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To the world of watchmaking, Rado Watchmaking Company has become amongst the top Swiss brands following its astounding innovativeness. The luxury brand released its first watch around the 1950s, although it had joined the industry around four decades before. In 1986, Rado launched a high-tech Ceramic watch which went on becoming a game changer for the brand. Through staunch efforts and unstoppable courage, in 1991 the brand released the Rado Coupole collection which features a white high-tech Ceramic for the first time.

Currently, there are numerous avant-garde watches in the Coupole collection, each with either a simple classic design as with Rado R22860205 or the sophisticated Reference R22895215.


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History of Rado Coupole Watches

The story of the renowned Rado Watch Company started in the year 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland through the efforts of the Schlup brothers. At the time, the Swiss watchmaker had the name Schlup & Co and its focus was on the creation of watch movements. As it was about to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, the brand decided to optimize its watchmaking abilities and released the first watch. The watch came under the new brand name Rado and by the 1960s, the watchmaker has already established its market with several notable timepieces.

Soon after the release of the world’s first scratch-resistant watch, Rado Company realized the sapphire crystal can’t be its primary definitive face. Other Swiss watchmakers, such as Rolex, have begun using the material following its robustness and reliability.

In the year 1986, Rado launched the Integral watch which has a high-tech Ceramic bracelet to enhance the scratch resistance. The new material actually worked out as the designers have hoped for it has remained the true signature of Rado watches until today.

By 1990 during the birth of the Ceramica watch, Rado Watch Company was creating its High-tech Ceramic watches mostly in black pigment. In 1991, the luxury watches manufacturer released the Rado Coupole collection and for the first time with a white high-tech Ceramic casing. The brilliant glossy shine became a real hit instantly and by the wake of the 21st Century, the new watch was amongst the bestselling series.

In the new Century, Rado designed the Coupole watches as its lineup of classic watches, hence, its name the Rado Coupole Classic. Essentially, the lineup is much of a professional timepiece, even though all the encompassed models retain the versatility attached to all Rado watches. Thus, compatible with your casual wear as well.

For a historical touch on your wrist, the Rado Coupole watch models borrow their design from the vintage models of the 1960s. The material used on a specific model varies amongst the encompassed models, with some featuring stainless steel, high-tech Ceramic, or the warm metallic Ceramos™. The latter is the newly-introduced material which features a mix of 90% high-tech Ceramic and 10% metal alloy.

Amongst the top-best Rado’s Coupole watches that has become a solid option for most of the consumers of the brand is the automatic Open Heart. As a blend of the traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sophistication, the contained series feature a semi-skeletonized classic dial. Thereby, giving you a glimpse of the installed movement as it continues with its magic.

To serve your individual preference optimally, the Coupole Classic Open heart is available in various colors and designs, with either a leathered or metallic bracelet.

In case the advance complications are your liking, Rado also has models like the Coupole Classic R22883943 which has not just the center hour. But even date and the moon-phases function to keep you in touch with your sky-watching ancestors.

Well, apart from the Rado Coupole, the celebrated watch manufacturer has made other numerous breakthroughs, all following the long-lived creativeness. For instance, the Ceramica watch which first appeared in 1990 has undergone several transformations, with each setting its own record.

For example, the first Rado Ceramica won the Red Dot Award with its minimalistic style and the seamless structuring of the Ceramic case and bracelet. In the year 2007, the watchmaker introduced the Ceramica Chronograph which went on winning two titles, including the “Le Bilan du Design” Award. The watch was still with the modest black High-Ceramica styling, though in a modern sporty design.

In 2017, Rado Company partnered with the Swiss-based Big-Game Design Studio and created an exclusive series which honors the modern designers. Known as the Rado True Phospho, the encompassed watch models feature an extraordinary perforated brass dial which shows the peeking movement.

The Rado True watch is like a version of the traditional skeleton timepiece but now in an ultra-modern style. The Rado True Phospho has some of the perforations filled with Super-Luminova which act as the indexes in a classic arrangement. Despite the exclusivity, though, the ultra-luxurious model was a limited edition of only 1003 pieces, with three meant for the three creators from the Big-Game Studio.

Recently in 2019, Rado watch Company introduced a new True Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier collection which features bright and colorful timepieces. With nine different versions, the design of the encompassed watches honors the legendary designer Le Corbusier and his Architectural Polychromy colors. Amongst the models available is the Reference R27094642 in the luminous pink and Le Corbusier R27093632 which has the impressive yellow shine of the sun.

Apart from the vibrant coloring, all watches in the Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier collection are crafted with the high-tech Ceramic material. Thus, the watches also present you with a historical signature of the Rado Company, whilst ensuring your timeliness.

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