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The Tudor Heritage Advisor Watch is considered as one of the best Tudor watches. One of the most striking things about this amazing watch is that as compared to its competitors it has reasonable pricing. The Tudor Heritage Advisor watch has a rich history which dates back to 1957 where Rolex Oyster Case was used.

This was the Tudor 7926 model. This was followed by Ref. 1537 and then in 1969 came the next version of this Tudor watch which had the logo of the company. For the next 30 years, no new Tudor Heritage Advisor models came into the market.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor Heritage Advisor Watches

History of Tudor Heritage Advisor Watches

The first Tudor Heritage Advisor watch was Ref. 7926 and it was released in the year 1957. This Tudor watch made use of an adapted Rolex Oyster Case in order to amplify the sound. An important thing to be noted here is that the original Oyster case will not be signed with the iconic Rolex Coronet. The top crown was used for winding, setting and activating the alarm. The main movement was controlled by the bottom crown and it was also used to set the time.

The Adolph Schild manually-wound Caliber 1475 was used in the 50’s in Tudor. The principle of the alarm watch remained the same however there is a difference in the size of the movement. For an alarm movement there are two mainsprings. One mainspring will manage the regular time-keeping and the second one will be for the alarm. When the hour and minute hand match the set alarm time then the energy from the spring is released and it will activate a hammer which will strike against a pin which is connected to back of the case in order to create the alarm sound. The vintage alarms had a shrill mechanical sound which has been replaced by a more pleasing sound in the modern day watches.

The dial variations of Ref.7926 are around 3 to 4. The rarest one is explorer or ranger. It has a combination of batons and Arabic numerals. In the earlier days, the Tudor Heritage had leather straps or they had Rolex riveted bracelet. Only a few thousand pieces of this watch were made between 1957 and 1968 Next came in Tudor Heritage Advisor Ref. 1537. This was a sleeker version and it had a thinner case. Both these watches that are 7926 and 1537 had steel or gold dauphine hands, with a shorter red hand for the alarm time. It must be noted that there are not much details available about 1537.

1969 saw the release of the next version that is Tudor Heritage Advisor Ref. 10050. This did not have the oyster case. It had a traditional alarm case. It had an external case back in order to increase the sound of the alarm. This was similar to what Vulcain Cricket had. The crowns were not signed here as well but there was a difference in the lugs of the watch. Stick hands took the place of older dauphines.

This Tudor Heritage Advisor watch also had the Tudor logo. Earlier watches had a rose at 12 o clock but this watch had a shield which was the logo of Tudor. Ref. 10050 was manufactured till 1977. Between the 60’s and 70’s several different variants of this watch were manufactured. Several variations were made in the dials.

Then for the next three decades, no alarm watches were manufactured by Tudor. The demand for mechanical watches was going down. Also the investment of resources like time, money etc to manufacture something as complicated as these watches were also very large.

After 30 years came the reinvention of these exquisite watches. Tudor reinvented itself and came up with the Tudor Heritage Advisor 79620T. In the year 2013, they came up with a new black dial variant of the Advisor 79620TN, N for Noire. Next, they came up with Ref. 79620TC, an Advisor with a cognac brown dial and strap. These new advisors get their power from ETA 2892. The power reverse function was added to these Tudor watches.

The new Tudor Advisor watches had a more modern design. The titanium case is larger than Ref. 7926. The case size of the new advisor is 42 mm. This means it is larger by 8mm as compared to the Ref. 7926. The new watch has an on/off button close to the 8oclock. The size of the case increased due to the inclusion of the reverse power indicator and the on and off button. These features are good for the ones who want to use the alarm but the simplicity is lost to a certain extent.

One cannot expect any new releases and additions in the near future. The expense to manufacture these watches is more. There is only a small section of people who yearn to buy these watches. Yes but these watches are surely something that collectors will yearn to buy. The market for these branded alarms is very small and hence the company will be very careful about adding any new watches to the existing range of watches.

One can only say that this Tudor watch will surely be one of the biggest and valuable assets for a collector who has an ensemble of branded watches. There is not much diversity in the range of these watches but they are surely something that the owner will have the pride to have. Tudor is surely one of the most respected names in mechanical watches. This Tudor Advisor watch is as iconic as its history.

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