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The Swiss watch industry is respected all over the world, and Rado holds an eminent position when it comes to Swiss watchmaking. Hailed as one of Switzerland’s biggest watchmaking companies, Rado, owing to its passion for materials engineering, works to produce luxury watches with new technologies, high-tech materials and innovative designs. Rado had its humble beginning back in 1917 in a place called Lengnau. The founders, Werner, Fritz and Ernst Schlup had started the company under the name “Schlup & Co” and manufactured mechanical watches in their factory. By the end of the Second World War, they succeeded in giving a head start to the company. Not until 1950 was the name changed to “Rado,” after which the brand gained popularity soon. In just a matter of ten years, Rado’s watches became known all over the world and were largely sold in over sixty countries. During the 1960s, the company introduced its iconic DiaStar 1, which immediately grabbed everyone’s attention for being the first-ever scratch-proof watch. Since then, Rado has continued to produce timepieces with advanced technologies hitherto unknown. Currently, There are a few watch collection of Rado; one of which is the Captain Cook collection. Captain Cook watches come with a vintage touch and are available in a mix of materials and strap options. The Captain Cook collection is perfect for modern explorers.

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History of Rado

Devoted to producing the best of luxury watches, Rado is considered one of the best Swiss watchmaking companies. The brand, respected globally due to its innovative timepieces, is synonymous with its rich heritage and impeccable craftsmanship. With its aspiration to manufacture durable yet technological women and men watches that beat the others in design, Rado has been acing its game successfully for many years now. Having a history of using innovative materials works in the brand’s favor and makes it better than some of its contemporaries. An esteemed part of the Swatch Group, Rado produces all its timepieces in its headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. In the hands of Fritz, Wener and Ernst, the company had started taking its baby steps under the name “Schlup & Co.” In 1950, the name was changed to Rado. It went on to produce some of the best watches of all time and grabbed everyone’s attention with its use of high-end technologies. The DiaStar 1 was the first watch ever that was made scratch-proof with the help of sapphire crystal and hard metal. The Rado Captain Cook was a breakthrough in the path of watchmaking. In the 1990s, the brand gave birth to the Ceramic Revolution with its extraordinary timepieces - the Rado Ceramic and the Rado Sintra.

Rado Watch Collections

With its growing popularity, Rado had to focus on producing sturdy, as well as, designer timepieces. From using the conventional sapphire crystals to state-of-the-art ceramics, Rado puts the utmost importance on durability and comfort and designs the watches as per the needs of the customers. You would be surprised to know that a large section of Rado watches hypoallergenic materials so that the pieces would sit gently on the skin. Earlier, the company had to slash the prices in order to not crumble down. But today, Rado produces some of the most expensive timepieces. Watch connoisseurs are of the opinion that their watches are worth every penny and at least one must be owned by every individual.

Rado Centrix

Arguably, the most recognizable and popular of all, the Rado Centrix is defined by its classic look. The suave cuts on the black or gold dial pave the way for a polished design and are desired by all. Over the years, the Centrix has maintained its minimalistic design and thus is the soft corner for most of the brand’s patrons. The lightweight Centrix is primarily made of ceramic and is suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Rado Ceramica

The pioneers of using ceramics in watch design, Rado was hugely honored for its invention of the Ceramica. Both the strap and the case consists of high-tech ceramic so that the Rado watch lasts longer. The models in this series are suitable for daily use. From the Red Dot award to the G-Mark award, Ceramica had taken the world over by storm with its exclusive unibody design.

Rado Coupole Classic

Even though the brand is mostly known for its ceramic watches, the Coupole Classic is a deviation from that. If you do not want a ceramic watch, this stainless steel piece is perfect with its minimalistic design and understated elegance. The case has a domed crystal on the front and the hands and the dial come with curved edges. The leather strap is black in color and adds an oomph to the finesse. With a sapphire crystal caseback, the Coupole Classic is a true example of beauty.

Rado Diamaster

Hailed as one of the most robust men watches of Rado, the Diamaster has several designs and is the new face of the brand. With a sharp round case of steel and carbon, the grey-colored watch is not only smart to look at but is also an excellent investment. The bracelet consists of high-tech ceramic and would last a lifetime. The detachable fold right over the clasp makes it possible for variations in adjustments.

Evolution of the Rado Captain Cook Collection

A model that had released back in 1962 and is still a favorite of many indicated towards its success! The Captain Cook was launched during a time when many watch brands were pushing the boundary with innovations. When diver’s watch came into vogue, Rado quickly adopted that and gave birth to the Captain Cook, named after the 18th-century explorer, Captain James Cook. This model has not lost its touch over the years and continues to impress watch enthusiasts and commoners alike. Even though Rado has come up with many new models to pay homage to the actual watch, every timepiece has a touch of the classic one of 1962. The functionality and the design of this piece were largely based on a diver’s need and remain unaltered even today.

Intending to help the divers, the Captain Cook is a fine example of the horological world. From the Rado Captain Cook Bronze to the Captain Cook Green Dial to the Captain Cook Blue Dial, the watches are hypnotizing, to say the least! The ceramic bezel paves the way for its sheer beauty and is coupled with the richness of the differently-colored dials. Featuring a power reserve and an automatic movement, this Swiss watch sits comfortably on the wrist and draws immediate attention from the crowd. The vibrant 42mm models have had the maximum impact on customers over the years and have contributed to the brand’s popularity.

Rado works with the philosophy of “if we can imagine it, we can make it” and following these very words have largely contributed to what the brand has achieved today. Innovation in materials and design have contributed largely to the brand's success, and Rado watches are proudly owned by quite a few celebrities and eminent personalities. The creativity shown in the manufacturing process and featuring materials speaks volumes about Rado’s authenticity and dedication. With some prominent awards under its belt, this reputed Swiss company promises to deliver the best always.

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