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Tudor has been subsidiary to Rolex for many years. But in the ongoing years Tudor has gradually pulled far from being "nearly" Rolex to a Brand that is practically immaculate. The Tudor Hydronaut is one of the watches that really helped this thought of impeccable freedom. With this watch one can see Rolex impacts yet not to the point like in the past where a Tudor model was actually the equivalent watch. One may likewise try to discover the Tudors that were the very same watch. Thus, the correspondingly progressively moderate sticker cost of Tudor timepieces captivates watch dears around the globe.

For a significantly extended period of time now, the Tudor brand has had the ability to isolate itself from Rolex and has subsequently viably settled its self-sufficient timepieces in the watch revering world.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor Hydronaut Watches

History of Tudor Hydronaut Watches

The Tudor Hydronaut history began in the late 1990s with the introduction of the Hydronaut I. The Hydronaut II came to promote 10 years sometime later in 2009. The arrangement of the two assortments is an exhibit of the enduring style of the brand's line of dive watches. The ref. 89190 offers a 40mm treated steel case with agreeably diminished hauls, a planning hour long bezel in steel, and a dull dial set with splendid markers and hands.

The Tudor watch case itself is waterproof up to 200 meters or 660 feet, offering reliable protection for one winding advancement inside and wears on a supple, multi-associate arm trimming. Strongly assessed, this is the watch to jump in case you search for an entry level pre-guaranteed Tudor jumper with huge proximity on the wrist.

The Tudor Hydronaut II Chronograph is one of the watches that truly helped this idea of flawless self-rule. With this watch, one can see Rolex impacts anyway not to the point like in the past where a Tudor model was the exceptionally same watch. One may in like manner hope to find the Tudors that were the extremely same watch. The First Hydronaut to be pushed by Tudor was exhibited in 1999. Today, it is a vintage demonstrate that must be found on the second-hand exhibit. The refined Hydronaut II, on the other hand, can be found in Tudor's present amassing.

The Tudor watch is fitted with a turning bezel and can be on the other hand joined with a flexible or steel arm decoration. Besides, the watch is waterproof up to 200 meters.

The Tudor Hydronaut II, displayed at Basel world 2009, is one of their sportiest models yet. The Hydronaut II touches base in a 41 mm steel case, similar to the size you would see on a Rolex. Despite the way that, all things considered, the structure does not take after a Rolex. A dynamically vivacious purchaser. In such a way, they appear, apparently, to finish a better than average job. This watch incorporates a self-winding mechanical chronograph improvement. Other than it incorporates a not too bad waterproof rating of 200 meters. Not a star jumper, yet in the meantime very sporty movement watches. The case is totally cleaned and has a dull, red and white unidirectional bezel. The dial is dull with silver, red and white accents. Sub dials at 3 and 6 o'clock feature chronograph minutes and hours. The sub dial at 9 o'clock shows little seconds.

The Hydronaut II Chronograph's cleaned solidified steel case is smoothed and balanced from pull to drag, similar to the Rolex Yacht Master. I treasured looking appearance on the left profile side much like survey chrome of incredible 50 Chevrolets Bumper. On the inverse side where you find the standard chronograph pushers and crown. However, with these pushers, you will utilize the quarter swing to open the pushers. This makes for an energetic use, regardless of unscrewing a maritime chronograph's pushers. You will in like manner find at 10 o'clock the identical opening component on the quick set date pusher.

Models from the Tudor Hydronaut course of action incorporate an incredible jumper watch classy that interests to watch sweethearts and enthusiasts from around the globe. The men’s watch case of the Hydronaut II measures 41-millimeters in width and is contained treated steel. The bezel of the watch is available in different structures, including a two-tone assortment in red and blue – what some have called a motion to the Rolex GMT Master.

The wrist knickknack of the timepiece is open in steel or flexible, the two of which ensure comfort and conform to the vibe of the jumper's watch. The dial of the watch is perceived by the ease and dumbfounding decipherability. The scratch safe sapphire valuable stone gives an amazing vibe to the timepiece. Also, the modified improvement ensures that the watch will be a reliable accomplice for an impressive time span.

A specific ideal show-stopper was imagined in 2009 when Tudor showed the Hydro 1200. The jumper's watch is water safe up to 1200 meters and features a helium escape valve, which is a fantastically productive segment for drenching jumpers. Then again, individuals who dive as a relaxation movement may find the part less rational, anyway find comfort in understanding that the component is fused into the timepiece regardless. The useful instrument has come to be an indication of hopping watches and has accepted a fundamental occupation in the improvement of the innovative timepieces. The standard Tudor Hydronaut II show comes outfitted with a date window and a chronograph work, the two of which accept an indispensable occupation in maritime activities.

In this way Tudor Hydronaut wound up fundamental fascination of expert jumpers, the Tudor watch being water safe up to 1200 meters.

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