatic P-Series watch was limited to 450 pieces only. Its introduction, natheless, was essential as it revived the original watch of the brand. In 2017, SevenFriday introduced the lineup of S-Series but most of the brand’s fans felt it similar to the P3C/01 Hot Rod. For sure, if you compare with the S2/01 you’ll find the two watches sharing some similarities. The SevenFriday S2/01 watch has an inner casing like that of the 1960s TV dial piece which houses a circular dial ring with 60-minute calibration.

On the skeletonized dial, the precious wristwatch has a cross spoke rim with hours and minutes hands attached. To prevent it from competing with the P-Series version, SevenFriday watchmakers added S2/01 watch with an antique brass animation ring.

On 2018, SevenFriday designers decided to transform watchmaking to another level and launched the M3/01 Spaceship edition. Although it’s regarded as a modern-day classic, the wristwatch has no real dial or hands. To tell time, the timepiece has three metal discs which rotate clockwise.

With inspiration from a spaceship, the discs overlap in a neat sequence, forming an aerodynamic Y-Wing shape at the center. Similar to the rest of SevenFriday watches, telling time from the discs might seem confusing at first, but soon it becomes more of fun. After all, true luxury in a timepiece is either from the sparkling diamonds and gold brilliance or from intricate complications. SevenFriday predominantly focuses on intricacy but it has also started using gold. As with the reference M2/02 which has a mix of stainless steel and rose gold PVD.

To know more about SevenFriday Q-Series watches, check out the encompassed series below. Also visit our blog page for updates on the lineup, as well as for the other collections from the brand.

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