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Tudor has registered for the top-notch position in the watch world with few of its biggest hits, and one could probably be the Black Bay collection. Adding another milestone in its journey Tudor was again ready to surprise the world by releasing its few more new models in its line of production. And Tudor North Flag was amongst them.

Launched at Baselworld 2015, the Tudor North Flag is a modern day watch which adopts its design elements from Tudor Ranger II models. This was the first watch by Tudor which featured its own in-house movement. The highlights of this exquisite timepiece are its all-new design, with precise technicalities and aggressive case design which are far more different from the Tudor Heritage collection.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor North Flag Watches

History of Tudor North Flag Watches

Presented at Baselworld 2015, the Tudor North Flag is a real novelty released by one the renowned watchmakers, the Tudor. Ever since its inception brand has been consistent in delivering innovation in the world of horology. Though believed to be a part of a luxury watch group, Rolex, Tudor has written a success story for itself. With its continued efforts it has garnered the attention of watch enthusiasts all around the world.

With the launch of Tudor North Flag watch, Tudor was set to vanguard for its next generations. This Tudor North Flag timepiece was very unique in its sense. Unlike, other Tudor watches which took inspiration from vintage models, the Tudor North Flag was completely new its aesthetics. It had nothing like the heritage collection. Apart from this the North Flag also bore the new in-house MT5621 movement, clearly demonstrating that Tudor was thinking about capacity in the years to come.
Wanna know more? So, let’s move ahead and take a look at the features and functionalities of this Tudor watch.

The Case
The case of the Tudor North Flag is going to persuade you at the first look itself. It features a standard size of 40 mm. The North Flag is quite distinctive because it consists of integrated lugs, and takes inspiration for its shape from the ‘70s Ranger II models. The case of this watch will don't disappoint you at all. Fine finishing razor sharp peculiar designs are sure to steal your attention. Other intriguing elements of the case of the watch include black outer bezel, tapered large crown, and a fluted bezel. Moreover, the presence of black ceramic second bezel (an outer ring around the steel bezel) will help in performing a tough task without caring for any dents and dings. Not only this, but it will also add a pinch of visual admiration to watch. Thus you can clearly admit that the design of Tudor North Flag is well thought and has been crafted by paying attention to minute details. The case of this Tudor watch sets the tone, not just of the watch, but also of Tudor's future.

The dial
The dial is the first thing that every onlooker sights for. And the Tudor North Flag would never let you down for this. The dial of Tudor North Flag clearly exudes the clinical precision involved in its construction. It is quite clear and legible. It consists of large, bright white numerals, and hour markers, that strongly stand out against the matte finished black background. Moreover, the power reserve indicator has been highlighted via a disc which is present at 9 o’clock. It has been paired with the date window present at 3:00, though they’re different enough in size and shape. Additionally, the pleasing three-dimensional geometry and bright yellow accents on the dial add to the appeal of the Tudor watch which is seemly very unexceptional.

The strap and bracelet
The bracelet of Tudor North Flag is completely new, ‘H' linked, it is one of the most solid and comfortable options that one can expect from the watches. The integrated metal bracelet, of this Tudor watch, features a folding clasp and safety catch. Whereas, the Tudor91210n offers you two different versions: one with the steel bracelet and the other one with a leather strap. The leather strap as well will never let you ignored. The yellow lining and contrasting stitch bounces off the dial colour and add a stylish flair to your Tudor watch.

The movement
The Tudor North Flag is one of the most anticipated watches from Baselworld 2015. It made waves by announcing a truly in-house movement for the brand. And it was COSC certified Calibre MT5621. This movement features a silicon hairspring, 4 Hz beat-rate and a variable inertia oscillator. And the cherry on top is the 70-hour power reserve, which is indicated on the dial. Admitting to its commitment of designed for performance, this movement beats at the power frequency of 28,800 vph.

Every small feature of North Flag, whether concerning size or shape, beckons that it was designed to offer supreme legibility and comfort. It is a complete watch in itself. It is more than a watch. It is your all-time companion and a robust utilitarian timekeeper.

One the important things about the Tudor watches is their nominal price range. And the same has been followed by the Tudor North Flag watch series as well. This watch assortment offers a perfect balance in its impressive price bracket. The Tudor North Flag price range varies between $3,000-$5,000, which is quite low as compared to other ETA-powered timepieces.
So, hurry up and add this exquisite Tudor watch model to your catalogue!

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