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Sevenfriday is one of the youngest brands in watchmaking that has proven innovation has to come from within. The luxury watches manufacturer was established in 2012 by Arnaud Duval and Daniel Niederer who has been in the watchmaking industry for around 10 years. While coming up with the design of its watches, SevenFriday usually borrows it from industrial elements, both new and old. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the brand began its life with the P-Series which are still in production up to today.

The watch lineup has a case similar to the TV dial of the 60s which houses an original Japan Made mechanical movement. In 2017, a new version of the SevenFriday P-Series KUKA III was introduced for the fans of vibrant elegance.

New Sevenfriday P-Series Watches

The History of SevenFriday P-Series

As an agent of luxury watches, Daniel Niederer used to get irritated at the high prices most watchmakers have set for their timepieces. As Swiss, he finds the price very high than it shouldn’t be as some of the watches don’t even meet the required standards. For Daniel, luxury is something that ought not to be expensive so that it can be accessible to everyone. In 2012, his dream finally came to thrive after introducing SevenFriday.

The company is much of a lifestyle brand as apart from watches, the Switzerland-based Company also create other fashion products like bracelets and sunglasses. Most people, however, know the brand as a watchmaker due to the sophistication attached to its timepieces.

From the 5 collections that SevenFriday currently has, all he encompassed watches borrow their design from industrial elements, such as machines and engines. The first lineup to be created was the P-Series which the company has been able to keep alive up of today. As of now, the collection has 7 different watch versions in either the P1-Essence, P2-Revolution or P3-Engine series. Compared with the rest lineups, the number is the largest as most of them has 2-4 versions.

The SevenFriday P-Series Essence, commonly known as P1, was introduced for the first time in 2012. The inner casing of the watch resembles the 1960s TV dial which had a rounded square style. After the introduction of the authentication NFC chip in 2015, a new version of the SevenFriday Essence- P1B/01 was introduced. The watch came with its dial slightly different, as well as the case finish for the fans of the watch not to find it similar to the previous model.

As the pillar of its origin, SevenFriday Company truly care for P-Series distinctively from the rest of the watches. Back in 2014, the brand launched the P3/BB aka the Big Block” under a sub-series of the American Off-Series. Celebrating the renowned muscle cars of the 1960s/70s, the timepiece had two raised metallic stripes like those of the racing Mustangs and Camaros of the time. Its beauty, though, was only for a limited number of wrists as only 350 pieces were ever created.

In 2016, a second model was introduced to the American Off-Series, but different from the previous one. Under reference P3C/01 Hot Rod, the timepiece had its inner dial inspired by the oversized chrome Hot Rod grills and cross spoke rim of 1964-Mustang. Similar to its predecessor, the watch was a limited edition as well, having only 450 pieces. To celebrate with the fans of blued sea, a new nautical-inspired SevenFriday P-Series was launched in 2017. With Reference P3/06 Yacht Club, the timepiece features the oceanic blue elements and the life jacket red touches. The watch has a white dial which resembles the white capping of the irregular directional waves and with a printed blue anchor.

In the same year, a new version of the vibrant SevenFriday KUKA edition of reference P3/07 was also introduced with an orange profile entirely. With inspiration from KUKA AG of the industrial robotics and automation, the P3/07 watch has orange rubber strap and its grey skeletonized dial mixed with orange accents. As a limited edition of only 750 pieces and with a list price of $ 1,200, I doubt if any new version of the watch exists.

Apart from P-Series, another celebrated collection of SevenFriday watches is the V-series which debuted in 2015. Introduced along with it was a major breakthrough of a hi-tech NFC chip that allow the watch user to check if the timepiece is genuine or fake. The watch lineup has three different variants, each featuring a rounded square case of 44.3mm girth. From the three series, SevenFriday V3/01 has been an icon model to the car enthusiasts following its functionality and design which is borrowed from the speedometers. To tell time from it though, one has to have a keen eye at first so as to master the “additioner principle” well.

In 2016, a new SevenFriday Q-Series was introduced and just as the norm with its creators, the timepiece carried with it is own goodies. Though they have a rounded square case like that of the V-Series, the Q-series watches provide their wears with the precision of date and time. This attribute has been a hallmark for the encompassed watches as of now there’s no other collection from the brand with a date function. Although some belief the collection to be the easiest to read, I believe SevenFriday still won’t give it that easily, particularly for the seconds counter. Luckily that’s what luxury watches are about. Complications that tease you, whilst giving your flair distinctive fashionable flair.

So, do you cherish the beauty of complicated wristwatches? Check out from our various collections of SevenFriday and give your wrist a skeleton tick which is exquisitely precise and with unique beauty.

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