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Longines Conquest Classic Watches

Since its inception in the year 1832, the Longines has always remained at the top amongst the popular watchmakers. Longines not just offers timepieces, but its collection is sports more than that. From the beginning, the company has always focused on producing watches that are created in unique designs using high-quality materials.

One such assortment by the brand is its Longines Conquest. It is a collection which comprises of sleek sports watches and highlights the contribution of the company with the world of sports. Longines Conquest Classic line gives priority to its elegant aesthetic and is created in a traditionally conscious manner.

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New Longines Conquest Classic Watches

History of Longines Conquest Classic Watches

If we take a look at the emergence of Longines, we'd discover how rich is its history and chronicle of events. Longiness is one of the swiss watch brands which have a long tradition and takes pleasure in its eventful history. Who hasn't heard the name Longines? In fact, some of you might own and are wearing a Longines watch right now... Yes, it is that renowned!

The diverse collection offered by the brand simply calls for the watch enthusiasts to not just take a look at it, but buy it instantaneously, without any second thought.

The popularity of this well-known brand began in the year 1832. Well, it didn't become famous overnight, of course, but it did not really take long for this brand to establish its reputation.

Founded by Auguste Agassiz in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier, the company's very first genius innovation was to create a pocket watch which made use of crown wound instead of the key-wound which was the only option back then. Hence, we can see the innovative mindset behind the company.

Initiating its business with a pocket watch, Longines then made a move to producing wristwatches, which gained immediate recognition in the world of watches. Along with unique timepieces, the brand name of this watch company is also quite distinct. The name of the Longines company is based on the place it was constructed. The area was called “Les Longines,” which in their local dialect meant “the long meadows”, hence, the brand formulated its name from the same.

Over the years, Longines has launched in numerous collections – all differing from each other in its size, shape and functions. It holds all the models from Admiral to Heritage and from Hydroconquest to Master collection.

One of the most desired collections by the brand is its Longines Conquest. It holds a perfect series of watches which are flawlessly blended with sleek yet sporty features. This particular assortment also highlights the company's close ties with the world of sports. All the variants that are present in this collection magnify its timeless designs along with practical functionality – the utmost requirement that any timepiece should hold.

The Longines watches are simply drool-worthy because of its looks and design. What attracts the crowd towards it is – its simplicity which is rather considered to be elegant. The Conquest line is most popular amongst the athletes because it showcases the quality of being precise.

The Conquest line has been divided into three sub-models – the Longines Conquest, the Longines Conquest Classic and the Longines Conquest Heritage. The Longines Conquest Classic line - the name speaks for itself, this particular line gives priority to its elegant aesthetic and is created in a traditionally conscious manner. As we are aware that the Longines Conquest model was originally launched in the year 1954, in the later years the brand decided to manufacture much modern and athletic versions of this popular line – hence it was named as the Longines Classic watch.

Although, these models are not much similar to each other, therefore the Longines Conquest Classic line is not really a reinterpretation. These timepieces differ in their mechanism, however, the attributes of reliability and quality remains the same. All the watches that belong to the Conquest series uphold extraordinary precision, performance and functionality. These Longines Conquest Classic watches are built to perfection and are made in a way that it will go along with all your occasions.

The Longines Conquest Classic can be easily differentiated from the rest due to its traditional mechanical movement. Moreover, the Longines Conquest and the Conquest Classic are the spotlights of the collection as they display a symbiosis of sporty grandeur and have a touch of groundbreaking design elements.

The Longines Classic watches are known for its high aesthetics. These timepieces are powered by high-class mechanical movements. This line offers a diverse collection and allows the buyers to choose the size which is appropriate to them. The Longines Classic line can be obtained in three variant dimensions, with the smallest being 29.5 mm and the biggest in 41 mm. The faces of the smaller dial are made available in silver plated or blackened display.

The Longines Conquest Classic series is not just limited to men but holds a lot of options for the ladies as well. The one with the case size of 40 mm offers a mother of pearl dial which comes along with individually set diamonds and indices.

The Longines Conquest Classic line also has the Classic Chronograph model which is made available in a case size of 41 mm. These are presented in three versions – one in sleek and sporty stainless steel, one in elegant rose gold and one is blended with stainless steel and rose gold.

Hence, with top-notch functions and display, the Longines Conquest Classic will simply be the classic addition to your luxury watch collection.

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