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The launch of Rado True Thinline proved to be the harbinger of a new era in the luxury watchmaking industry. These iconic Rado watches are ultra-slim ceramic masterpieces, having their cases of the quartz models measuring a mere 4.9 millimeters. Hailed as a marvel of advanced engineering when it was first unveiled in 2011, the Rado True Thinline's elegant simplicity is powered by an unbelievably thin movement of just 1-millimeter thickness. The Rado True Thinline collection may look delicate at the first sight, but these elegant timepieces boast of the same durability and scratch resistance as the other Rado collections.

New Rado True Thinline Watches

History of Rado True Thinline

Since its inception in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has been a trailblazer in the world of luxury watches. Rado still sticks to its guiding motto - "If we can imagine it, we can make it". This inspiration encouraged the development of Rado's slimmest timepieces, the True Thinline collection.

These Rado watches are considered as the ultimate Rado timepieces. First time introduced to the collection in 2011, these quartz watches are the first to feature the groundbreaking monobloc case that is presented in full high-tech ceramic. With their lightness, scratch resistance and ultimate wearer comfort, these Rado watches for men and women are designed to stand the test of time.

The Rado True Thinline’s groundbreaking monobloc ceramic case is the result of years of research. Today, it is deemed as a never-before-seen type of case construction, which features solid ceramic, having no need for a stainless steel core. This trait gave the True Thinline collection its extreme lightness and super slim silhouette. Furthermore, it paved the way for revolutionary new design possibilities in the Rado watch collections.

Rado intentionally kept the True Thinline collection's design pretty simple. There are only two hands to display the hours and minutes on the dials. To add to the grandeur, the indices and hands-on certain models have been treated with a rose gold PVD coating. Some models under this collection use diamonds to mark the hours, while most of the minimalist pieces do without hour markers entirely. Each dial showcases a subtle sunburst in a color that blends perfectly with the watch case and the bracelet.

Rado initially released the True Thin Line collection in just three colors: white, black, and plasma. After 2011, we have seen the introduction of more choices to the series, including rose gold and green. The Rado True Thinline collection comprises of True Thinline, True Thinline Automatic, True Thinline Diamonds, and three special edition watches, namely, True Thinline My Bird, True Thinline Deep Web, and True Thinline Studs.

The True Thinline Automatic collection features a movement, which is powered by a slightly thicker automatic ETA caliber 2892. This means that this watch is approximately 7.5 mm thick, which is still extremely slim and comfortable on the wrist. The True Thinline Diamond showcases studded diamonds to mark the hour numerals. This ensures a luxurious feel along with a slim fit.

The Rado True Thinline My Bird is an opulent Rado watch which was created in collaboration with award-winning Russian artist and designer Evgenia Miro. It is composed of high-tech ceramic and an engraving of a delicate feather pattern on the bracelet and the image placed diagonally across the dial. This impressive engraving is done by a precision laser and reflects Evgenia's unique philosophy of time.

Again, Rado worked with the award-winning British designer, Bethan Gray and introduced the world to Rado True Thinline Studs. The model brings luxurious materials and intriguing elements to the Rado True Thinline collection. These Rado watches for men are inspired by Bethan's furniture & textile designs and feature a shimmering grey marquetry pattern dial. It also showcases a matt-black high-tech ceramic monobloc case with gold colored elements on the dial ring and the crown.

The latest of Rado’s collection in True Thinline is the Deep Web. The True Thinline Deep Web is designed in collaboration with award-winning Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda. This Rado watch showcases two transparent discs. Each has a metallic colored web pattern. As the discs overlap, an illusion of hands is created. This model is one of the best Rado watches for men.

The Rado True Thinline collection presents a unique dial in a winning model the Ref. 140.0741.3.016. The indices of this wrist watch are thin and project from the inner circle of the dial, giving a visual of the shape of an abstract sun. This timepiece radiates a modern Avant-Garde effect due to its restrained and simple design of the case. The Rado True Thinline collection is available in attractive models for both men and ladies.

Rado has succeeded in producing a particularly elegant aesthetics through the advent of the Rado True Thinline in a rose-gold tone. The case and the bracelet of the watch are created from high-tech ceramic and the dial of the watch is completely encompassed in white. Furthermore, the True Thinline timepiece is complemented with noble rose-gold hued hands and a likewise rose gold colored crown.

The Rado True Thinline, a regal watch collection, is here to appeal to those with minimalist tastes, and can potentially change the minds of those who like more complicated designs with its slim curves and elegance. It is delicate-looking, but it is no flop in the technical department. The Rado True Thinline ceramic watches have always proved their worth in the domain of both durability and accuracy.

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