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Tudor, the well known and reputed watch brand, traces its initials to Geneva. This alluring and worthy watch brand is particularly a Swiss watch manufacturer which holds extremely high in the quality pertaining to all types that they offer. With revolutionizing time, Tudor watches have come up to be well known for the tool watches that they produced.

The Tudor Fastrider chronograph was a presentation under the Tudor Ducati collaboration which was a joint effort that aimed at providing utility oriented watches that was a perfect blend of - sporty and functional with a hint of being saucy, like one of its collaborator Ducati indeed.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor Fastrider Chrono Watches

History of Tudor Fastrider Chrono Watches

The Tudor, marking its registration back to the year 1926, aimed at making itself a recognizable brand that would offer affordable watches under the family of Rolex, keeping high the reputation and quality mark associated with ROLEX. Moving ahead with the aforesaid aim, in mid-forties, Tudor, with the launch of waterproof oyster cases, as sponsored by the queen and Winston Churchill, marked the immense importance and worth that it held. Furthermore, Tudor moved into the production of tool watches which have been designed peculiarly to meet the needs and requirements of divers and marine nationals.

Moving back to immediately a decade from this date, Tudor reinvented its brand image by relaunching itself with a tremendously applaudable marketing strategy of inculcating new product line for its brand of watches. This revolutionary turnover by Tudor marked the coming over of Grantour Chronograph and Tudor's glamorous range of classic watches which needless to mention, gathered an immense sense of popularity and awe amidst the targeted social group. Then came in the Tudor Heritage Chrono which was inspired and driven by the appearance and high of Tudor Montecarlo which can be traced back to the year 1970. This, surfaced as the first ever Tudor heritage line of watches which in itself spoke very high of the company's most renowned vintage models, keeping true to its aimed quality assurance at an affordable watch range when compared to its family of Rolex.

In the year 2011, launched was a watch type that put the spectators in awe pertaining to the looks and features that it held, effortlessly becoming a talk in the world of watches. Tudor Fastrider Chronograph, the name read.

The Tudor Fastrider Chrono (chronograph) entered the market with sporty and saucy dial colours like yellow, red and olive green - the more awaited an out of track amusement that it held, thoroughly changing the vintage way in which Tudor was viewed. Adding to the alluring and different colour types, was the new Fastrider watch case that measured 42mm in brushed stainless steel. Shaped commendably and designed to serve an intended purpose, coupled with the trust and high of its legacy, Tudor Chrono indeed captured the market as it deserved to. Be it the ceramic bezel which provided scratch resistance or the contrast between the dial and the bezel itself, everything about this Tudor chronograph has been fascinating uptil end of the spine.

Black - always being the demanded colour in every type of watch regardless of the brand, was as well beautifully crafted and served by Tudor. Black watches never go out of trend and probably never will. The Tudor Black Shield has been yet another addition to the craze of black watches pertaining to its worthy features and a captivating look. It served the giant a way to keep itself functioning high with the contemporary watch models other than the vintage ones that it already had a strong grip upon. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield has been a thing of difference in the Tudor family, it was contemporary in type, by design. The most capturing aspect of this Tudor Fastrider watch has been its case with a finely finished black matte colour being made of ceramic. Tudor Black Shield, carrying the difference in style when compared to the previous vintage types, is in no way compromised when talking of quality assurance.

Lusting over the finely done work on this black watch by Tudor, the most interesting feature of this one remain its hands. The partly skeletonized minute and hour hands add a sense of class in the watch and represent Tudor in the best way. These skeletonized hands aid the spectator to look through at the subdials underneath. The hands have white tips making the Tudor watch more intelligible in nature. Talking of this amazingly sculpted beast, it's hard to keep oneself from talking about the area of the dial which holds interestingly done work coupled with the prominent mention of the name. The immensely important and most captivating feature of this being its alluring and preferable colour in a sporty look that is offered by a renowned brand like Tudor. Tudor, under the family of ROLEX which in itself is a brand whose position speaks more of itself than anyone else can. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield price is approximately around 2,800 euros, this purchase is worthy of the amount to be paid.

What a deal to crack! Worthy of every trice of high that has been created about it, undoubtedly.

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