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For almost a Century now, Tudor Company has continued to serve watch enthusiasts with quality “replicas” of their favorite Rolex watches and at affordable prices. The Swiss luxury watches manufacturer debuted in 1926 upon the request of t Hans Wilsdorf- the founder of the iconic Rolex. Essentially, Tudor watches are designed to serve the esteemed watch fans who truly admire Rolex models but can’t afford their high prices.

During the Baselworld 2014, Tudor Watch Company introduced the Style lineup which features a retro-but-contemporary chic dress design that can blend with any attire. Currently, there are numerous Tudor Style watch models, all ranging from size 28mm to 41mm and in precious metals.

※Please kindly be informed that there will be no extra belts as part of the accessories for the products since October 2018.

New Tudor Style Watches

History of Tudor Style Watches

Tudor Watch Company was established in 1926 in Geneva, Switzerland upon the request of Hans Wilsdorf. Earlier on in the 1900s, the German-born British had founded the Rolex SA but a number of watch enthusiasts truly desired the watches but couldn’t afford. After around two decades, the watchmaker Wilsdorf decided to bring “The Tudor” which will serve as an alternative of Rolex watches.

In the year 1946, just after the end of World War II, Hans Wilsdorf decided to give his creation a more appealing title. He rebranded “The Tudor” to “Montres Tudor S.A.”- a name which came to stick up of today.

Soon after the re-registration, the new Tudor launched the Oyster Prince which feature the famous Oyster case and an Original self-winding perpetual movement. The two features were similar to some models of Rolex, thus, Hans Wilsdorf even campaigned for the Prince alongside some References of Rolex.

Historically, 1957 was truly a successful year for the Tudor Company. The Geneva-based watchmaker released its first extra-thin waterproof wristwatch which remained in production until 1963. Recently, the extra-thin Tudor watch has become one of the most sought-after Swiss watches following its traditional-but-unique design which has become very rare.

Still, in 1957, Tudor launched also the Advisor watch which became the first timepiece of the brand to have an alarm function. To give its wearer an exclusive splendor, the designers introduced the watch in several different series, with Reference 7926 having two winding crowns.

By the end of the 1960s, Tudor watches were now distinguishable as individual brands, although a staunch enthusiast of Rolex could still spot the similarity. In 1969, the company removed the rose which was on the logo, leaving on the shield as a symbol of steadiness and reliability. On the Same year, Tudor Oyster Prince Date + Day marked its first appearance with an Oyster case and a smooth polished bezel. Due to the additional complication of weekday and date, the new self-winding Tudor Prince became a hit immediately. Scaling the reputation of the brand to even greater heights.

Amongst, all the collections I have highlighted, Montres Tudor SA notes them as “the Origins” while defining them. They all feature a classic design with no much decoration except the few etchings on the dial. Anyhow, although the production of these series was discontinued even before the wake of the 21st century, Tudor recently decided to revive the lineups. However, not in their same old structure but in a modern styling which combines the vintage and contemporary design to ensure they don’t appear old-fashioned.

Well, the time am speaking of was in 2014 when the Swiss watchmaker surprised the audience at the Baselworld fair with the new Style collection. Literally, the watches encompassed in the lineup seem to borrow a lot from “the Origins” which were the classic pieces of the 1950s to 1970s.

In case you’re looking for a watch that blends with your versatile dressing impeccably, the Tudor Style is the kind you need. While behind the glass closet, the watch, definitely, will appeal much of the professional classics. But once you have fastened it on your wrist, alongside your pair of jeans and polo shirt you’ll notice its hidden charms.

Another intriguing aspect with the Style collection is that Tudor designed it to be unisex, thus, you’ll have to watch it closely. Otherwise, you’ll find your partner wearing it for you. Unlike most of the Swiss watches which has only one or two size variants, the Tudor Style collection has four size options to choose from. Currently, the prestigious collection has over a dozen versions in each of the series, either in the robust steel or the precious gold. The finishing of the models, however, vary as some like the Reference 12713 and 12710 have a fixed bezel with fine fluting for extra attractiveness.

On the other hand, other models like the Reference 12503 and 12100 are wholly inspired by the Tudor watches of the ‘50s. They not only have the classic-inspired dial but also a smooth polished bezel, though double set to enhance the attractiveness and distinctiveness from other Swiss watches.

Apart from Tudor’s Style collection and the vintage classic models, the luxury watches manufacturer has other fascinating lineups, including the sports watch series. At the Baselworld 2018, for example, the new Black Bay GMT became a talk of the day following its vintage touch and the “Pepsi” bezel. Borrowing a little from the past models, the new GMT sports watch by the brand has its dial inspired by the 1950s Tudor divers’ watches. While the angular snowflake hands can be seen on the brand’s timepieces from 1969.

For more information on the Tudor Style watches, check out from the various selections provided and pick your favorite vintage-inspired Reference/s. In case you want to learn about the other Tudor watch lineups, visit our main page and don’t forget to click on our blog page.

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