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The brand “Tudor” was established by Hans Wilsdorf — the owner of Rolex. He registered the trademark of Tudor in 1926; the aim was to offer watches with Rolex-quality to their target audience at a more affordable rate. At first, Tudor used ready-to-use movements, while emphasizing on aesthetics, design and cases. The idea was to produce high-end quality watches and keep the movements simple. With time, the company started manufacturing movements as well, and also the overall functionalities of watches for even better performance.

The Princess Date collection is one of the fine ladies timepieces produced by Tudor. Princess Date adds a gorgeous and feminine touch that is appropriate for any outfit or occasion, and will surely flatter the wrist.

Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

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All About Tudor Princess Date Watches

The Rise of Tudor Watches

It is not unusual to come across a big brand launching a secondary line to cater to a different target market at affordable prices, in the world of fashion. And that’s exactly what Rolex did by launching Tudor Watches in 1926. The sole purpose behind launching this brand was to recreate the Rolex designs and dependability, and package it in more affordable cases for the new market. But that was only the start. Currently, Tudor is surely gaining a foothold in the luxury market and people do consider it as a brand that promises high standards.

Hans Wilsdorf, the owner of Rolex watches, collaborated with Veuve de Phillippe Huther to launch the Swiss watch brand “Tudor.” They made their first mark in the Australian market, where Tudor signed watches received good response. The brand’s logo itself says a lot about the origins of the company and its dependability. Early on, the company added Tudor Rose inside the shield, which is the traditional floral symbol of England.

Eventually, in 1946, the company established Montres Tudor S.A. company, wherein Rolex was the primary manufacturer and distributor of Tudor watches. This went on to establish the parallels between the watches launched by these companies.

The Evolution of Tudor

Akin to its parent company, Tudor also released some impressive watch designs and collections. The Oyster collection came with the waterproof oyster case, which meant the company was advancing their watch designs. In a few years, they released the self-winding mechanism with the Prince model.

Tudor, at the same time, began designing watches for specific industries and purposes. For instance, they designed a watch for scientific expeditions. Eventually, they also started producing tool watches. At this time, the French Navy collaborated with the company for a well-defined diving watch. The Tudor diving watch was a well-researched and highly defined model produced by the company. The company used to produce and deliver these watches in bulk without the bracelets to the French Navy. These timepieces were worn with the military issued straps.

Tudor also came up with the first-ever diving watch Oyster Prince Submariner. This range witnessed a lot of evolution with time. The watch came with snowflake hands and a big crown in the eventual modifications. Later, the brand started manufacturing this particular design for the US navy. They also launched a model with alarm complication. With time, they designed cases that allowed amplification of the sound.

The brand also launched its first-ever chronograph around this time, known as the Oyster Date. It came with a manually wound Valjoux mechanical calibre 7734. In the second edition of this watch collection, the dial resembled a roulette wheel. In the third edition, they introduced the self-winding movement in these watches.

Features that Made Tudor Exclusive

Most of the movements that are used in the Geneve watches are borrowed from companies such as ETA and Valjoux. However, during the latter half of the journey, they introduced in-house movements. The company also introduced fabric straps for the watches used by the NATO forces, as they were functional and accessible and a good alternative to leather or metal straps. The reason for this feature was the fact that military watches had to be hardwearing and secure. They also added spring bars and a nylon strap for extra security.

Tudor also introduced these straps in their sports watches in the early 2000s. The Heritage Chrono watch was launched with both metal bracelet and fabric strap. Around this time, they also released a classy women’s watch collection, known as Tudor Princess Date.

The watches by this brand are mostly marketed and sold in countries such as Australia, United States, India, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and a few European countries.

Tudor Princess Date Collection

The Princess Date Collection was born to impress the market with a stunning ladies’ collection. There is a striking range of Princess Date watches inspired by the modern woman and exude sophistication and elegance. The delicate bracelet along with the exquisite designs made this collection stand out, desirable and interesting. Here are some of the Princess Date watches.

Princess Date Submariner

The Princess Date diver’s watch for ladies was designed based on the needs of modern women. While the overall design expresses the contemporary woman’s power, the charming, feminine side can also be found. It is just an excellent combination of power and beauty. No matter you are looking for a watch with design or functions, you will find the watch to be a combination of both. The Tudor Date Submariner offers water resistance capabilities as well.

Tudor Princess Oysterdate

The Tudor Princess Oysterdate watch was crafted with a twinlock winding crown. They possess the rotor self-winding technology with a sweep second hand. The case is carved with original oysters. The watches feature elegant bezels that strike the right chord with buyers. The Princess Oysterdate watch was also designed with superior water-resistant ability.

Tudor Lady Princess Date

Designed with elegance, these watches stand out because of their pure elegance, choice of color, and striking bold features. The dial hues and even the straps are proof of how the brand has combined aesthetics and functionality. These watches are powered by a self-winding movement made in-house. The Princess Date watches are renowned for their accuracy and precision.

Treasure Time with a Tudor Watch

If you are passionate about precise and luxury timepieces, add Tudor style watches to your collection. The brand is not only value for money, but also offers aesthetic designs and exudes innovativeness in its watchmaking techniques. Most designs are crafted after intensive research and by understanding the exact needs of the customers. The watches of Tudor, especially the Princess Date collection, have constantly evolved to meet new-age needs.

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