Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches

Hamilton watches were first screened in a Hollywood movie in 1932. Since then, the brand has been a major pillar in the cinema industry, following their futuristic inventiveness which helps the movie makers find the perfect Hamilton watches for their characters.

As a way to celebrate their long-established relationship with the industry and their 10th annual Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards. The Swiss watchmaking firm unveiled a classic Auto Regulator Cinema which added an extra-unique gleam on their Hamilton Jazzmaster Collection. As a way of serving their passionate-but-seasonal lovers of Classic Hamilton tick. The renowned watch brand introduced a new collection of Thinline Auto, still under Hamilton Jazzmaster Collection, that enables one to change the watch straps and fit in a specific design.

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New Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches

History of Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches

Generally, Hamilton Watch Company made their first appearance in the cinema industry in a 1932 film, Shanghai Express. Since then the Hamilton company continued producing classic watch designs that went on beguiling their consumers greatly. As the company was closing its American production operations in 1969, Hamilton watches were already in several celebrated film reels, including The Frogmen- 1951, Blue Hawaii- 1961, and the futuristic 2001: A Space Odyssey which was screened in 1968.

As a way of celebrating their long relationship with the cinema industry, Hamilton hosted the first Behind the Camera Awards in 2006 in essence to appreciate the heroes who have helped bloom Hamilton watches behind the scenes. A decade later, in 2016, the company decided to present a more biddable offering, the H42605731 Auto Regulator Cinema, that will include not just the top actors and directors. But every player who had participated in the making of the movie.

To ensure they are able to serve all of their consumers fully, Hamilton Watch Company is always in line with today’s dynamic technology. At times, Hamilton even goes to the extreme of creating a brand none of their consumers could ever have thought of. As with the H32866781 Hamilton automatic watch which is two-faced to enhance precision and accuracy of time, distances, and even heart rate! Due to the powering of the various functions of its two faces, the automatic H-41 chronograph caliber this Hamilton watch has installed only manages to reserve power for 60 hours. Not that bad… but, the reserve is similar to that of the H32546781 Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono, which also has been appreciated immensely by the users for its flexibility with the modern lifestyles.

The Design of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches
For the lovers of a taste of modern tradition, Hamilton is one of the world’s leading watchmakers which has managed to blend the ever-changing technology to the older version watches. Restoring the shrunken reputation with a reborn Hamilton Jazzmaster that now offers extra-marvelous precision using their quality craftsmanship.

With the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic models, for instance, the firm’s artisans thought the clear back case of the H32335555 Viewmatic Auto wasn’t maximally effective. Thus, decided to create an auto Viewmatic version that has a skeleton dial that displays the hairspring and the H-20-S caliber as they work seamlessly and interactively to bring the Hamilton tick. Additionally, for overall uniformity of all the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic versions, the straps were designed of either calf leather or stainless steel. Their operating hearts, natheless, vary with the version of the watch.

To ensure swimmers and the divers are sorted as well, Hamilton Jazzmaster watches have a 73 psi impermeability, allowing the professional, and or hobbyist swimmers/divers dive up to a water depth of 50 meters.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches Collection:
To ensure the fans of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Quartz has an automatic ticking on their wrist. The competence of Hamilton’s top-talents has facilitated the availability of the Hamilton Thinline Auto models which not only offer an automatic ticking. But also allows you to tailor a Hamilton automatic watch that suits your style by changing the stainless steel or calf leather strap using an Easy-Click technique.

Beautiful. Reliable. And powerful. The stainless-steeled H32505131 Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date is one of the modern Hamilton Day Date models that have been designed to bring out the true elegance of a refined finishing. Using its powerful H-40 auto caliber, the 40mm watch guarantees its wearer an exquisite extended weekend. Since its 80-hour power backup can sustain its ticking tilling Monday after removing at the start of your fiesta on Friday.

Timely. Sturdy. And stylish. The Jazzmaster GMT wristwatches assure every traveler requisite precision and accuracy anywhere in the world. Be it business or courtship vacation. A Hamilton Jazzmaster model watch like the H32695131 Hamilton GMT Auto ensures you’re precisely in two places at a go, using its Second Time Zone. Respective to your strap preference, the Jazzmaster GMT watches are available in either stainless steel bracelets or a calf leather strap.

In music, Time is everything. It’s the major aspect that will harmonize your acoustic guitar, with your band’s violinists. A true musical maestro knows it. Artfully designed to support the music enthusiasts, Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro watches helps enhance precision and accuracy when unifying your performers for a smooth tempo. Using the small second seconds’ display above 6 o’clock.

For the lovers of tradition, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch collection has been created inventively, presenting its wearer with a rare glimpse of precision. Bold. Picturesque. And still timely. With over ten different versions, this Hamilton automatic watch is available in a calf-leather strap or the stainless steel bracelet. Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch models are available with dials of various colors, all partial skeleton to display the mechanics behind its installed automatic H-10 caliber.

For the Hamilton watch fans who truly value innovation, whilst deeply attached to tradition, Auto Chrono models, including the H32546781 Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono, ensure they have a blend of the two. Following its ability to adjust to the rhythms of the modern lifestyles using its sporty design. To ensure a longer function before winding again, H32546781 Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono has been equipped with an automatic H-21 chronograph caliber which features an extended power reserve of up to 60 hours. For its usability in diving, this Hamilton watch has a tightly screwed stainless steel case and a sturdy crystal sapphire display which can support deep submersion of up to 100 meters.

After its debut in 2016, the H42605731 Auto Regulator Cinema has been serving as a true symbol for the long-living relationship between Hamilton and the movie industry. Although the Hamilton watch has been fitted with an H-12 regulator as the preceding versions. The alignment of its seconds and minutes displays is more distinctive, and also it has an engraving of a movie reel. Irrespective of the design, the H42605731 Auto Regulator Cinema is a timepiece that can be worn by anyone who treasures Hamilton automatic watch models. With its installed H-12 regulator caliber, this Hamilton watch is best applicable in circumstances where time accuracy is not the only major, but even the individual minutes as well.

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