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Having a luxury watch is like a dream come true for many of us as their prices go through the roof. Fortunately, Tudor is one such brand that makes high-quality watches at prices one can afford. Tudor is a sister company of Rolex established in 1926. It offers watches similar to Rolex in looks and quality at a very affordable price. The objective was to make affordable luxury watches without affecting the reputation of Rolex. Tudor is also in partnership with Swiss brands like ETA, Valjoux, and Breitling. The very first Tudor style watches were rectangular and “cushion” shaped.

Tudor watches are well-known for their design, detailing, robustness, sophistication, and style. The Tudor Glamour collection combines both style and functionality. The Glamour collection comes with watches of different sizing, designs, and bracelet options for you to optimize your personal style, and there are watches for men and women alike. These Tudor watches go with your everyday outfits, and are also perfect for business use and formal occasions.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor Glamour Watches

Know More About Tudor Glamour Watches

History & Business

Tudor is a sister company of Rolex, and both of them are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. Tudor was launched with a vision to introduce affordable watches compared to the luxury watch brand Rolex. And, Veuve de Philippe Hüther registered the trademark “The Tudor” in February 1926 for Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. After the Second World War in 1946, Hans Wilsdorf came up with “Montres TUDOR S.A.” that specialized in watches for both men and women. Tudor Oyster collection was launched in the 40s that featured the waterproof Oyster case. In 1952 came Tudor's self-winding model, the Prince. With time Tudor became popular as a manufacturer of tool watches for divers and the military.

Wilsdorf wanted to build the trust and reputation of the brand and therefore in the dials, Rolex was encrypted. For a small period, Tudor watches were not doing well but in 2009 the company did a major relaunch with new product lines. The company first came out with the Tudor Grantour Chronograph and the Tudor Glamour collection consisting of classic watches. Many more collections like the Heritage Chrono, Tudor Heritage Advisor alarm watch, the Fastrider Chronograph, and the Clair de Rose collection for women were launched. More collections included Heritage Black Bay and the Pelagos diver's watch. The company also launched the Tudor Style line of men's and women's dress watches apart from the North Flag collection and more.

Design and Features of Tudor Watches

The reasons behind the popularity of Tudor watches lie in the predominant features of these watches that are mentioned below:

- In house Mechanical Movements: One of the most outstanding features of Tudor watches is the in-house mechanical movements. These movements are offered by Tudor since 2015 with the launch of North Flag collection.

- Robustness: One of the key promises of the brand is to make watches that can withstand rough usage, shock and water. They have anti-shock feature, are highly water-resistant, and come with sapphire crystals. All these make Tudor watches a popular choice.

- No use of precious metal: One of the major reasons behind the more affordable prices of these watches is that the brand does not use any precious metals in cases. Most of the models are made using bronze, carbon, and steel.

- Astounding Straps and Bracelets: Tudor is one of those brands that is known for its straps and bracelets. They look stunning and yet they are durable.

- Affordability: People prefer durable designer watches at prices they can afford easily. This is the main reason why watch lovers go for Tudor watches. The vision of this watchmaker is to make luxury watches everyone can afford.

How Successful the Glamour Collection is

In 2009, when the brand Tudor was relaunched, it came up with Tudor Glamour collection. These classic watches are inspired by its Montecarlo collection of 1970s. This collection being heritage-inspired timepiece it turned out to be extremely successful and thus Tudor decided to launch more heritage-inspired watches. Thus, the brand came up with new collections like Heritage Advisor alarm watch, Clair de Rose collection, and the Fast Rider Chronograph collection.

The Glamour collection watches are just like an affordable option for Rolex lovers. In this collection, you can find watches such as the 42mm Double Date watch, the 39mm Day Date, and the 28mm/31mm/36mm Date models that have a similar design feature of those Rolex Datejust and Day-Date watches. The Tudor Glamour collection also features elegance, precision, robustness, and waterproofness- a perfect combination to carry the tradition of fine watchmaking. From the sleek Glamour Dateline of watches to the larger Date + Day series and Double Date models, the Glamour collection offers gorgeous variety of watches.

Popular Watches from Tudor Glamour Collection

Glamour Date Watches

As per the official Tudor website, the Glamour Date Watches offer "variety in sophisticated elegance." The Glamour Date Watches are truly classic and can be worn on any occasions. They come in 26 mm, 31 mm or 36 mm sizes. The 26 mm and 31mm can also be used as Tudor women’s watch. They have a small window at 3 O’clock displaying the date. You can find a wide variation in straps and bracelets. The leather straps come in white or black patented leather. The bracelets options in steel or steel with yellow gold are available. You can also find diamond-set dial options like a black dial with diamonds. The Glamour Date is also available with silver, white, champagne-color or opaline dials. You can find watches with diamonds or non-gem variations.

Glamour Date + Day Watches

As per the official Tudor website, the Glamour Date + Day Watches offer "Elegance and Function." These vintage Tudor watches are known for two intelligent and useful functions; the day window at 12 o’clock displays the day of the week in varied languages, and there is a small gap at 3 o’clock for the date. You can go for a black dial watch with diamonds, silver, white, champagne, or opaline dials. Both diamonds and non-gem options are there. These watches have a steel case that has a polished finish. You can choose from a range of straps and bracelets in leather, steel, and steel-yellow gold variations. The bezel made of steel and yellow gold with a polished finish adds to the look of this masterpiece.

Glamour Double Date Watches

As per the official Tudor website, the Glamour Double Date Watches are best defined as "where sophisticated elegance meets technology." You will love the Glamour Double Date watch design with fine detailing and subtle lines combined with remarkable and superb performance. Its double bezel has a slim drop that enhances the curves and edges of the polished steel case. The design and angles lend a refined look. The Glamour Double Date model dial comes in silver with yellow gold-plated hour markers; black with rhodium-plated or yellow gold-plated hour markers; champagne color with yellow gold-plated hour markers; or opaline with blued indices. Transparent background makes them a class apart. You can pick a watch with or without diamonds and steel or steel and yellow gold finish dial ring. Bracelets options include genuine alligator, steel or steel and gold. The Glamour Double Date model measure 42 mm in diameter and is popular due to its versatility, elegant designs, robustness, and performance.


If you are looking for affordable, stylish and functional Swiss watches, Tudor style watches are the right choice for you. Check out the Tudor Glamour collection for elegant and classic watches.

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